Southeast Asia Traveling

Southeast Asia recently has become a new attraction for tourist to visit. There is a hidden paradise and also a worldwide known destination that should be on your list when you plan to visit Southeast Asia. Here is what you need to know before you go to South East Asia. 

Southeast Asia Traveling

The Best Southeast Asia tourist destination to visit

Looking for a specific country to visit in Southeast Asia or planning to go to several countries in this continent? These best places in Southeast Asia to visit will make your travel blissful.  

1.    Bali, Indonesia. Bali is home for several popular worldwide known tourist destinations such as Kuta beaches, Ubud, and many more. This is the best places for those who are looking for tropical paradise and enjoy the luxury and comfort for travelers in nature. If you plan for blissful beaches holiday, then sign this as the top priority need to visit.  The best time to travel is around April to October. The top thing to do while in Bali include visiting Tanah Lot, visit Bali park, water sports such as surfing and diving, visit the holy palace, and many more. 

2.    Si Phan Don, Laos. This is also known as four Thousand Island that best well known as the serene spot for visitors in the whole of Asia. There are awesome waterfalls, the great temples and also paddy fields that make the island a perfect destination for holiday to any pleasure seekers. The best time to check this place is around November to March. The best thing to do in this place include dolphin spotting, water sport such as kayaking, visit the Big and Small waterfalls and more. 

3.    Siem Reap, Cambodia. This is gradually known as a popular destination for tourist spot because it has a hippest hotel, the soothing spas, a class apart dining and wining and much interesting attraction. In addition, this place also offers incredible tourist experience. The perfect time to enjoy it is from November to March.  The best thing to do include visit the Angkor National Museum, visit the floating market and village, go to temple hopping, quad biking, and Pub Street. 

4.    Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. This is the one located in northeastern Vietnam and becomes one of UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place is best to visit in November. This place becomes a popular tourist destination for those who admire the nature scenes and the adventure experience. This place also becomes a popular spot in the recent year. Best time to visit this place is from October to December and from March to May. The top list to do while in Ha Long Bay includes kayaking, diving, cruising, wildlife spotting, and many more. 

5.    Boracay, Philippines. From this entire top tourist destination in Southeast Asia, this place offers you the life experience and unique travel that you have dreamed for. This place is famed with the beaches and the attractions such as Willey Rocks. The most appropriate time to visit this place is around November to May. It is a gorgeous place for those who looking for a romantic place.