Tips for Solo Backpacker Travel

What do you need to prepare when you go travel by solo for the first time? These essential tips below can help you to enjoy your solo travel and explore it. 

Tips for Solo Backpacker Travel

•    Make a plan and of course your backup plan.  This is important when you choose to travel on your own. When you have a backup plan, you can continue your travel into your backup plan when the main travel plan does not work. 

•    Book flights by comparison sites. When you visit the comparison sites, you can compare and get the cheapest flight. 

•    Choose a travel destination that makes you feel comfortable and save. When choosing travel destinations, there will be a lot of options you can go to. Visit and find any reviews from travel site or internet to find the reputation and safety from the place. 

•    Talk to people.  Get your new friend when you travel solo. When you go travel, you might meet with someone that also travels solo. Likely, they are loved to talk to others and make contact. 

•    Let someone know where you go and your plan. Give your hotel name and address. This can lessen your family worries when you travel solo because they know that you are safe. 

•    Don’t draw attention too much to yourself. Blend with the place that you come. Respect to the culture and etiquette if it is needed. 

•    Book your hotels in advance. Booking a hotel in advance will help you easiest and save time when you arrived at the hotel. With this, you can also ask them if they can serve you to pick up you at the airport to the hotel.  You can spend extra money on accommodation to get the most comfortable travel experience. 

Safety is first 

There are several things that you can do to improve your safety and confidence while you travel solo, especially when you travel solo for the first time. 

1.    Take defense class before travel. Prepare yourself from any threat when you are in a foreign traveling journey. In this class defense, you also can learn on safety strategies and how your defense from attackers. With this defense class, you can at least confidence and aware of any threats. 

2.    Sew the hidden pockets in pants. Similar to a money belt, this hidden pocket in pants can help you to store your valuable items such as credit cards, cash, passports, and others.  The hidden pockets will use to avoid mugger stole your items. 

3.    Update travel medical kit. Depend on the destination where you are going, then you need to update your travel medical kit. For example, when you travel into Africa, you might need to bring mefloquine, doxycycline or others from home and not rely on locally acquired drugs. Make research to the health condition in your destinations and update the kit based on your research. 

4.    Divide cash. This is important because this can avoid you to lose all your cash when you robbed. Take some cash in hidden pockets, some in the backpack, some in your wallet and some in other places that you ensure it save. 

When you go solo for your first travel these tips beyond allow you to get more sociable, safe and enjoyable trips.