Green & Sustainable Building, What The Difference?

In recent years, the terms “green” and “sustainable” have become more commonly associated with commercial buildings. Interest in creating more environmentally friendly buildings is growing, whether in the form of a “green project,” “green initiatives,” “sustainable building construction,” or something else. Green and sustainable are frequently used interchangeably, but the terms have slightly different meanings.

Green & Sustainable Building, What The Difference?

The difference between green and sustainable building construction

Sustainability is a broad concept that refers to a building’s overall ability to provide a comfortable, healthy, and productive environment over time without negatively impacting the environment. Sustainable building considers all three pillars of sustainability: planet, people, and profit. How can a structure be designed and used for the future of our people?

This ideology must be “baked” in at every stage of a building’s life cycle in order for it to be truly sustainable. As an example:

Planning: Are you constructing on previously undeveloped land?

Design: Sustainable architecture considers window placement for optimal natural ventilation, for example.

Construction: Are the materials used safely for the environment and the people who live in them? Is the construction process environmentally friendly?

Are energy and water being used efficiently during operation and maintenance? Are cleaning products safe to use around people?

Will solid waste and disposed materials be handled in an environmentally safe manner during demolition?

Green Construction

Green, on the other hand, is an entirely environmental concept that refers to the individual practices and processes that comprise the incremental steps toward environmental sustainability. In order to become more sustainable, “green initiatives” such as switching to renewable energy sources or reducing your carbon footprint may be implemented. Both LEED and WELL certifications are green building standards that outline the steps that buildings can take to become more environmentally friendly.

Most structures have been standing for decades and were constructed before green and sustainable architecture, design, and other similar aspects became a major concern. But that doesn’t mean facility managers and building owners can’t take steps to improve their buildings.

Most structures provide numerous opportunities to go green and take steps toward sustainability. To begin with:

Monitor CO2 levels, water demand in your building, and switch to LED lighting to reduce energy waste.

Regular air quality monitoring can help you improve the health of your building.

Reduce the environmental impact of your energy system by incorporating solar and other renewable energy technologies.

Marketing Your Bali Property for Sale Seminyak to be More Appealing

Having a Bali property for sale in Seminyak up in a listing but wonder why no buyers made inquiries just yet? Maybe you haven’t put much effort to your property. It’s time to make your property more appealing to potential buyers and this is how. 

Do landscaping before putting your Bali property for sale

Do landscaping before putting your Bali property for sale

When people are looking for properties in Bali, they don’t want to see just a regular house. They want to see a house that represent Bali and the tropical living that is often associated with the island. So if you want to compete in the market, definitely invest on some serious landscaping. Plant some shrubs, ornamental grass, hanging fern, or the exotic traveller’s tree (known locally as fan banana tree) in the property’s garden. You want the exterior of your villa looks inviting enough to make potential buyers want to walk through the door. 

Project a certain concept to your Seminyak house

Imagine selling a house with random furnitures and appliances. When you put a Bali property for sale in Seminyak, you want to make it look good and appealing. And to make a certain house pleasing in the eye, you want to decorate it with furnitures following a certain theme. Beach and coastal houses are popular property model in Bali. Another popular designs you can follow are modern tropical, sleek urban modernism, minimalist, Mediterranean, or even cottage houses. Find inspirations from design magazine and remember stick to one concept only!

Project how’s life in the house 

Project how’s life in the house

Do you know the fastest way to attract potential buyers to your Bali property for sale Seminyak? Make them want to live in your house. This means setting the furniture as if a family is going to be staying on it. Put pillows on cushion, arrange tablewares—cups, napkins, plates, and forks—in the dining table, lit the lamps, and pull up the curtains. Create a hospitable atmosphere that invites buyers to imagine a life in the house. 

Clean and Cluster-free rooms 

Cleanliness is an important factor when you are displaying your Bali property. Buyers want to see a bright, clean room that highlight all the important feature of the property without unnecessary clutters around the space.

Find most attractive feature in the property 

Find most attractive feature in the property

When you are putting a Bali property in a market listing, you want to put the best feature of the property on the front page. Maybe it’s the exceptional, bold design of the house. Or maybe it’s the penthouse terrace overlooking the ocean. Sometimes it’s the statement pool that become the pride of the house. Find the real strength of your property and play it up with the right furniture or decoration to highlight the feature. 

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Know the right market for your Bali property for sale Seminyak

To whom you put your Bali property for sale really do make difference. If you have a modern, minimalist property in Seminyak with two bedrooms, you want to market it to couples or digital nomads seeking for settlements. Your house will appeal to families if it’s big and accommodate three bedrooms or more on the property. Once you know your target, marketing the house will be much easier as you can choose the appropriate channels and listings for each market. 

The Importance Of Behavior Assessment In Business

Running a business means you have to know how to work with other people. Building a solid team is one of the most important factors for growing successful business. However, every individual has different characteristics usually shown by their behavior.

Behavior assessment can help you diagnose any disruptive behavior that might be currently happening within your team and possible harm your business in general. 

Managing negative behaviors within your team

Every individual’s characteristic and style can impact negatively or positively tot he flow and dynamic of the entire team. Behavior assessment can help in identifying any behavior that tend to be more disruptive than motivated. Therefore, individual skills are not the only thing that needs to be focused on when building a team. As the team working together, you can identify if there are individuals who give negative impact or influence to the others. 

A good leader is the one who can positively motivate their team to implement good skills and system. Therefore, it is also important to have a behavior assessment to identify abrasive behaviors in a leader. Then, the assessment is also applied to every individual in the team. Abrasive behaviors can lead to more destructive and disruptive ones. 

There are some behaviors to measure such as name calling, withholding information, over-controlling, disrespecting boundaries, making threats, and so on. Therefore, it is essential to measure behaviors related to intimidation, ignorance, micromanagement, confidentiality maintenance, and so on. You can see some of these behaviors on some individual in your team or your assigned team leader. If you find any of individual who have the tendency to do those disruptive behaviors, take action to address it effectively.

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There are also signs you can find to see if there are any disruptive behaviors happening in the team done by some individuals. For example, you receive more complaints about someone’s interaction with other member or customers, there are employees who ask for a transfer out, and more. The more your team members complain or distress, the more likely for you to find someone with disruptive behavior. It will affect to the morale and productivity within the team if you ignore the issue. 

There are different scenarios that might happen once you notice the disruptive behaviors within the team. It can be a problem that happens between only two parties, or someone is targeting an individual in the team. It is possible to find a bully in your team who like to intimidate other, making harsh comment, disrespecting other, or picking on someone constantly. These issues are crucial to address immediately. 

Creating a healthy work environment can be challenging for a leader. It needs everyone’s effort to make it true. It is also important for a leader to lead by example. Show positive behaviors that more motivated for your team members to work just as hard and interact with positive behaviors with others. Take necessary action to address internal problem immediately before it can cause more damage to the team and business.

Bali Freehold Property For Sale in Your Watchlist

Bali Freehold Property For Sale have shift its market to undeniably a demanding investment. This market offers unique concept and value proposition that attached with balinese traditional culture and belief. In addition, as the market are keep increasing and evolving, buyer might face a new era of bali villas that brought and customize solely for each of their buyer.

Bali Freehold Property for Sale Amazing Pool

Furthermore the dynamic culture and behaviour also contribute to the Bali freehold property for sale industry. Starting from top of the roof, each corner of the room, and square meter of garden are now mostly customize and adapt to the market demand. In addition, where now market are leveraging to what people consider as post-modern living and disruptive industry. Imagination and innovation is what it takes to make bali villas to the next level.

These factor are highly influence most of bali real estate market nowadays. For instance, we could see the trends of bali freehold property for sale with the implementation of traditional-minimalist and modern touch in its furnishing. In addition, the characteristic of type of unit, enquiry and leasehold are also used to determine the property purpose. Whether its for leashold and freehold for a short term or longterm. This helps describe property purpose in more accurate and calculate the investment rate clearly.

Whats Bali Freehold Property For Sale Exactly?

The freehold owner define its property right to own, including the right of land where the property is built on. If someday you might buy a freehold, it means that you’re responsible for all the maintenance of the property and land. Moreover, you’ll need to spend more budget to cover these costs. Most of bali real estate possess in freehold and some indicate as leasehold. This usually specify through their variation of shared-ownership schemes.

Bali Freehold Property for Sale Lounge

Owning a Bali freehold property for sale is also give amount of benefit. For instance, you dont need to worry about the lease agreement that might running out, as you fully own the outright. Moreover, you dont need to directly settle the deal with the freeholder or landlord. Also you dont responsible for paying ground rent, landlord charges and services charges.

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Exclusive Private Freehold Villa With Ocean View

A decent yet exclusive private villa can be describe by its ownership and outright. Unlike other strict share-ownership and rigid leasehold, this exquisite villa offers a ideal freehold ownership deal. Extremely eye-catching and calming villa enclose in Jimbaran area, and moreover provide with exceptional ocean view!

Bali Freehold Property for Sale Stunning Bedroom

Cover in 3 spacious master bedrooms with 4 astonishing bathrooms. Furnished in each of its corner and decorated in great balinese heritage. Furthermore, this villa interior provides finest property standards with luxury value in every aspect. Morely offers 3 maid rooms, 2 levels building, 2 spacious living areas , 2 master dining areas, full set kitchen. Also complete with 7x5m of swimming pool, 2 gazebos, strong internet, big garden and garage for 2 cars.

This exclusive Bali Freehold Property for Sale available with its additional benefits. Ideal to purchase for your investment portfolio or residence home. With all the benefit informed above, you’ll likely figure those in this amazing villa. So, enquire now to and dont miss out their big promotion!

How To Deal With Remote Work

During the pandemic, businesses are forced to adapt with the current situation. Many employees have started working from home to ensure their own safety and prevent further infection of the virus. As a business leader who always working in the office, you must find it a bit overwhelming to start working from home and handling everything in your personal space. For your employees the confusion might be the same. However, it is not something you cannot handle.

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Doing your remote work smoothly

Lockdown and social distancing policy have limit access for us to go outside, interact with others, as well as work in the right setting. Your home is your personal space that work often cannot touch. However, you need to act flexible and agile due to the pandemic. You can still do your work at home smoothly by following these tips:

  • Know the role and expectation of your own. When you decide to send your team members home due to the pandemic, you need to know your own role. Working at home might make you a bit confused of what to do. However, your role will define your tasks and responsibilities so you know what to do. Therefore, remind yourself of your role is critical to start adapting with the new working environment.
  • Plan your day-to-day task so you can avoid working randomly. Even if you work from home, you still have responsibility to fulfill. By having a plan, you won’t lose track. You also work with purpose that way.
  • Before deciding to send your team members home to work, it is also important to plan your communication method. You need thorough plan so you can still communicate with each other even without face to face. Your team members may prefer video conference or a simple phone call. Some may even prefer emails and other instant messaging platforms. Discuss this issue together so you won’t have any problem communicating later. Make sure to provide the easiest and most accessible method for the communication.
  • Nurture relationships you have with your team members even if you work from home, it is possible to feel like distance has made you felt detached from each other. It can cause a slight dent to your solid relationship and teamwork. Thus, it is essential to put some efforts to stay in touch withe each other. Do not forget to check on your team members and get some updates of what they are doing. You can also have a fun and non-related work gathering for example every once or twice in a month.
  • To work smoothly, it is important to build the structure so you know the boundaries between working and relaxing. Clarifying working hours with yourself is essential so you won’t get lost. If you need something from your team members, make sure to ask questions and clarify everything right away instead of just waiting until the next meeting. Most importantly, enjoy your new work environment and consider it as new and fun challenge you can handle easily.

What Do Foreigners Need to Own or Rent Bali Villas?

We all know the majority of tourists who are interested in investing in a villa in Bali are foreigners. But what you may not know is that there’s a lot of process for the paperwork before they can take ownership of a property compared to native Indonesian. In this article, I would like to share some documents that international tourists need in order to safely own or rent Bali villas.

Bali villas for rent with a comfort outdoor swimming pool

Lists of Bali Villas related permit required by foreigners

Social and Culture Visa

This is a standard visa that foreigner needs in order to visit friends or relatives in Indonesia. I’m sure most tourists already know this but I’ll explain just in case. Social and culture visa required sponsorship from Indonesian citizen in order to be approved.

Aside from the sponsorship, you also need a copy of the passport and 2 passport-sized photos. This visa is eligible for 60 days and can be extended 4 times with 30 days duration each time.

Single/Multiple Entry Business Visa

Just having a social and culture visa doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want in Indonesia. You are still prohibited from working, doing business or taking employment. This visa does allow you to do work and business activities in Bali, but not taking employment. Suitable if you decide to start a villa business instead.

There are 2 kinds of business visa, single and multiple entry. The difference is just the amount of time that you get, 6 or 12 months. The process and documents needed are way more complicated than social culture visas, since it needs permission from the company in Indonesia where you go.

The details of the procedure and requirements can be checked in our site, on the Single or Multiple Business Visa section.

PMA (Foreign Investment Company)

Now other than doing business, investment permit is also required regarding villas. Just like a business visa, it also requires lots of documents such as a permit from the company (the real estate in this case) and a building permit (IMB).

You are also required to have an Indonesian citizen as a shareholder, and even need a permit from the Minister of Justice. Again the details can be checked in Kibarer, under the PMA section.

Retirement Visa

For those who intend to spend the retirement days enjoying the beautiful island of Bali, retirement visa is recommended to take. This visa only applies to foreigners above 55 years old and have no intention to work. Also, the said person has to be able to support him/herself financially.

The requirements are not too complex but the procedure can take up to 2 months. So it best to prepare in advance to apply for a visa, so you can predict when you’re going to start living in Bali. A copy of passport, proof of pension, photographs and also proof of accommodation in Bali is pretty much the only documents required to apply.

Different Visas required for different situations

That was some brief information about many kinds of visas that required related to owning, renting or doing business in Bali villas. If you wanted to know more, please check out the Lawyer and Notary section on our Kibarer site. Cheers!

Bali Villas Seminyak and What Do Travelers Expect?

Whether you are on vacation or business, the right and best accommodation is a villa, as a place to stay when you are on this island. Bali always makes people curious to visit, especially travelers who have never set foot on this exotic island. Also called the island of the Gods and blessed with the most exotic beaches you can find. A seaside adventure while enjoying the sunrise and sunset offers a unique and impressive sensation. Where is the best location determining villa rentals? If you want to fast reach the beach, enjoy a row of boutiques, bars, or international restaurants, then you should try to find Bali villas Seminyak.

Bali villas Seminyak offers travelers a wonderful holiday.

Bali villas Seminyak for a spectacular experience

Comfortable and pleasant accommodation is the start of a spectacular holiday adventure. The wrong choice of accommodation makes your holiday atmosphere messy. Bali villas Seminyak offers the perfect days off with your spouse, family or friends. Actually there are many considerations of accommodation to consider and rent. Choose and compare. See what they offer from facilities, services, locations to prices. It will be possible to see testimonials or reviews from travelers who have stayed there.

Bali villas Seminyak offers travelers a wonderful holiday. Relax in the comfort of a spacious villa with incense fragrances lit by local residents, and luxury villa facilities. The living room and semi-outdoor family room add to the warmth of time with family. While the swimming pool facilities let you sit and relax roofed with the sky and stars. When the full moon arrives, you can clearly see the enchanting moonlight.

The Seminyak area is well known and a favorite of foreign travelers. In fact, this area is never seen as quiet, whether in the morning, afternoon, evening or night. Going back and forth local residents and all its activities you can see in the morning and at night, the Seminyak area is replaced by vibrant lights and music that echoes.

Bali villas Seminyak offers and is able to take you wherever the atmosphere you want. For holidays that are private, you can look for a villa to a little remote area in Seminyak. Wherever Bali villas Seminyak you choose, there is always comfort and unique experience. Do not be confused if many travelers from abroad can survive for months. Bali villas Seminyak is in fact not only for travelers, but also perfect for business and digital nomads.

How To Book Seminyak Private Villa Bali

Bali is always associated with a vacation full of fun. As one of the thousands of islands in Indonesia, Bali is very popular with its mysticism and at the same time the world’s best destination. The mysticism of the island of Bali is not just nonsense, because all the actions of the local population are always based on the spiritual and ceremonial that they do every day.

Bali tourism growth is amazing. Automatically the need for accommodation in Bali is very high. If 10 years ago Kuta was a popular area with beautiful beaches, now Seminyak is trying to surpass the popularity of the Kuta area. Seminyak private villa Bali grows and develops very fast and attracts the charm of domestic and foreign tourists.

How To Book Seminyak Private Villa Bali

Book Seminyak Private Villa Bali Online

When comparing many tropical paradises that are unmatched, then the choice fell on the island of Bali. Increasingly sophisticated technology makes it easy for tourists to find and compare accommodations easily. In fact, many hotels or accommodation owners like private villas promote it via the internet.

When making a list of areas that are visited a lot, then Seminyak can be called a trending area in Bali. Being on the west coast of Bali offers a sophisticated, luxurious environment for dining while enjoying stunning beach views. The culture and locals of Bali are very famous for their hospitality. Dance performances, music and art forms and folklore reveal the history and special taste of the island of the gods. Embodiments of architecture ranging from Bali villas Seminyak, hotels to temples in the area of local residents’ homes are clearly visible.

Seminyak private villa Bali, comfortable accommodation with luxurious facilities offers a very different atmosphere from hotels or other accommodations. How about the price? For the high season, the price is definitely enough to surprise tourists. As has been said that this is the advantage of living in the modern era.

No need to search for and compare prices and facilities offered by villa owners. Unfortunately not all villa owners install the actual condition of the villa so that not a few tourists who feel trapped when arriving at the villa. Sophisticated technology is sometimes very easy to get what we need, but also sometimes difficult to avoid fraud.

Book Seminyak private villa Bali through an experienced agency? Certainly it will guarantee you get the best villa to stay in during your vacation. Price? Certainly more expensive compared to local villas private villas. How to find a professional and trusted villa agent? You can see reviews of previous guests or ask the villa administrator directly about what facilities you can get during your stay.

Luxurious villas in the Seminyak area are built to protect guests’ privacy. All the layouts are designed taking into account the joys of the natural atmosphere of the gentle and magical wind that depicts the nuances of Bali. The villas embrace charming rice fields surrounded by a magical touch of nature and the fragrance of frangipani flowers. Try to make reservations well before the day of departure to make it possible for you to get a special price and affordable.

How To Reach Ubud Villas

For most people consider Bali to be very small and easy to explore. Don’t forget, Bali does not provide public transportation. For those who want to find peace while on vacation, there is a choice of perfect locations like Ubud. Ubud offers unmatched beauty. Located at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level no wonder if it has cool air. Rows of Bali villas come to color the holiday fun as an alternative accommodation for tourists. It might be rather difficult to reach the Ubud area for tourists who come to Bali for the first time. If you find a peaceful place for a holiday, Ubud villas are the right choice for your accommodation. Don’t worry, there is a perfect way to reach Ubud villas.

Car Facility from Ubud Villas

Car facilities from Ubud villas are the easiest way. Indeed, not all Ubud Bali villas provide airport pickup facilities. It is better if you look for information and ask for pick up facilities from the airport to your villa. At the very least, if there is no pickup service available, they will offer to pick up for a fee. This will greatly facilitate and help you reach the Ubud area.

Rent A Car With Driver

The choice of private car deals is the best. The distance from the international airport to the Ubud area is at least 2 hours drive. It is very unlikely that you will leave your family and suitcases waiting for hours to find public transportation when you arrive in Bali. Browse the internet and you can find many choices of car rental operators. The price offered is also diverse and easy to compare.

Afraid of being cheated? Don’t worry! The people of Bali are famous for their hospitality. You will be very welcomed and well served. Most drivers in Bali speak fluent English and some can even be dangerous Mandarin, French, Japanese, and Spanish. For your first time in Bali, renting a car and driver is a perfect idea. They will drive you to Bali villas where you stay.

At the airport, you will probably find many taxis to take you to the Ubud area. Based on experience, the price they offer will be more expensive than renting a private car. But this is your decision, tailored to your needs, whether urgent or not. Deciding carefully and cleverly can cut your transportation budget so you can reach Ubud villas.

Location Villa Bali: How to find true paradise?

Are you looking for a villa in Bali? That is a great decision. Instead of staying in a hotel, a villa can certainly offer you a lot more benefits. Since a couple of years, villas have indeed replaced hotels when it comes to accommodation for a holiday.  A villa is practically more flexible and affordable. You can rent it for days, weeks, months or even for years. In addition, villas are also a great choice for everyone. Not only couples who want a perfect honeymoon, but also for family who looks for a quality time. There is also a wide range of options when searching for a villa. But, which one is the best? One parameter of a great villa is its location. So, here are two tips for choosing location villa Bali.

Location Villa Bali

Look for the most popular spots for location villa Bali

Either it is preferred by retired old people or young digital nomads, your location villa Bali should be a popular area of the island. Ubud, Seminyak, Canggu, Jimbaran or Sanur, for example. These areas are surrounded by the most attractive places to hang out and killing the time. However, each area has its own identity. Ubud, for instance, is perfect for the “pray” person while Canggu is the most hippy area on the island. Location villa Bali is one of the most determining factors for your best holiday experience. Doing a little research about some places around the villa will be an unregretful thing to do before making your choice.

Adjust the location to your personality and activity preferences

Determining a location villa Bali is not as complicated as you might think of. In fact, it can be so simple and easy. Think about yourself. Ask yourself a simple question like what makes you happy? Besides that, you should also know yourself a bit more. You should know, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert person. This can be very helpful in order to get the most of your holiday experience. Let’s say you are an introvert person, you might tend to avoid staying in a villa around Kuta and Jimbaran. These areas are mostly crowded and nearly sleeping at night. But, if you are an extrovert person, you are more likely to choose these areas to stay in. Other than your personality, you should also consider the types of activities you like. Even though all places are accessible on Bali, but it would be better to just spend 10-15 hours of driving to reach your favorite spots.