Tips When Choosing Wedding Vendor in Bali

An upcoming destination wedding is certainly a cause for lengthy preparations and often times, headache. You’re going to have to scout for reliable wedding planners, venues, wedding vendor in Bali, and everything that relates to it. When choosing vendors for your big day, where should you start?

Choosing a wedding vendor in Bali: Go to wedding exhibitions 

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This is something that I definitely encourage grooms and brides alike to do. Even if a wedding is not in your mind at the moment, during these events, there’s so much you can get from attending the industry event. This is one of the only occasions where you can get many wedding vendors present all at once in a single place. Going to wedding exhibitions can be one of the most valuable research you could undertake during your planning before you find a reliable wedding vendor in Bali. 

Planning a destination wedding? Local planner and vendors are always your best bet

Not having to pay for all of the air travel and the accommodation needs for your wedding vendors will save you a ton of money and time, for that matter. Not only that, a local planner and vendors would be able to navigate the place so much better compared to those you bring from home. They will likely be familiar with some of the wedding venues in your destination, and would be able to navigate shortcomings in the location they’re already familiar with. So it’s in your best interest to pick a local Bali wedding vendor and find out how they work – set a date of appointment to meet them face to face. A meeting via Skype is also another way to do it if you’re unable to visit just yet. 

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Look at other people’s feedback before hiring wedding vendor in Bali 

Real people’s feed back is key to having an insight on whether a particular wedding vendor can be relied upon or not. So make sure that you carefully went through them. Don’t just skim through the reviews on their website. Take a look at reviews posted on other sites or social media as well to get a more complete picture of the feedback received by the vendors. 

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Costs associated with the service 

Be honest with yourself; how much are you willing to spend for hiring wedding vendors? Most importantly, how much you and your partner can afford to spend? Don’t just have rough estimate when doing this. Objectivity is key when deciding matters associated with cost. So you’ll need to have hard numbers jotted down. 

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What can you do?

  • Set a realistic budget. How much can you and your partner afford? There are so many wedding vendors that you’re going to need to hire; how much can you spend in each category?
  • Do a Value vs Price comparison with all of the wedding vendors in Bali that you have shortlisted. 
  • Is there any wedding vendors that you can skimp on? Perhaps you’d rather have decorations being taken care of by your venue rather than hiring a separate vendor for it? How much can you save from cutting the cost? Is cutting costs worth it or would it just give you more hassle down the road? 
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Read the contract carefully and ask questions 

One of the ways that works when doing a contract reading is that you allow several days for yourself to read the contract. Your wedding vendor in Bali should not mind. When there’s a point in the contract that you don’t understand or feel they need to elaborate, then you must ask. Remember that contract is there to protect both you and the vendor should anything happen.