The Idea Of Having A Women-Only Trip

Maybe it is time for you to get out of your hectic routine and breathe some fresh air with your best friends. However, what about having a women-only trip instead? It is when you plan a trip with your female best friends only and do things you all enjoy. Even though every individual may have different interest and issues, you can plan a memorable women-only trip with the people you trust without any major hassles.

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Reasons why women-only trip is good idea

Travelling with other women is a special experience. It is not unusual for women to have a trip with best friends that consists only of women. You don’t need a reason to do that but if you want, here are some of the best reasons to consider:

Experience things you’ve been missing out

There are things that you think you wouldn’t do on your own or with your partner for some reasons. However, a women-only trip can help you do those things. This kind of trip allows you some types of freedom and a sense of elevated confidence to do things you most likely wouldn’t do alone or with your partner. It is an opportunity for you to no longer holding yourself back, knowing you will be supported by your best friends. 

Take a step back and recharge

Women-only trip can be a good time for you to finally have a break and recharge yourself. It is a chance for you to spend quality time with the people who fully support you. Even if you don’t plan any extraordinary itinerary for the trip, you can simply have a great time together, talking and discussing important things in life. It can be the best way to improve your physical and mental well-beings. 

Bond and share common experiences

It is pretty common for best friends to lose touch due to being busy with lives. You might feel like you no longer have something to talk about with your best friends since you have different lives to live. A women-only trip can be a great opportunity for you and best friends to rekindle the bond by sharing common experiences together. The experience you gain from the trip will tighten the bond and the moments will be cherished forever. 

Build a tradition

If you and your female best friends don’t have any particular tradition, you can start it by having a women-only trip together. It can be a monthly, bimonthly, or annual trip. It is a great way to reconnect and tighten your bond with your friends. It will also satiate your appetite of adventures.

Build a bond of a new friendship

A women-only trip can also be a great way for you to build a stronger bond with the people you just included in your friendship. During the trip, you will get to learn more about each other. You gain more knowledge about each other’s interests and even issues through various activities you do together. It is a great way to build stronger friendship that just started.

Tips & Guide To Go On Komodo Island Tour

Not only Komodo dragons you will see on Komodo Island. Hiking up the hill, sunbathing on Pink Beach, snorkeling, sightseeing traditional villages, and visiting Kalong Island are all options. Many Komodo island tour packages include enjoyable activities and site visits in and around Komodo National Park. You can go diving, hike up the hill, sunbathe on Pink Beach, snorkel, tour traditional villages, or visit Kalong Island. Traveling to Komodo Island or Indonesia, in general, is safe at any time of year, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need travel tips. The recommendations for locations and the best time to visit are included in the tips below.

Komodo island tour, top view of Kelor Island in an afternoon before sunset with turquoise sea and tourist boats, Komodo Island (Komodo National Park), Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia

How to go on the Komodo island tour?

How do I get to this island? There are two routes, one from Jakarta and one from Bali. If you are flying from Jakarta, you must first fly to Bali. Then, to get to Komodo Island, follow these steps:

1. Fly from Bali to Labuan Bajo, which is on Flores island next to Komodo Island. Take a rental boat or ferry across the strait from there. Small planes are typically used for flights from Bali. It is best to reserve your seat in advance because it is frequently full. The rental boat can take you to some of the best dive sites on Komodo Island. In marine reserves, you can dive with local dive centers.

A pinisi ship from Bali will take you on a diving cruise around Lombok Island before arriving at the Komodo marine reserve.

When is the best time to visit Komodo? You can visit islands and marine reserves all year.

Vacations are best taken between April and December. With an average temperature of 26°C, Indonesia is entering a not-so-hot dry season. Aside from that, the weather is pleasant, with little rain.

However, from January to March, you can visit to explore other activities. Hill trekking tours around the Komodo Islands and Mount Kelimutu on a nearby island are still available.

Tour to Komodo Island will require more than one day. This implies that you will require lodging for a day trip. Find the best hotel or villa deals on the Internet and book ahead of time.

Labuan Bajo itself has good villas and hotels at reasonable prices. Don’t forget to purchase travel insurance before carrying out your plans. This will ensure your safety and health while diving, snorkeling, and participating in other strenuous activities.

There will be numerous activities available on Komodo Island. This means you’ll need to prepare a lot more than just your energy.

How To Deal With The Lack Of Appetite

How To Deal With The Lack Of Appetite
Woman Getting Food On Wedding Dinner

Losing appetite can cause various health problem because eating is one of the ways for human to survive. The problem is, sometimes it is common to experience lack of appetite due to various reasons such as depression, irritable bowel syndrome, fatty liver disease, or side effect of certain medication. If you neglect the issue, it is highly likely that you will lose weight in unhealthy way, putting your health at high risk of developing other severe problems. So here are some tips for you to gain back your appetite and have a healthy lifestyle:

Change your way of drinking water during a meal

People who aim to lose their weight often suggested to drink a glass of water before eating to help feel full faster and avoid overeating. However, you can also change your habit of drinking to deal with lack of appetite issue by drinking water after a meal instead. It is said to be helpful in stretching the stomach and prepare it for more volume over time. 

Consider taking cannabis

Cannabis are said to have appetite boosting properties and that is why they are often prescribed to patients undergoing chemotherapy. The problem is cannabis is not always legal in every country so you may want to talk to your doctor. You may also consider CBD or cannabis extract that is for increasing appetite. 

Stay active through regular exercise

Stay active through regular exercise
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Depression can be one of the reasons why you lose your appetite so reducing stress is crucial element. You can actually reduce the level of your stress by having exercises regularly. Also, those who exercises have better regulated hormones related to hunger like ghrelin. The more you exercise, the more likely you get hungrier and more calories you will take. 

Limit fiber

Fiber digests slowly which makes you feel full faster and longer. If you are struggling with losing appetite, eating more fiber will only severe your case. Hence, it is recommended to temporarily limit your fiber intake. It will help you feel hungrier and make you crave for more foods. 

Make eating a fun habit

Not few people feel dreadful to face their meal time due to various reasons. It makes them feel anxious and lose their appetite. Hence, it is recommended that you find your own way to make eating a fun and positive experience. You can make meals as social occasion. Even researches show that eating surrounded by more people encourage someone you eat more. It is often that you feel everything tastes better when you eat with the people especially the ones in your circle. 

Build up anticipation and excitement

You can try increasing your appetite by building up anticipation. For example, watch Mukbang videos where you get to see people deliciously and happily. You may also try the foods they eat on Mukbang and see if you like them. Aside from Mukbang, you can also scroll down Instagram to see the updates of people who post their meals. Or, you can simply sniff a scent that corresponds to what you will be eating. 

Things to Expect When You’re Looking for Family Resort in Bali

Things to Expect When You’re Looking for Family Resort in Bali

When you have kids, your life changes. The way you travel changes, too. It will not be the same as the way you travel alone or with your kids, with your spouse, or even with your large family. Kids have their own needs—and they are quite dependant on you. But it doesn’t mean that travelling with kids are not fun! On the otherwise, travelling with kids can be very rewarding. Especially when you are travelling to Bali, where the sun is bright and dozens of adventure awaits for you and the little ones. Naturally, you want to stay at a family resort during your visit to Bali. And here are things you could expect when you are looking for family resorts in Bali. 

A Large Family Suite with Kids Room

When it comes to hotel accommodations, you should have high standards. You won’t be let down if it’s a decent location that cares about being family-friendly. To begin with, expect larger rooms to suit families traveling with kids; this is an important consideration. You didn’t fly all that way only to have a cramped hotel room with your family.

Separate toilets are appreciated because a family of four would struggle to share one. There can be a long wait before it’s your turn. If you’re traveling with your spouse, the majority of kid-friendly hotels won’t provide rooms with bathtubs, which isn’t always the case.

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A Baby Sitting or Kids Club Service

A Baby Sitting or Kids Club Service

One thing that travelling families love from a family resort is the availability of baby sitting service or a kids-club, which might be nonexistent at a regular hotel. To book a reservation, all you have to do is give them a call in advance. You can also make a booking for the kids club during the check-in. You will love the kids club at this family friendly all inclusive resort in Bali, where the kids can have all day fun with balloon slides, ball pits, face painting, drawing, wall climbing, or simply watching their favourite cartoon. The friendly staffs at the kids club love kids and they will take your kids under their care.

While your kids are having all the fun at the kids club and tiring themselves out, you can use some free time to just relax by the pool or have some alone time with your partner. This way, everyone can have a happier holiday and provide you with a much-needed respite from the taxing duties of parenthood.

Special Menu for Kids 

We know how picky kids can be with their food, and sometimes they only want to eat familiar meals like spaghetti. This is when a kids menu come into rescue. You can expect family resorts in Bali to have special kids menu. The children can order their favourite food—sometimes for free as long as you order and pay something for yourself. 

You’d be astonished at how many amenities kid-friendly hotels offer to enhance your child’s vacation. More significantly, they’ll provide you peace of mind knowing that your children are in capable hands. They begin by giving out welcome presents for the young ones, which will include lots of toys and other items to play with and make your children happy.

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A Tour to Explore Bali

it’s quite a task to arrange a family trip in Bali, especially when you’re travelling with kids., many family hotels in Bali provide packages and tours to make it easier for you to experience the city with your children.

You’ll discover that they provide guided excursions to local tourist attractions so that you and your children can learn something and discover new things.

Best Ways To Navigate Unpredictable Travel Risks

Today, we all know that life can be very much unpredictable after being hit by the sudden global pandemic that has turned our lives upside down. Travelling sounds daunting for some people who have not recovered from the trauma caused by the global pandemic. However, some people start to navigate their life back to normal, as normal as it can be after the hurricane of the pandemic. They start to plan their travel with more precautions. 

Best Ways To Navigate Unpredictable Travel Risks

Mitigating unpredictable travel risks you may encounter

Even without global pandemic, travel is still unpredictable. You may encounter various unexpected things during your trip such as bad weather, got your bag stolen, got lost somewhere, etc. Traveling may out you at risk and some of them may be unexpected. Here are some ways to help you mitigate the unexpected travel risks:

Avoid using public Wi-Fi

Most travelers love using public Wi-Fi because it is cost-efficient. You don’t have to buy data which tend to be expensive abroad. However, using public Wi-Fi is risky because it tends to use unsecured networks. It is easy for you to access but so do the hackers. They can access the network and steal your personal information easily. Hence, it is highly recommended that you use your own hotspot instead for safety reason.

Avoid updating your travel in real-time

Today, the life of social media keep growing big. People love to share everything on social media for some reasons. However, it is not encourage for you to update every minute of your travel in real-time on social media platforms. It will put your safety at risk because people will know where you are, what you are doing, with whom you are, etc. What you update on social media may get taken advantage of by savvy criminals. Hence, it is best to share your memories of the trip after you get home safely.

Always bring your travel health kit

Getting sick or injured during your travel can be unpredictable. You are feeling find and in a minute you come down with a fever. This can be pretty serious when you are in unknown place all alone. Hence, make sure to always bring a travel health kit that is filled with first-aid and over-the-counter remedies. Also, keep your prescription and current medication inside as well.

Consider taking two credit cards

Your credit card is probably your lifeline during your trip but there is a possibility that it gets stolen or lost. Make sure to be mindful when using your credit cards to avoid skimmer and shimmer. If you bring two credit cards, place them in separate wallets so if one of them is being compromised, you still have  backup.

Have copies of your travel documents

Make sure to copy your travel documents, take some of the copies with you and leave some of them at home. There is possibility that your travel documents get stolen or lost. By having multiple copies,  you can seek out help easier because you have something to back you up.

Reason Why Dive Lovers Need To Explore Bangai & Togean Island

The underwater charm of Indonesia is unquestionable. Underwater exploration from Bali, Nusa Penida, Raja Ampat, and Komodo island to Togean island offers its own charm. Central Sulawesi is one of the islands in Indonesia that has amazing underwater beauty. In addition to its beautiful underwater park, the Togean Islands are home to the Bajo people, who spend the majority of their time at sea and are known as reliable divers. 

Reason Why Dive Lovers Need To Explore Bangai & Togean Island

Unlimited dives on Togean island

As part of the coral triangle that stretches from Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Solomon Islands, and East Leste, Togean harbors a wealth of marine life. The Togean Islands have even been named as one of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserves. 

The underwater world of the Togean Sea is a paradise for tourists who like to do fishing, sailing, snorkeling, and diving activities throughout the year. 

In Togean, there are several points that divers usually visit. The most famous is Unauna Island, with its variety of marine life. There is also Kadidiri Island. The current here is quite calm, with views of the sparkling white sand and rocks. In Kadidiri, divers can explore to a depth of 30 meters.

For those who like to snorkel, California Beach and Taifi Beach can be eye fresheners. Despite the name “beach”, California Beach is in the middle of the sea. That’s where divers can be satisfied snorkeling and photographing the underwater beauty of the Togean. 

There is also Jellyfish Island in the form of a lake in the middle of the sea. It is so named because in that area there are many jellyfish that can be seen from the surface of the lake.

5 diving spots on Togean island

Togean Island

The first island that you must visit is the main island, namely Togean Island itself. Here there are several hills that line each other. Togean hills even divide Tomini Bay. besides that there are beautiful forests covering it. This location is usually done roaming the forest. But the island of Togean also has a beautiful and beautiful beach located in the village of Katupat.

Una-Una Island

Una-Una Island is famous for its black sand. Unlike other beaches in Togean, Una Island has the remains of a colossal volcanic eruption in the form of black sand. The volcano is named Mount Colo which is recorded as an active volcano.

Kadidiri Island

This island is a suitable spot for those of you who want to snorkel or dive in Togean. The ocean around Kadidiri island is filled with barrier reefs. Barrier Coral itself has a sharp shape but has a beautiful appearance. Not to mention the various coral reefs, the majority of which are here. This location is suitable for those of you who hunt for underwater marine tourism.

Batudaka Island

Batudaka Island can be an alternative choice for marine tourism. In addition, the location is easier to reach from Togean Island because it is the largest island of the Togean Islands. The tourist area on Batudaka Island is Bomba Village. In this village, you can swim or snorkel. There is one tourist attraction that you must visit, namely the Bat Cave. Here you can also see the Bajo Tribe, which is known as the boatman.

Taipi Wall

Taipi Wall is a diving spot in Togean. The location is in the south of Kadidiri island about 4 km. As a diving spot in Togean, there is one object that you must see, namely the presence of a vertical coral wall. The wall extends from south to north. This wall is known as the Taipei wall. With varying depths from 5 to 30 meters, this spot is suitable for both beginners and professional divers.

How To Live More Satisfied Life

How To Live More Satisfied Life

Happiness can be simple things like eating your favorite foods to major things like accomplishing big goals in life. Regardless, the way every individual feel happiness vary. Each finds happiness from different source as well. To be living a more satisfied life where you always feel grateful and happy is possible by tweaking some of your habits, especially the bad ones. 

Living more satisfied life by tweaking some habits

Habits play important role in how you live your life. Bad habits tend to lead you to unhappiness. The key to achieve happiness is to break habits that make you stress. And if certain habits don’t fit your lifestyle, you’d better ditch them as well. And here are several ways to help you develop healthy and positive habits leading to more satisfied liife:

Smile more

It is such a simple act that hold meaningful value. You smile because you feel happy but when you smile, it can cause you to feel happy. Hence, put a smile as your daily habit can help boost your happiness. However, don’t go around putting fake smiles. Just try to smile a bit when you are feeling down someday and see how it affects you after. 

Have enough sleep

Sleep affects one’s mood significantly because lack of sleep often leads to irritability. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you sleep up to 7 hours a day. A good sleep is vital for the health of brain as well as emotional well-being. Build a better sleep routine and talk with professional if you have problem with sleep. 

Give compliment

Performing act of kindness can bring happiness. It helps you feel more satisfied and grateful even though the one you compliment is other people not yourself. Hence, develop a habit of giving sincere compliment to others. When they brighten with the compliment, it radiates to you creating more happiness.

Acknowledge unhappy moments

It is impossible for you to feel happy all the time because sometimes life is unpredictable, putting you in difficult situation. When you are experiencing unhappy moments, acknowledge them instead of denying the situations. Allow yourself to feel unhappiness for a moment then re-navigate your focus to what can make you feel happy. This is a way to recover healthily. 


Decluttering is not that daunting because you can do it on weekly basis for about 20 minutes max. Tidy up specific area in your room that has been out of control. Put everything in place and toss or give away the items you no longer need. Well-organized space can make you feel happier and less-stressed. 

Get socialized

The lack of social interaction can put you in unhappy state because humans are basically social beings who need to interact with others. Hence, it is healthy to go meet your friends even once or twice a month. Or you can simply make a phone call or chat with them. Having meaningful relationships both with humans or even pets can help a lot in improving your happiness in life. 

Diving in the Legend of Tulamben: Black Sand Beach & Sunken Wreck

Diving in the Legend of Tulamben: Black Sand Beach & Sunken Wreck
Credit: Instagram/vivinrosyarinta

If you want to do scuba diving in Bali, you must go to the northeast coast. The town of Tulamben is located at the end of a curving road that winds up and down the hills, passing through the jungle and rice fields. Tulamben would have remained a small village in the middle of nowhere if it hadn’t been for its spectacular diving site, which is one of the best in Bali. The underwater ecology has been given the optimal environment to create outstanding marine biodiversity as a result of volcanic activity. Tulamben is not only a fantastic macro diving spot, but it’s also one of the top wreck dive sites in the world, thanks to the USAT Liberty, which has a strange history tied to the volcano.

Diving in Tulamben Bali: The Majestic Sunken War Ship

The USAT Liberty wreck is one of the world’s most accessible wreck dives, as it is only 25 meters from the beach and only 5 meters deep. Its deepest point is 30 meters, making it accessible to most recreational divers, which explains its widespread popularity.

The USAT Liberty, an American cargo ship, is torpedoed by a Japanese submarine between Bali and Lombok in 1942, during WWII. The ship can only be hauled as far as the beach of Tulamben when attempting to reach the port of Singaraja. It was not a wreck dive location for 21 years until Mount Agung erupted in 1963. The eruption caused an earthquake, which caused the ship to sink to a depth of 5 to 28 meters.

What to See in the Tulamben Wreck

The Tulamben is well-known for its shipwreck site. The diving is acceptable for all types and levels of divers because the wreck is located in shallow waters. The dive is well-known among beginners because several dive centers provide beginning dives at this wreck. The shipwreck now serves as a fantastic attraction for all marine creatures. There are numerous shoals of fish and sea horses to be found. The water is crystal clear and warm. At the majority of the time, there is no current.

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Best Time to Dive the Wreck in Tulamben

Because of the constant calm water, you can go diving in the Tulamben wreck Bali at virtually any time of the day. However, the best time to visit the sunken ship are during early morning and late afternoon. That is when the wreck is a bit empty from dive tours and you can enjoy the wreck for yourself. Because the wreck is a popular site, it can get crowded during the noon.

Why Sunrise Diving at USAT Liberty Tulamben Bali is the Best

If you want to dive the wreck in Tulamben, it’s best to sleep in the village so you can make the sunrise dive. These are why sunrise dive in the USAT Liberty is the best, compared to other times of the day.

First thing first, you’ll be virtually entirely on your own. The sunrise dive start at around 5.30 – 6.00 am. No day tours have arrived at such time. They will start coming to Tulamben around 8 or 9 in the morning, and the site will be busy until late afternoon. 

Second, there are some species that can only be seen at sunrise: The bump-head parrot fish is one example of this. They are quite large, measuring around 50cm in length, and are surprisingly unafraid of divers while staying cautious. They are usually visible right at the start of the dive, as they are in the first 5 meters of water at the shipwreck’s base. They return to the blue after the sunrise.

Last, the dim lighting around the ruin adds to the mystery and eerie atmosphere that shipwrecks may elicit due to their history.

The USAT Liberty wreck is also famous for being a remarkable site for night diving! That’s the time when the ocean changes and all sort of creatures that sleeps during the day come from their hiding. Try it once and see how it amaze you.

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Shore Diving in Black Sand Beaches

Tulamben diving is entirely about shore diving. There is no need to be concerned about boat logistics here. You load your gear into a jeep and are on the beach in under two minutes. It’s so fun how you literally walk to the world beneath the water. You can easily fit 5 dives into a day if you get up early and have 1-hour surface rests between each dive.

Will you add diving in Tulamben Bali to your summer to-do list this year and see the legend with your own eyes?

About Safe Travel In 2022 And Beyond

About Safe Travel In 2022 And Beyond

The way we see travel today is different from how we used to do. There are still many people who are considering whether or not to travel in the middle of these uncertainties. Surely, vaccination is on going and more people get it done. However, people are still worried about the safety of themselves when travel. Hence, there are so many things to consider in today’s travel mostly due to safety concerns. 

Travel has become tenuous thing to do

The rise of new variants of the covid-19 has many people thought travel as something more tenuous to do these days. It is a bit fraught to travel in the middle of pandemic. People have so many inner conflicts about taking a trip. However, there are also many things you should see about travel beyond. Keep in mind that travel is not always about taking leisure vacation in a exotic island. For some people, travel is necessary for work and to see families. Hence, there is no need to travel shame someone who still travel back and forth to this day. 

For some people, travel is imperative, not a choice. For them, it is necessary thing to do as part of life. Instead of thinking about where to go, today’s concern is about how to get there safely. Taking proper precautions is a must for safe travel. So think more about how you are travelling and get the lowest risk possible from being contacted with the virus. The keys are simple, get vaccinated, adhere to the testing, and always follow the guidelines. 

Should you feel bad for travelling?

Should you feel bad for travelling?

You should not feel bad for travelling especially if it is something you need to do. As long as you are following the guidelines of the destination you are visiting, you are good to go. You should feel bad if you travel and neglect the protocols because it is when you put not only yourself in danger but everyone else. 

Positive effects of travel

Travelling in the pandemic era should not make you feel bad. Yes, you should be worried about your safety but it should be reflected at how you take precautions and keep following designated protocols. Travel can make you feel good. It has various positive effects you can get. One of the most important effects is to maintain your mental well-being. Travel today requires you to prepare various documents that reek of efforts, making you feel less motivated to travel. 

However, travel is also important for your brain. These days people are getting more prone to stress and burnout due to loneliness and disconnectedness. It takes toll on your mental health and one of the most effective to boost your mental health is by planning a local weekend getaway, or a day trip the town next door. 

Keep in mind that it is not the distance or how far you go that matters. What matters most is the fact that you are going somewhere, navigating a new place outside of your comfort zone.

7 Spiritual To Dos to Heal Your Soul When You Are in Ubud

Ubud is a magical place. Ubud, Bali’s spiritual and cultural heart, is located between emerald rice fields and wild environment on the island’s central highlands. Since ancient times, what we called “art” has been regarded an integral component of daily life in this country. When people weren’t working in the fields or fishing, they did things like stone and wood carving, painting, weaving, playing music, and dancing. In Balinese Hindu traditions, art and spiritual activities are linked, and Ubud is where you can see it firsthand. A week stay in some of best, most secluded villas in Ubud Bali — surrounded by the nature—could be the key for healing a tired mind. 

Here are some of the best things to do in Ubud for a restorative body and soul. 

Visit the Puri Saren

Visit the Puri Saren

In the opposite of the famous Ubud Traditional Market is the Puri Saren Palace. Puri Saren, which means “royal palaces” in Balinese, was once a residence for nobles, but it is now a cultural center for Balinese arts, dancing, and literature. The Museum Puri Lukisan is located near the palace. Visit to see the best examples of Balinese art and learn about its history: the modern Balinese art movement originated in Ubud, when local painters began to forgo solely religious themes in favor of scenes from everyday life.

Saraswati Temple

Saraswati Temple

The Pura Taman Saraswati, one of Ubud’s many temples, is dedicated to Dewi Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of wisdom, literacy, and the arts. The temple garden is brimming with lotus flowers, stunning visitors and contributing to the attractiveness of the location. On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 p.m., you can help with the powerful Balinese kecak dance performance, which is rooted in Balinese culture. Balinese religion, a mix of Hinduism and animist practice, manifests itself in ecstatic forms: music, gongs, costumes, eyes, colors, hands, chants….you’ll be mesmerized!

Bathe in Tirta Empul Water Temple 

Next is the Tirtal Empul watet temple, which is close to Kawi Mountain. The Balinese Hindus come here to purify themselves by bathing in the sacred waters. Tirta Empul is a significant temple complex famed for its sacred mountain spring and purifying baths. It has long been a spiritual destination for both Balinese Hindu devotees and visitors seeking a spiritual experience.

You are welcome to participate in a purification ceremony in the pools if you follow a tight set of regulations and codes of conduct. Purification baths, pools, and carp ponds surround the outer perimeter, and finally drain into the Tukad Pakerisan River, which is fed by a natural spring inside the main temple complex.

Stretch Your Body in Morning Yoga

Stretch Your Body in Morning Yoga in Ubud Villas Bali

Ubud is well-known as one of the most reputable yoga and holistic treatment centers in the world, attracting yogis and yoginis from all over the globe. Yoga in Ubud will complement your time in Bali, with its lush nature and deep spirituality. Your spiritual journey will extend beyond the hours spent on your mat. As soon as you leave class, a magnificent sense of spirituality will wash over you. You can also look for villas in Ubud with quite large backyard to do yoga and meditation every morning. Do this everyday, and your mind will be ready for a fresh comeback to your reality.

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Do Melukat Ceremony in Your Villas Ubud Bali

Do Melukat Ceremony in Your Villas Ubud Bali

Always feel fascinated with Balinese intricate ceremonies but never have a chance to join one? Arrange a Melukat ceremony where you stay. Melukat is a component of the Manusa Yadnya rite, which is designed to cleanse and purify a person’s innermost and inner self. Unlike other common Balinese ceremonies, anyone can participate in Melukat despite not being a Balinese neither a Hindu. Melukat is a ritual for cleaning and purifying your body, mind, and soul, and the priests can be invited to any villas in Ubud, Bali. 

Melukat ritual is usually suggested for anyone who is frequently plagued by nightmares, anxiety, or perhaps has a significant problem. This ceremony is commonly performed in the spring at a water fountain, a beach, a holy spring or river, or at one’s own home. Ask your villa concierge if you want to do a Melukat ceremony; they know what to do.

Call A Relaxing Private Spa to Your Ubud Villa

Call A Relaxing Private Spa to Your Ubud Villas Bali

What’s better to do to rejuvenate your body and mind than having a relaxing spa in the privacy of your private villa in Ubud? Ask your villa concierge to arrange a private spa session—in your room or in the poolside overviewing the garden. Or call your favourite spa in Ubud and ask whether it is possible to call the therapist to your villa. Enjoy a pampering session with natural scrubs, deep tissue massage, and floral bath. 

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Calm Your Mind in Ubud Monkey Forest

Crawl through the Ubud Monkey Forest in search of breath-taking ancient moss-covered temples. The Ubud Monkey Forest is widely regarded as one of the best places to visit in Ubud. It is run by the people and is located just outside the town center. This monkey refuge is located in a lush tropical forest with natural vegetation canopies. You can stop and watch the grey long-tailed macaques frisk and pick things out of each other’s hair as you travel across the paved pathways. The monkeys are not the main attraction in the forest, despite the name. The lush vegetation and big trees create a lovely backdrop. You’ll probably spend the majority of your time in the Ubud Monkey Forest, looking for ancient temples with moss-covered guardian sculptures.