How To Live More Satisfied Life

How To Live More Satisfied Life

Happiness can be simple things like eating your favorite foods to major things like accomplishing big goals in life. Regardless, the way every individual feel happiness vary. Each finds happiness from different source as well. To be living a more satisfied life where you always feel grateful and happy is possible by tweaking some of your habits, especially the bad ones. 

Living more satisfied life by tweaking some habits

Habits play important role in how you live your life. Bad habits tend to lead you to unhappiness. The key to achieve happiness is to break habits that make you stress. And if certain habits don’t fit your lifestyle, you’d better ditch them as well. And here are several ways to help you develop healthy and positive habits leading to more satisfied liife:

Smile more

It is such a simple act that hold meaningful value. You smile because you feel happy but when you smile, it can cause you to feel happy. Hence, put a smile as your daily habit can help boost your happiness. However, don’t go around putting fake smiles. Just try to smile a bit when you are feeling down someday and see how it affects you after. 

Have enough sleep

Sleep affects one’s mood significantly because lack of sleep often leads to irritability. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you sleep up to 7 hours a day. A good sleep is vital for the health of brain as well as emotional well-being. Build a better sleep routine and talk with professional if you have problem with sleep. 

Give compliment

Performing act of kindness can bring happiness. It helps you feel more satisfied and grateful even though the one you compliment is other people not yourself. Hence, develop a habit of giving sincere compliment to others. When they brighten with the compliment, it radiates to you creating more happiness.

Acknowledge unhappy moments

It is impossible for you to feel happy all the time because sometimes life is unpredictable, putting you in difficult situation. When you are experiencing unhappy moments, acknowledge them instead of denying the situations. Allow yourself to feel unhappiness for a moment then re-navigate your focus to what can make you feel happy. This is a way to recover healthily. 


Decluttering is not that daunting because you can do it on weekly basis for about 20 minutes max. Tidy up specific area in your room that has been out of control. Put everything in place and toss or give away the items you no longer need. Well-organized space can make you feel happier and less-stressed. 

Get socialized

The lack of social interaction can put you in unhappy state because humans are basically social beings who need to interact with others. Hence, it is healthy to go meet your friends even once or twice a month. Or you can simply make a phone call or chat with them. Having meaningful relationships both with humans or even pets can help a lot in improving your happiness in life. 

Diving in the Legend of Tulamben: Black Sand Beach & Sunken Wreck

Diving in the Legend of Tulamben: Black Sand Beach & Sunken Wreck
Credit: Instagram/vivinrosyarinta

If you want to do scuba diving in Bali, you must go to the northeast coast. The town of Tulamben is located at the end of a curving road that winds up and down the hills, passing through the jungle and rice fields. Tulamben would have remained a small village in the middle of nowhere if it hadn’t been for its spectacular diving site, which is one of the best in Bali. The underwater ecology has been given the optimal environment to create outstanding marine biodiversity as a result of volcanic activity. Tulamben is not only a fantastic macro diving spot, but it’s also one of the top wreck dive sites in the world, thanks to the USAT Liberty, which has a strange history tied to the volcano.

Diving in Tulamben Bali: The Majestic Sunken War Ship

The USAT Liberty wreck is one of the world’s most accessible wreck dives, as it is only 25 meters from the beach and only 5 meters deep. Its deepest point is 30 meters, making it accessible to most recreational divers, which explains its widespread popularity.

The USAT Liberty, an American cargo ship, is torpedoed by a Japanese submarine between Bali and Lombok in 1942, during WWII. The ship can only be hauled as far as the beach of Tulamben when attempting to reach the port of Singaraja. It was not a wreck dive location for 21 years until Mount Agung erupted in 1963. The eruption caused an earthquake, which caused the ship to sink to a depth of 5 to 28 meters.

What to See in the Tulamben Wreck

The Tulamben is well-known for its shipwreck site. The diving is acceptable for all types and levels of divers because the wreck is located in shallow waters. The dive is well-known among beginners because several dive centers provide beginning dives at this wreck. The shipwreck now serves as a fantastic attraction for all marine creatures. There are numerous shoals of fish and sea horses to be found. The water is crystal clear and warm. At the majority of the time, there is no current.

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Best Time to Dive the Wreck in Tulamben

Because of the constant calm water, you can go diving in the Tulamben wreck Bali at virtually any time of the day. However, the best time to visit the sunken ship are during early morning and late afternoon. That is when the wreck is a bit empty from dive tours and you can enjoy the wreck for yourself. Because the wreck is a popular site, it can get crowded during the noon.

Why Sunrise Diving at USAT Liberty Tulamben Bali is the Best

If you want to dive the wreck in Tulamben, it’s best to sleep in the village so you can make the sunrise dive. These are why sunrise dive in the USAT Liberty is the best, compared to other times of the day.

First thing first, you’ll be virtually entirely on your own. The sunrise dive start at around 5.30 – 6.00 am. No day tours have arrived at such time. They will start coming to Tulamben around 8 or 9 in the morning, and the site will be busy until late afternoon. 

Second, there are some species that can only be seen at sunrise: The bump-head parrot fish is one example of this. They are quite large, measuring around 50cm in length, and are surprisingly unafraid of divers while staying cautious. They are usually visible right at the start of the dive, as they are in the first 5 meters of water at the shipwreck’s base. They return to the blue after the sunrise.

Last, the dim lighting around the ruin adds to the mystery and eerie atmosphere that shipwrecks may elicit due to their history.

The USAT Liberty wreck is also famous for being a remarkable site for night diving! That’s the time when the ocean changes and all sort of creatures that sleeps during the day come from their hiding. Try it once and see how it amaze you.

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Shore Diving in Black Sand Beaches

Tulamben diving is entirely about shore diving. There is no need to be concerned about boat logistics here. You load your gear into a jeep and are on the beach in under two minutes. It’s so fun how you literally walk to the world beneath the water. You can easily fit 5 dives into a day if you get up early and have 1-hour surface rests between each dive.

Will you add diving in Tulamben Bali to your summer to-do list this year and see the legend with your own eyes?

About Safe Travel In 2022 And Beyond

About Safe Travel In 2022 And Beyond

The way we see travel today is different from how we used to do. There are still many people who are considering whether or not to travel in the middle of these uncertainties. Surely, vaccination is on going and more people get it done. However, people are still worried about the safety of themselves when travel. Hence, there are so many things to consider in today’s travel mostly due to safety concerns. 

Travel has become tenuous thing to do

The rise of new variants of the covid-19 has many people thought travel as something more tenuous to do these days. It is a bit fraught to travel in the middle of pandemic. People have so many inner conflicts about taking a trip. However, there are also many things you should see about travel beyond. Keep in mind that travel is not always about taking leisure vacation in a exotic island. For some people, travel is necessary for work and to see families. Hence, there is no need to travel shame someone who still travel back and forth to this day. 

For some people, travel is imperative, not a choice. For them, it is necessary thing to do as part of life. Instead of thinking about where to go, today’s concern is about how to get there safely. Taking proper precautions is a must for safe travel. So think more about how you are travelling and get the lowest risk possible from being contacted with the virus. The keys are simple, get vaccinated, adhere to the testing, and always follow the guidelines. 

Should you feel bad for travelling?

Should you feel bad for travelling?

You should not feel bad for travelling especially if it is something you need to do. As long as you are following the guidelines of the destination you are visiting, you are good to go. You should feel bad if you travel and neglect the protocols because it is when you put not only yourself in danger but everyone else. 

Positive effects of travel

Travelling in the pandemic era should not make you feel bad. Yes, you should be worried about your safety but it should be reflected at how you take precautions and keep following designated protocols. Travel can make you feel good. It has various positive effects you can get. One of the most important effects is to maintain your mental well-being. Travel today requires you to prepare various documents that reek of efforts, making you feel less motivated to travel. 

However, travel is also important for your brain. These days people are getting more prone to stress and burnout due to loneliness and disconnectedness. It takes toll on your mental health and one of the most effective to boost your mental health is by planning a local weekend getaway, or a day trip the town next door. 

Keep in mind that it is not the distance or how far you go that matters. What matters most is the fact that you are going somewhere, navigating a new place outside of your comfort zone.

7 Spiritual To Dos to Heal Your Soul When You Are in Ubud

Ubud is a magical place. Ubud, Bali’s spiritual and cultural heart, is located between emerald rice fields and wild environment on the island’s central highlands. Since ancient times, what we called “art” has been regarded an integral component of daily life in this country. When people weren’t working in the fields or fishing, they did things like stone and wood carving, painting, weaving, playing music, and dancing. In Balinese Hindu traditions, art and spiritual activities are linked, and Ubud is where you can see it firsthand. A week stay in some of best, most secluded villas in Ubud Bali — surrounded by the nature—could be the key for healing a tired mind. 

Here are some of the best things to do in Ubud for a restorative body and soul. 

Visit the Puri Saren

Visit the Puri Saren

In the opposite of the famous Ubud Traditional Market is the Puri Saren Palace. Puri Saren, which means “royal palaces” in Balinese, was once a residence for nobles, but it is now a cultural center for Balinese arts, dancing, and literature. The Museum Puri Lukisan is located near the palace. Visit to see the best examples of Balinese art and learn about its history: the modern Balinese art movement originated in Ubud, when local painters began to forgo solely religious themes in favor of scenes from everyday life.

Saraswati Temple

Saraswati Temple

The Pura Taman Saraswati, one of Ubud’s many temples, is dedicated to Dewi Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of wisdom, literacy, and the arts. The temple garden is brimming with lotus flowers, stunning visitors and contributing to the attractiveness of the location. On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 p.m., you can help with the powerful Balinese kecak dance performance, which is rooted in Balinese culture. Balinese religion, a mix of Hinduism and animist practice, manifests itself in ecstatic forms: music, gongs, costumes, eyes, colors, hands, chants….you’ll be mesmerized!

Bathe in Tirta Empul Water Temple 

Next is the Tirtal Empul watet temple, which is close to Kawi Mountain. The Balinese Hindus come here to purify themselves by bathing in the sacred waters. Tirta Empul is a significant temple complex famed for its sacred mountain spring and purifying baths. It has long been a spiritual destination for both Balinese Hindu devotees and visitors seeking a spiritual experience.

You are welcome to participate in a purification ceremony in the pools if you follow a tight set of regulations and codes of conduct. Purification baths, pools, and carp ponds surround the outer perimeter, and finally drain into the Tukad Pakerisan River, which is fed by a natural spring inside the main temple complex.

Stretch Your Body in Morning Yoga

Stretch Your Body in Morning Yoga in Ubud Villas Bali

Ubud is well-known as one of the most reputable yoga and holistic treatment centers in the world, attracting yogis and yoginis from all over the globe. Yoga in Ubud will complement your time in Bali, with its lush nature and deep spirituality. Your spiritual journey will extend beyond the hours spent on your mat. As soon as you leave class, a magnificent sense of spirituality will wash over you. You can also look for villas in Ubud with quite large backyard to do yoga and meditation every morning. Do this everyday, and your mind will be ready for a fresh comeback to your reality.

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Do Melukat Ceremony in Your Villas Ubud Bali

Do Melukat Ceremony in Your Villas Ubud Bali

Always feel fascinated with Balinese intricate ceremonies but never have a chance to join one? Arrange a Melukat ceremony where you stay. Melukat is a component of the Manusa Yadnya rite, which is designed to cleanse and purify a person’s innermost and inner self. Unlike other common Balinese ceremonies, anyone can participate in Melukat despite not being a Balinese neither a Hindu. Melukat is a ritual for cleaning and purifying your body, mind, and soul, and the priests can be invited to any villas in Ubud, Bali. 

Melukat ritual is usually suggested for anyone who is frequently plagued by nightmares, anxiety, or perhaps has a significant problem. This ceremony is commonly performed in the spring at a water fountain, a beach, a holy spring or river, or at one’s own home. Ask your villa concierge if you want to do a Melukat ceremony; they know what to do.

Call A Relaxing Private Spa to Your Ubud Villa

Call A Relaxing Private Spa to Your Ubud Villas Bali

What’s better to do to rejuvenate your body and mind than having a relaxing spa in the privacy of your private villa in Ubud? Ask your villa concierge to arrange a private spa session—in your room or in the poolside overviewing the garden. Or call your favourite spa in Ubud and ask whether it is possible to call the therapist to your villa. Enjoy a pampering session with natural scrubs, deep tissue massage, and floral bath. 

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Calm Your Mind in Ubud Monkey Forest

Crawl through the Ubud Monkey Forest in search of breath-taking ancient moss-covered temples. The Ubud Monkey Forest is widely regarded as one of the best places to visit in Ubud. It is run by the people and is located just outside the town center. This monkey refuge is located in a lush tropical forest with natural vegetation canopies. You can stop and watch the grey long-tailed macaques frisk and pick things out of each other’s hair as you travel across the paved pathways. The monkeys are not the main attraction in the forest, despite the name. The lush vegetation and big trees create a lovely backdrop. You’ll probably spend the majority of your time in the Ubud Monkey Forest, looking for ancient temples with moss-covered guardian sculptures.

Indulging Your Senses Through Amazing Activities In Bali

Bali is one of the best places on earth that has blessed us with all its breathtaking beauty. Spending your vacation in Bali, be ready to get your every sense ready to be indulged. This island of the gods is a complete package of perfect vacation destination. When it comes to Bali, many associate it with lively beach clubs and dazzling nightlife. However, there are many more to explore in Bali. In fact, spending just few days in Bali won’t be enough to explore all the beauty and fun it offers. 

Outdoor massage under a gazebo and by the seaside.

Indulge your every sense while vacationing in Bali

Bali is the ultimate island of Indonesia. It has become one of the main destination for any type of travel. There are many reasons why people from around the world love Bali such as its distinct cultures, breathtaking nature, authentic foods, and very welcoming people. And here are ways you can indulge your every sense during your vacation in Bali so you make the most of it:

Authentic, traditional cuisine

Bali is rich with authentic, traditional cuisine that you won’t get to taste in other places. This island is where you can indulge your sense of taste due to wide selections of mouthwatering dishes such as Ayam Betutu, Sate Lilit, Babi Guling, and Lawar. Balinese foods are known to be rich in spices and herbs, unique way of cooking, as well as fresh local ingredients. There are many places you can visit to enjoy authentic Balinese dishes. Each place offers different setting to allow you enjoy the dish in the best way possible. 

Excellent fine dining experience

You can also consider having a fine dining experience during your visit to Bali. The culinary experience in Bali is not limited only at the island’s authentic traditional dishes but you can also complete by trying delicious culinary treats through fine dining experience. With distinct hospitality from the locals, your experience will be completed with fascinating atmosphere. There are many places you can visit for fine dining in Bali such as Cocoon Restaurant Bar Beach Club, Sorong Restaurant, Lotus Restaurant, and many more. 

Relaxing spa treatment

You may be interested to try wide arrays of adventurous activities when vacationing in Bali. However, Bali is also a perfect place to get relaxed and let loose. Indulge your body in a soothing massage treatment and experience the most rejuvenating moment. Each treatment is complemented by exotic herbs and distinct Balinese touches. You can find many spa facilities in Bali with top-class service such as Oberoi Spa, Mandara Spa, Four Season at Jimbaran Bay Spa, and many more. 

Ultimate shopping spree

Of course, vacationing in Bali won’t feel complete if you don’t experience shopping spree. You will be spoiled with a wide variety of goods from rich array of shopping styles and venues. There are fine arts, crafts, paintings, woven and dyed fabrics, carved jewelry, and various small souvenirs. You may consider visiting the Sukawati Art Market, Krisna Souvenir Center, and Seminyak’s shopping scenes.

Green & Sustainable Building, What The Difference?

In recent years, the terms “green” and “sustainable” have become more commonly associated with commercial buildings. Interest in creating more environmentally friendly buildings is growing, whether in the form of a “green project,” “green initiatives,” “sustainable building construction,” or something else. Green and sustainable are frequently used interchangeably, but the terms have slightly different meanings.

Green & Sustainable Building, What The Difference?

The difference between green and sustainable building construction

Sustainability is a broad concept that refers to a building’s overall ability to provide a comfortable, healthy, and productive environment over time without negatively impacting the environment. Sustainable building considers all three pillars of sustainability: planet, people, and profit. How can a structure be designed and used for the future of our people?

This ideology must be “baked” in at every stage of a building’s life cycle in order for it to be truly sustainable. As an example:

Planning: Are you constructing on previously undeveloped land?

Design: Sustainable architecture considers window placement for optimal natural ventilation, for example.

Construction: Are the materials used safely for the environment and the people who live in them? Is the construction process environmentally friendly?

Are energy and water being used efficiently during operation and maintenance? Are cleaning products safe to use around people?

Will solid waste and disposed materials be handled in an environmentally safe manner during demolition?

Green Construction

Green, on the other hand, is an entirely environmental concept that refers to the individual practices and processes that comprise the incremental steps toward environmental sustainability. In order to become more sustainable, “green initiatives” such as switching to renewable energy sources or reducing your carbon footprint may be implemented. Both LEED and WELL certifications are green building standards that outline the steps that buildings can take to become more environmentally friendly.

Most structures have been standing for decades and were constructed before green and sustainable architecture, design, and other similar aspects became a major concern. But that doesn’t mean facility managers and building owners can’t take steps to improve their buildings.

Most structures provide numerous opportunities to go green and take steps toward sustainability. To begin with:

Monitor CO2 levels, water demand in your building, and switch to LED lighting to reduce energy waste.

Regular air quality monitoring can help you improve the health of your building.

Reduce the environmental impact of your energy system by incorporating solar and other renewable energy technologies.

Organize The Best Well-Being Staycation For Yourself


A vacation might not remove all the stress in your life. However, going on a vacation can at least help you to relax and refocus your mind. With clearer mind, it tends to get easier to find solution for the problems you may have. The problem with travelling for a vacation is that sometimes it requires you to travel too far from your home, creating other stressors in your life. You have to carry heavy luggage while moving from one flight to another. Hence, you may find another alternative, staycation. It is where you can have a relaxing vacation without being too far from your home with less-stressful preparation. 

How to plan for meaningful staycation

You don’t have to take multiple flights for staycation. As long the place gives you the best space and moments to relax and enjoy your vacation, it works. Here are some tips to help you plan a well-deserved staycation for yourself:

Set an intention

Set an intention of a staycation to benefit your well-being. From the length to the activities you want to do, make sure you set clear intention in mind to reach some goals. Think of something you want to get the most out of your staycation. With clear intention, it is easier to make other decision such as choosing your destination, the duration of the staycation, itinerary, etc. Your focus for this staycation is your well-being. Make sure to make decision with it as your basic guidance. 

Consider a serene place

It is advised to have a staycation in a serene place if your focus is to nurture your well-being and clearing your mind. The lesser the distraction the better. Choose a place that will help you gain inner peace. The space that usually work for well-being staycation is  the one that closer to the nature. The environment should be calm and far from nosy crowds. You may choose a hotel, property, or area near your home with those characteristics. A new level of serenity can be achieved by choosing the right space. 

Practice mindfulness

The combination of serene space with mindfulness practices can do wonder to your well-being. It brings more opportunity for you o draw more focus on your present. There are many activities you can consider as mindfulness practices including meditation, silent reading, yoga, etc.

Consider consuming only clean foods

What you eat can influence your inside like how nutritious foods make your body feel good. Hence, you can use this opportunity to eat clean foods more. It means, you avoid processed foods, alcohol, and sugar. Try more organic produce and healthy fats during your staycation and see if it affects your body positively. 

Get close to the nature

Staycation doesn’t you have to stay in all day long. Allow yourself to go out and meet nature. Spend time with nature by walking outside, visiting garden, climbing a mountain, or something else you prefer. Nature has healing properties to help you recover and rejuvenate. It helps a lot in uncluttering your mind so you understand yourself better. 

Perfect Scuba Diving holidays in Bali for beginners or experienced diver.

Scuba diving is an interesting activity that many people can experience. There are many ways you can experience scuba diving in your holidays to Bali, either beginners or an experienced diver. Here are some of the dive site you can visit in Bali for your holiday.

Blue Lagoon in Padangbai

Blue Lagoon is well-known for being a great place for beginners and snorkelers, but it’s also a great dive site for divers of all levels. This protected bay provides something for everyone, whether it’s your first or 1000th time underwater. The dive starts on a sand plateau at around 5 meters deep, then descends along a sandy slope to a depth of 20 meters. Leaving the sandy area, we enter an area with scattered reef, coral bommies, boulders, and table corals, as well as an abundance of marine life.

A lovely wall begins where the bay ends and conducts us along the beach. A variety of crustaceans shelter in and around the reef, including feather stars (crinoids).

USAT Liberty in Tulamben

The USAT Liberty was a 120-meter-long US Army cargo ship that sailed from Australia to the Philippines in January 1942 to bring railway parts and rubber. As it passed between the islands of Lombok and Bali, a japanese submarine shoot a torpedo at the ship. The ship was damaged, but there was an attempt to tow it to Singaraja, but the ship was sinking rapidly and then beached in Tulamben. Then 20 years later Mt. Agung erupted and moved the ship to the sea of Tulamben. 

Diving spot in tulamben
source :

The ship now has become home to many corals and fish. Becoming the perfect spot to visit for scuba diving in your holidays. Around the ship there are many beautiful creatures that you can see when you dive. Beautiful species like mantis shrimps, anemone, pufferfish, nudibranch, and many more. You can even find predators like giant trevalies and barracuda. If you’re lucky you can spot parrotfish, sharks and turtles there. This site is really friendly for beginners, you can even dive here without any diving experience before. You can just take a quick course in a diving center and immediately explore the wreck.

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Crystal Bay in Nusa Penida

Crystal Bay got its name from the crystal-clear seas that it have, where visibility is usually excellent. This turquoise colored harbor is a pocket of paradise, protected from strong waves and surrounded by a gorgeous white sand beach filled with coconut trees. A tiny island in the middle of the bay has a staircase carved into the rock that leads to a temple. The dives take place all around the island, starting on a sandy slope that leads us down to the edge of a coral plateau, which is between 6 and 10 meters deep. Before dropping off into a 50-meter-deep wall. here, its the ocean thats in front of you, and we’ll have the chance to meet the big (and harmless) Mola Mola.

Mangrove point in Nusa Lembongan

Mangrove point is located between Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. This place is made of an expanse of mangrove and plays a significant role in the local ecosystem. The reef and slope seabed are densely with many marine flora, including a wide range of coral species, sponges, anemones, and a diverse array of animal life. You and your dive party will drift with a current that fluctuates in intensity from weak to strong along a gentle slope that progressively lowers to between 8 and 20 meters deep. This dive location is one of the most attractive in the Nusa Lembongan/Penida marine park due to the high quality of the reef. Beside for scuba diving, Mangrove point is also a famous snorkeling spot. Also if you’re on a scuba diving trip for the holidays, you can also visit Amed, another place where you can go as beginners.

Experiencing Nusa Dua Beach Resort Like A Pro

Experiencing Nusa Dua Beach Resort Like A Pro

We all love beach holiday and staying on a good oceanfront lodgings to experience the best coastal living. One of our choice to guarantee a relaxing and memorable beach vacation us probably by staying at Holiday Inn Bali Benoa, a beach resort in Nusa Dua, Bali, that offers cozy rooms, delectable cuisine, and premium inclusions. But days at beach resorts can go just so much if you don’t know how to max out everything you have there. Here are some useful tips that you want to keep close at hand and having all the fun in beach resorts. 

Rooms Choice at Nusa Dua Beach Resort Matters

Rooms Choice at Nusa Dua Beach Resort Matters

During the day, as the sun is shining outside, your room will not be the spot where you will spend a large portion of your holiday. Though room selection has no bearing on access to all of the resort’s facilities, location does when it comes to how close your room is to different amenities, the view, and the resort’s services. Rooms on higher floors usually have better views and are in better places. Imagine waking up to the sound of the sea and being able to walk straight down to the beach from your front door!

Participate in All-Included Resort Activities 

A holiday with family in the Nusa Dua beach resort is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many people (though you’ll be planning your return long before the vacation is over), so make the most of it. Beaches Resorts offers a variety of activities for children, including face painting, wall climbing, kite flying, and many more. On the pamphlet you will receive upon arrival, check which activities are scheduled at what time! Not only will your children be entertained, but you’ll also be able to relax at one of the swim-up bars. Inquire at the resort about licensed nannies for younger children, which is a common service among guests staying longer.

Booking Other Tours in Advance

Booking Other Tours in Advance

Make reservations for tours and excursions in advance, just as you would for restaurants. This is particularly true if you’re traveling in a large group during peak season. Some tours have restrictions on the number of people allowed in each group as well as the number of groups they will take on each day. Book excursions ahead of time to ensure you don’t miss out on the things you really want to do on the islands.

Get Your Spot at Nusa Dua Beach Resort Pools Early On

Some best water parks in Bali are found at Nusa Dua beach resort resorts, where you’ll find exciting oceanfront pool, kid-friendly pools, and swim-up bars. With tropical cocktails mix nearby, as well as slides and water-buckets, the fun never ends. During peak season, you’ll need to arrive early at your resort’s water park to secure front-row sunbeds with a clear view of the kids’ play areas.

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Keep Cash at Hands for Other Exciting Extras

During an all-inclusive holiday, spending extra money is totally optional. This is particularly true at Beaches. Spa treatments, souvenirs, photo packages, and other add-ons can enhance your experience, so keep an eye out for them.

Benefits You Gain From Travelling With Friends

Travelling is about experiencing things you probably won’t get from any other activities. There is that kind of excitement you only get by travelling. People also travel in their own way. Some people like to do it alone while others like to do it in group. There is no right or wrong on this matter because both are fun. Many seasoned travelers recommend you to travel solo to fully experience the thrill and the sparks. However, travel with friend can be as rewarding. It is not as stressful as you imagined. 

Benefits You Gain From Travelling With Friends

What benefits you gain from travelling with friends?

There are many benefits you can get from travelling with your friends and here are some of them:

Experience new things you don’t imagine doing it alone. When travelling by yourself, it is often that you fall back to your routine. Meanwhile, travelling with friends can feel new because your friends might have different way to enjoy the trip. You can try what they love to do the most and vice versa. Then see how excited it can be. Sharing experiencing together will create unforgettable memories even if it is silly thing. 

You have someone to talk when travel with friends. During travel, there is high spirit and excitement. You feel like full of energy that you don’t know hot to contain yourself with it. When your friend beside you for the trip, you can share what you feel with them. Besides, having someone familiar during the trip can help a lot to make the trip more enjoyable. You can rely on each other to have a fun and safe trip. 

Strengthening your bond through travelling together can help a lot in your friendship growth. There might be some clashes here and there but once you overcome the issues, you will get closer. There are many moments you share together. Sometimes, things go wrong and you face the problems together. And that’s what makes you get closer. It is great ingredient to build a lifelong friendship. 

As mentioned above that travelling with friends make you rely on each other. It brings the sense of security and support. It is different from when you travel alone because you keep relying solely on yourself and sometimes it makes you unable to fully enjoy the trip. You can watch each other’s bag or remind each other of important things. You can also be a support for each other. There are many things during travel that can make you upset, frustrated, or overall in bad mood. You can help each other during those tough moments. 

Travelling with friends might look costly but in reality, it becomes more affordable. It is because you can split the cost. Many services become cheaper when booked in groups. You can share a room without paying extra. You can also share foods and other expenses. It is such a great choice if you are budget travelling with friends. No need to overspend for having great travel experience with your friends.