Most Recommended Restaurants That Can Make Your Mouth Water

Foodies are always up for food hunting no matter where the locations are. Travelling and food hunting can be done at the same time so it should not be a problem for foodies to enjoy good foods while travelling around the world. If you are also avid food lover, you must understand that it is not only about eating in different countries. It is more than appreciating delicacies which always have the stories behind. Food hunting is fun thing to do during travel because there are so many things you can learn from a single food served for you. The cook may have their own story of how they foods are made and what kind of cultural or historical values behind. 

Restaurants that can make your mouth water instantly

There are many restaurants around the world with their special menu and wide range of price served to satisfy their customers. Some restaurants are rated highly due to the taste of the foods of being exceptional or extraordinary service. For food lovers, here are most mouth-watering restaurants you should try to visit someday:

Olde Pink House Restaurant is a bit eccentric from the look of it. Located in Savannah, this is one of the most iconic places to enjoy variety of quality foods. You will have fine dining experience with the best service. The atmosphere and ambience is cozy and peaceful. Their servers are also attentive toward their guests. They can also prepare menu based on your personal diet preference even if it’s not on the menu. 

Commander’s Palace is located in New Orleans, LA. Of course, it is not hard to find fine restaurant in LA> you can have good meals in one of the highest rating restaurants in LA but this one is travelers’ favorite. There are various factors that make travelers pick this restaurant over any other ones such as quality foods, great atmosphere of the place, extraordinary service, and particularly the jazz. You can visit this place for brunch and order variety of foods include egg Benedict, catfish and grits, and many more. The desserts are also worth tasting especially the strawberry shortcake. 

Mama’s Fish House is also highly recommended by travelers. It is located in Paia. The travelers’ average rating is 4.5 of 5. So it is truly worth your visit to find out if it is really that great of place to enjoy your meal. Most noticeable remarks stated by travelers about this place aside from the quality foods is the woodwork. Another best thing of this restaurant is the great service delivered to every guest. Best time to visit is during lunch and dinner time. 

Hall’s Chophouse is a great place avid foodies. There are wide varieties of foods you can choose here such as soft-shell crab, oysters, bison, crab soup, and various desserts. They also deliver professional service which leave guest satisfied. The owner always check on their guests and greet every patron in friendly gestures to let the guests know they they are welcomed and well-taken care of.  This restaurant is located in Charleston. 

Wedding Catering Bali: Buffet vs Plated Meals, Which One?

Your special event is coming up and you’re torn between whether you should go for the buffet or served meals for your wedding catering Bali. Determining the catering service is a significant chunk of the process of planning and preparing for a reception. One of the most important questions hangs in the air when it comes to choosing whether you should go plated or buffet. How would you approach this in planning your wedding reception? 

wedding catering bali awesome food and beverage

Whether it’s buffet or plated, it all boils down to preference 

There’s definitely no rules when it comes to choosing the buffet or plated meals for your occasion, regardless whether your event is colored formal or casual. Weddings are instances where the preferences of the event planner shine more than the so-called “format” of the event itself. How would you determine whether plated dinner or buffet catering would fit your occasion? 

Buffet: a popular option versatile for all occasions 

Highly adaptable and versatile, the buffet option is well-loved by both event hosts and organizers. Buffet dining generally has an advantage when it comes to saving money for your wedding catering Bali. The fact that you’re going to need fewer waiters and waitress to serve you is going to tremendously reduce the cost. While guests can help themselves to seconds or even thirds, racking up food cost, the amount is not nearly paramount to the cost of having more wait staff. Cost is one of the reasons why people opt for this option in the first place. 

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Buffet dining for a wedding catering Bali is a good option to serve a diverse crowd, as there are various options they can freely choose from. However, having a buffet setup can be detrimental to the timeliness of your event. People need to line up and move across tables. Everyone would have different time finishing their meals since they started at different times. One way to avoid this is by placing the dining agenda at the very end of your event so that guests can freely finish their meals without having to be rushed. 

gorgeous food arrangement for special occasion in bali

If you’re unsure, you can always consult your Bali catering company for whatever concerns you may have. Good caterers would honestly tell what can and cannot work. Whatever the occasion, communication is still key. Discuss in length with your caterer about what would best fit your needs. 

Opting for a served meal for your guests 

Served or plated meal has the advantage of ensuring your guests have a uniform experience when they dine. One of the reasons why plated meals are suitable for a black-tie event is because oftentimes, it’s just not practical for guests to stand, move around, and navigate across tables in their restricting formal attire. But more and more black-tie events use a buffet-style catering, so note that the served meal format is not a must. If you think a plated meal is much more suitable for your event, then go for it. 

delectable wedding food in bali paradise island

Another occasion where a served meal is more suited for your event is whether timeliness is of your top concern. If there is an important, guided agenda—one that’s one of the priorities in your line of chronological events—then choosing plated meals is going to serve you better. 

Combine both buffets and served meal option for the best of both worlds 

Catering services are highly flexible these days to meet the ever-changing needs of various events. Consult with your chosen catering company in Bali whether you can combine both options for a more dynamic impression. Which Bali wedding catering packages that work in your favor? Make your event memorable by thorough planning and coordination between you and your caterer.