Marketing Your Bali Property for Sale Seminyak to be More Appealing

Having a Bali property for sale in Seminyak up in a listing but wonder why no buyers made inquiries just yet? Maybe you haven’t put much effort to your property. It’s time to make your property more appealing to potential buyers and this is how. 

Do landscaping before putting your Bali property for sale

Do landscaping before putting your Bali property for sale

When people are looking for properties in Bali, they don’t want to see just a regular house. They want to see a house that represent Bali and the tropical living that is often associated with the island. So if you want to compete in the market, definitely invest on some serious landscaping. Plant some shrubs, ornamental grass, hanging fern, or the exotic traveller’s tree (known locally as fan banana tree) in the property’s garden. You want the exterior of your villa looks inviting enough to make potential buyers want to walk through the door. 

Project a certain concept to your Seminyak house

Imagine selling a house with random furnitures and appliances. When you put a Bali property for sale in Seminyak, you want to make it look good and appealing. And to make a certain house pleasing in the eye, you want to decorate it with furnitures following a certain theme. Beach and coastal houses are popular property model in Bali. Another popular designs you can follow are modern tropical, sleek urban modernism, minimalist, Mediterranean, or even cottage houses. Find inspirations from design magazine and remember stick to one concept only!

Project how’s life in the house 

Project how’s life in the house

Do you know the fastest way to attract potential buyers to your Bali property for sale Seminyak? Make them want to live in your house. This means setting the furniture as if a family is going to be staying on it. Put pillows on cushion, arrange tablewares—cups, napkins, plates, and forks—in the dining table, lit the lamps, and pull up the curtains. Create a hospitable atmosphere that invites buyers to imagine a life in the house. 

Clean and Cluster-free rooms 

Cleanliness is an important factor when you are displaying your Bali property. Buyers want to see a bright, clean room that highlight all the important feature of the property without unnecessary clutters around the space.

Find most attractive feature in the property 

Find most attractive feature in the property

When you are putting a Bali property in a market listing, you want to put the best feature of the property on the front page. Maybe it’s the exceptional, bold design of the house. Or maybe it’s the penthouse terrace overlooking the ocean. Sometimes it’s the statement pool that become the pride of the house. Find the real strength of your property and play it up with the right furniture or decoration to highlight the feature. 

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Know the right market for your Bali property for sale Seminyak

To whom you put your Bali property for sale really do make difference. If you have a modern, minimalist property in Seminyak with two bedrooms, you want to market it to couples or digital nomads seeking for settlements. Your house will appeal to families if it’s big and accommodate three bedrooms or more on the property. Once you know your target, marketing the house will be much easier as you can choose the appropriate channels and listings for each market.