How To Live More Satisfied Life

How To Live More Satisfied Life

Happiness can be simple things like eating your favorite foods to major things like accomplishing big goals in life. Regardless, the way every individual feel happiness vary. Each finds happiness from different source as well. To be living a more satisfied life where you always feel grateful and happy is possible by tweaking some of your habits, especially the bad ones. 

Living more satisfied life by tweaking some habits

Habits play important role in how you live your life. Bad habits tend to lead you to unhappiness. The key to achieve happiness is to break habits that make you stress. And if certain habits don’t fit your lifestyle, you’d better ditch them as well. And here are several ways to help you develop healthy and positive habits leading to more satisfied liife:

Smile more

It is such a simple act that hold meaningful value. You smile because you feel happy but when you smile, it can cause you to feel happy. Hence, put a smile as your daily habit can help boost your happiness. However, don’t go around putting fake smiles. Just try to smile a bit when you are feeling down someday and see how it affects you after. 

Have enough sleep

Sleep affects one’s mood significantly because lack of sleep often leads to irritability. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you sleep up to 7 hours a day. A good sleep is vital for the health of brain as well as emotional well-being. Build a better sleep routine and talk with professional if you have problem with sleep. 

Give compliment

Performing act of kindness can bring happiness. It helps you feel more satisfied and grateful even though the one you compliment is other people not yourself. Hence, develop a habit of giving sincere compliment to others. When they brighten with the compliment, it radiates to you creating more happiness.

Acknowledge unhappy moments

It is impossible for you to feel happy all the time because sometimes life is unpredictable, putting you in difficult situation. When you are experiencing unhappy moments, acknowledge them instead of denying the situations. Allow yourself to feel unhappiness for a moment then re-navigate your focus to what can make you feel happy. This is a way to recover healthily. 


Decluttering is not that daunting because you can do it on weekly basis for about 20 minutes max. Tidy up specific area in your room that has been out of control. Put everything in place and toss or give away the items you no longer need. Well-organized space can make you feel happier and less-stressed. 

Get socialized

The lack of social interaction can put you in unhappy state because humans are basically social beings who need to interact with others. Hence, it is healthy to go meet your friends even once or twice a month. Or you can simply make a phone call or chat with them. Having meaningful relationships both with humans or even pets can help a lot in improving your happiness in life. 

Diving in the Legend of Tulamben: Black Sand Beach & Sunken Wreck

Diving in the Legend of Tulamben: Black Sand Beach & Sunken Wreck
Credit: Instagram/vivinrosyarinta

If you want to do scuba diving in Bali, you must go to the northeast coast. The town of Tulamben is located at the end of a curving road that winds up and down the hills, passing through the jungle and rice fields. Tulamben would have remained a small village in the middle of nowhere if it hadn’t been for its spectacular diving site, which is one of the best in Bali. The underwater ecology has been given the optimal environment to create outstanding marine biodiversity as a result of volcanic activity. Tulamben is not only a fantastic macro diving spot, but it’s also one of the top wreck dive sites in the world, thanks to the USAT Liberty, which has a strange history tied to the volcano.

Diving in Tulamben Bali: The Majestic Sunken War Ship

The USAT Liberty wreck is one of the world’s most accessible wreck dives, as it is only 25 meters from the beach and only 5 meters deep. Its deepest point is 30 meters, making it accessible to most recreational divers, which explains its widespread popularity.

The USAT Liberty, an American cargo ship, is torpedoed by a Japanese submarine between Bali and Lombok in 1942, during WWII. The ship can only be hauled as far as the beach of Tulamben when attempting to reach the port of Singaraja. It was not a wreck dive location for 21 years until Mount Agung erupted in 1963. The eruption caused an earthquake, which caused the ship to sink to a depth of 5 to 28 meters.

What to See in the Tulamben Wreck

The Tulamben is well-known for its shipwreck site. The diving is acceptable for all types and levels of divers because the wreck is located in shallow waters. The dive is well-known among beginners because several dive centers provide beginning dives at this wreck. The shipwreck now serves as a fantastic attraction for all marine creatures. There are numerous shoals of fish and sea horses to be found. The water is crystal clear and warm. At the majority of the time, there is no current.

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Best Time to Dive the Wreck in Tulamben

Because of the constant calm water, you can go diving in the Tulamben wreck Bali at virtually any time of the day. However, the best time to visit the sunken ship are during early morning and late afternoon. That is when the wreck is a bit empty from dive tours and you can enjoy the wreck for yourself. Because the wreck is a popular site, it can get crowded during the noon.

Why Sunrise Diving at USAT Liberty Tulamben Bali is the Best

If you want to dive the wreck in Tulamben, it’s best to sleep in the village so you can make the sunrise dive. These are why sunrise dive in the USAT Liberty is the best, compared to other times of the day.

First thing first, you’ll be virtually entirely on your own. The sunrise dive start at around 5.30 – 6.00 am. No day tours have arrived at such time. They will start coming to Tulamben around 8 or 9 in the morning, and the site will be busy until late afternoon. 

Second, there are some species that can only be seen at sunrise: The bump-head parrot fish is one example of this. They are quite large, measuring around 50cm in length, and are surprisingly unafraid of divers while staying cautious. They are usually visible right at the start of the dive, as they are in the first 5 meters of water at the shipwreck’s base. They return to the blue after the sunrise.

Last, the dim lighting around the ruin adds to the mystery and eerie atmosphere that shipwrecks may elicit due to their history.

The USAT Liberty wreck is also famous for being a remarkable site for night diving! That’s the time when the ocean changes and all sort of creatures that sleeps during the day come from their hiding. Try it once and see how it amaze you.

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Shore Diving in Black Sand Beaches

Tulamben diving is entirely about shore diving. There is no need to be concerned about boat logistics here. You load your gear into a jeep and are on the beach in under two minutes. It’s so fun how you literally walk to the world beneath the water. You can easily fit 5 dives into a day if you get up early and have 1-hour surface rests between each dive.

Will you add diving in Tulamben Bali to your summer to-do list this year and see the legend with your own eyes?

Experiencing Nusa Dua Beach Resort Like A Pro

Experiencing Nusa Dua Beach Resort Like A Pro

We all love beach holiday and staying on a good oceanfront lodgings to experience the best coastal living. One of our choice to guarantee a relaxing and memorable beach vacation us probably by staying at Holiday Inn Bali Benoa, a beach resort in Nusa Dua, Bali, that offers cozy rooms, delectable cuisine, and premium inclusions. But days at beach resorts can go just so much if you don’t know how to max out everything you have there. Here are some useful tips that you want to keep close at hand and having all the fun in beach resorts. 

Rooms Choice at Nusa Dua Beach Resort Matters

Rooms Choice at Nusa Dua Beach Resort Matters

During the day, as the sun is shining outside, your room will not be the spot where you will spend a large portion of your holiday. Though room selection has no bearing on access to all of the resort’s facilities, location does when it comes to how close your room is to different amenities, the view, and the resort’s services. Rooms on higher floors usually have better views and are in better places. Imagine waking up to the sound of the sea and being able to walk straight down to the beach from your front door!

Participate in All-Included Resort Activities 

A holiday with family in the Nusa Dua beach resort is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many people (though you’ll be planning your return long before the vacation is over), so make the most of it. Beaches Resorts offers a variety of activities for children, including face painting, wall climbing, kite flying, and many more. On the pamphlet you will receive upon arrival, check which activities are scheduled at what time! Not only will your children be entertained, but you’ll also be able to relax at one of the swim-up bars. Inquire at the resort about licensed nannies for younger children, which is a common service among guests staying longer.

Booking Other Tours in Advance

Booking Other Tours in Advance

Make reservations for tours and excursions in advance, just as you would for restaurants. This is particularly true if you’re traveling in a large group during peak season. Some tours have restrictions on the number of people allowed in each group as well as the number of groups they will take on each day. Book excursions ahead of time to ensure you don’t miss out on the things you really want to do on the islands.

Get Your Spot at Nusa Dua Beach Resort Pools Early On

Some best water parks in Bali are found at Nusa Dua beach resort resorts, where you’ll find exciting oceanfront pool, kid-friendly pools, and swim-up bars. With tropical cocktails mix nearby, as well as slides and water-buckets, the fun never ends. During peak season, you’ll need to arrive early at your resort’s water park to secure front-row sunbeds with a clear view of the kids’ play areas.

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Keep Cash at Hands for Other Exciting Extras

During an all-inclusive holiday, spending extra money is totally optional. This is particularly true at Beaches. Spa treatments, souvenirs, photo packages, and other add-ons can enhance your experience, so keep an eye out for them.

How To Travel More With Limited Time And Fund

How To Travel More With Limited Time And Fund

Travel does good to your body and mind. It can recharge you so when you return you feel happier and lighter. You feel motivated to work even harder so you can visit more places next time. However, travel sometimes is not something everyone can afford. It is not only about money we are talking about. Sometimes, people don’t take their vacation days because they are too busy with work. Of course, it is always valid arguments because travel is personal choice. However, there are always ways in which you can take time off to have a vacation even with limited time or money. 

Travel more with limited time off

Working corporate job sometimes doesn’t leave you many choices of vacation time. If you have flexibility to take time off but you still have difficulty in taking time for vacation, here are some tips for you to consider.

Make priority destinations 

Make priority destinations

Sometimes the problems is that you have so many wishes in your bucket list so you don’t know what to choose. If it is the case, then you can prioritize your bucket list especially if you have such limited time. What things you feel like you must experience immediately then choose that to be in your next travel plan. Decide destinations and activities that you think most important to you. Then, you can begin the plan. 

Plan it on advance

Sometimes just waiting for spare time to take a vacation is not enough. You end up not getting any. Hence, you can plan your days off in advance. This way, you have thorough plan on how to complete your work before the trip, plan your financial resource, and make itinerary better. You can plan one big trip in a year and go all out. 

Take little breaks from time to time

Take little breaks from time to time

If you don’t really like travelling but want to have breaks from time to time, take little breaks such as weekend to visit various places in your town. Be a tourist in your own town and see what you can find to brighten up your weekend. Besides, short trip is also more affordable because you don’t have to save money to buy ticket planes or hotel reservation. You can drive to your destination and come back on the same day. 

Red eye flight

If you want to travel big but stay in budget then you can find some alternatives. For example, book a red eye flight. Overnight flight is not always fun but it can save you from spending more. Then, stay in hostel or B & B instead of hotel. It is more affordable and you can also meet more people. 

Extend your business trips

If you travel for business then you can try extend it to have a little bit extra time to relax. This kind of small vacation can do wonder if you are a busy person but want to have a well-deserved vacation. You can plan your business trip more thoroughly and see if you can extend it into a weekend so you have more time to explore the place you are visiting. 

Marketing Your Bali Property for Sale Seminyak to be More Appealing

Having a Bali property for sale in Seminyak up in a listing but wonder why no buyers made inquiries just yet? Maybe you haven’t put much effort to your property. It’s time to make your property more appealing to potential buyers and this is how. 

Do landscaping before putting your Bali property for sale

Do landscaping before putting your Bali property for sale

When people are looking for properties in Bali, they don’t want to see just a regular house. They want to see a house that represent Bali and the tropical living that is often associated with the island. So if you want to compete in the market, definitely invest on some serious landscaping. Plant some shrubs, ornamental grass, hanging fern, or the exotic traveller’s tree (known locally as fan banana tree) in the property’s garden. You want the exterior of your villa looks inviting enough to make potential buyers want to walk through the door. 

Project a certain concept to your Seminyak house

Imagine selling a house with random furnitures and appliances. When you put a Bali property for sale in Seminyak, you want to make it look good and appealing. And to make a certain house pleasing in the eye, you want to decorate it with furnitures following a certain theme. Beach and coastal houses are popular property model in Bali. Another popular designs you can follow are modern tropical, sleek urban modernism, minimalist, Mediterranean, or even cottage houses. Find inspirations from design magazine and remember stick to one concept only!

Project how’s life in the house 

Project how’s life in the house

Do you know the fastest way to attract potential buyers to your Bali property for sale Seminyak? Make them want to live in your house. This means setting the furniture as if a family is going to be staying on it. Put pillows on cushion, arrange tablewares—cups, napkins, plates, and forks—in the dining table, lit the lamps, and pull up the curtains. Create a hospitable atmosphere that invites buyers to imagine a life in the house. 

Clean and Cluster-free rooms 

Cleanliness is an important factor when you are displaying your Bali property. Buyers want to see a bright, clean room that highlight all the important feature of the property without unnecessary clutters around the space.

Find most attractive feature in the property 

Find most attractive feature in the property

When you are putting a Bali property in a market listing, you want to put the best feature of the property on the front page. Maybe it’s the exceptional, bold design of the house. Or maybe it’s the penthouse terrace overlooking the ocean. Sometimes it’s the statement pool that become the pride of the house. Find the real strength of your property and play it up with the right furniture or decoration to highlight the feature. 

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Know the right market for your Bali property for sale Seminyak

To whom you put your Bali property for sale really do make difference. If you have a modern, minimalist property in Seminyak with two bedrooms, you want to market it to couples or digital nomads seeking for settlements. Your house will appeal to families if it’s big and accommodate three bedrooms or more on the property. Once you know your target, marketing the house will be much easier as you can choose the appropriate channels and listings for each market. 

Experience as Much as Of the Place You Visit with Totally Different Culture

Experience as Much as Of the Place You Visit with Totally Different Culture

The beauty of travelling is that you can visit a place with totally different environment, culture, and other aspects. Instead of feeling discouraged or intimidated, you can totally enjoy the experience. However, there are things you need to consider when visiting a place with different culture. You need to be culturally sensitive not only to respect their culture but also to keep yourself safe. You can still experience as much as of a place while being culturally sensitive. It won’t reduce the fun. In fact, you may find your trip to be very meaningful.

How to enjoy visiting a place with totally different culture

Travel to a culture totally different from yours can give you a whiplash. You may experience culture shock or you may find yourself being so open-minded regardless, it is important to be culturally sensitive during your visit. And here are how you can do it:

Try to blend in more with your surrounding. This will make you feel less singled out during your visit. In fact, it is better to not draw attention to you. By blending in, you get to enjoy more of your surroundings rather than being looked at. You can do some research first about the place prior your visit so you know the basic of their culture, rules, customs, or tradition. It is recommended to look less like a tourist.

Facing different culture may cause a reaction not only to you but also the locals. However, it is important to keep your speech to the minimum when you have no knowledge about the local culture. Avoid giving unnecessary comments that potentially offend the locals. Even if their culture is the opposite from what you believe, do not make an argument. You may end up in awkward situation otherwise.

As mentioned earlier that it’s best to do your own research about the place before visit to know the local culture and customs including the way to dress. it is always best to dress modestly. Even if you don’t really know about the local culture, dressing modestly won’t put you in trouble. Avoid clothing with slogan, symbols, or messages that can cause misunderstanding.

Always stay alert of your surrounding even if you think you have done thorough research prior your visit. You may have to rely more on your instinct especially when you have many barriers and limitations such as language and cultural knowledge about the place. Always be wary of drugs and alcohol. Avoid getting intoxicated in unknown place because it may lead you o trouble.

Avoid unruly behavior regardless how friendly the locals are towards you. Always follow the rules and laws of the locals. Don’t see it as restriction but see it as way to show your respect. Keep your behaviors moderate no matter where you go. Stay respectful with your behavior and word choice to avoid getting into trouble. Always take appropriate precautions before you go so you can experience as much as of the place while being culturally sensitive. 

Basic Equipment Needed for Komodo Diving

Komodo Diving

Are you planning a holiday to Indonesia and wondering which island to go to? If you are looking for the ultimate underwater heaven, there is no better place to visit than Komodo Island, Indonesia. Most Komodo travelers come for the ultimate diving experience. There are so many amazing Komodo diving spots in this region, with their different unique features. A great variety of superb, fishes, colorful coral reefs and pelagic fishes at every spot will make your diving holiday unforgettable. This island is the holy grail of dive destinations, truly one of the most gorgeous places on the earth. If you plan to have Komodo for your upcoming dive trip, here’s what basic equipment you need to know!

What equipment do you need when you start Komodo diving?

A high-quality diving mask – As we all know, human eyes are not designed to see underwater, particularly salt water. Therefore, one of the most essential things you will need is a high-quality diving mask. Buying a high-quality diving mask is important to get right. It allows a diver to see clearly whilst underwater. Diving masks come in all different sizes, colours, and shapes. You’ll definitely want to spend some time trying different ones on to make you get one that fits properly.

 Drysuit or Wetsuit – Bring your drysuit and wetsuit for Komodo Diving. Wetsuits are important basic equipment for protecting your skin and keeping you warm while you are diving down underwater. Then, you can wear a drysuit in colder water.

 Fins – Fins are other important items of your diving gear. When diving, scuba fins let you move through the water with more speed, without wasting too much energy. There are two types of fins available on the market, such as full foot fins and open heels.

Scuba Gloves – Scuba gloves are made out of durable materials that help prevent skin abrasion when exploring underwater caves and other tricky diving spots. Aside from protecting your skin, these scuba gloves help keep your hands warm.

 Scuba Tank – A scuba tank is another vital item of your diving gear. This scuba tank stores large volumes of air, it helps you to breathe underwater. Most scuba tanks have a maximum pressure rating of around 2000 to 35000 psi. You can choose to buy one or rent in the dive shop.

 Regulator – Never forget the regulator, this item makes it possible for you to breathe the air from your tank and convert the high-pressure air into ambient pressure. When choosing a great regulator, you need to make sure to pick a regulator that gives you the highest level of comfort.

 Dive computer – The dive computer helps you to measure how long you have been under the water. It also gives you information about how deep you currently are and how long you can stay in that situation. Renting a dive computer can cost you a lot of money, so it’s good to just purchase one.

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How to Have Better Flying Experience for Your Trip

How to Have Better Flying Experience for Your Trip

Getting comfortable during a flight is not something impossible to have. However, sometimes what you choose lead to uncomfortable situation when you are flying. For example, choosing the wrong seat that makes you feel discomfort throughout the flight. Therefore, it is suggested to choose carefully things related to your flight plan especially if your trip is a long-haul one.

Have a better flight for comfortable travel

Even if you cannot afford business class for the flight, you can still maximize tour comfort by trying these simple tips so you have a better flight experience:

Choose a better seat because when you sit on comfortable seat then your flight will feel smoother. However, keep in mind that choosing specific seat such as window seat or aisle seat doesn’t guarantee your comfort. Therefore, it is best to check online site beforehand such as SeatGuru to make sure that the seat you are going to choose can provide the real comforts for you during the flight.

If you travel with a companion, try a trick of booking one aisle and one window seat. Usually, people don’t want to sit in the middle so there is high possibility that it will be left open. If the flight is not full, you might get the row to yourself. Even if there is someone who reserve the middle seat, you can just ask them to change the seat and they will happily do it because surely they don’t want to be stuck in the middle.

How to Have Better Flying Experience for Your Trip

If you have a long-haul flight and plan to sleep, it is suggested to book a window seat. Thus, you don’t have to deal with a seatmate who want to go to the toilet or something. You also have something to lean on for more comfortable sleep.

Pack items you are going to need to maximize your flight such as compression sock, noise-canceling headphones, or travel blankets. These items might be simple but they can do wonder for your comfort during your flight. Noise-canceling headphone for example, helps a lot in removing the noise of your chatty neighbors as well as improve your appetite. Why? It is because the noise from the drone engine of the place can actually make passengers less sensitive to the smells and tastes of the foods.

Wear layers for more comfortable flight such as shawl, pashmina, light jacket, sweatshirt, or cardigan. Those help a lot to keep you warm inside the cabin. You can also use them as a makeshift cover or pillow.

If you wish for gentler, smoother, better flight, it is recommended to book morning flight. It is said that morning flights lowers the chance for you to encounter thunderstorm since it mostly happens in the afternoon.

Practice some exercise during your flight so to regulate your blood circulation as well as avoid cramps or muscle fatigue. Choose light exercise you can do without feeling embarrassed. Do not forget to stay hydrated throughout your flight to avoid discomforts such as headache or bloating.

The Ultimate Backpacking Guide to Papua Tour

Papua Tour

Once life gets back to normal and the situation is safe enough to travel, we know the first thing people want to do is catch the flight outta here. Have you always wanted to travel solo? How about planning a backpacking trip to Papua Tour, Indonesia? Papua is a stunning island that offers a unique travel experience for solo travelers. It is the second largest island in the world, the island is located far away from central hubs in Indonesia. The stunning island is also an important spot in terms of history, traditional culture, and exotic places to explore. But, you might have many questions to make your trip come true, here is everything you need to know to travel solo around Papua, Indonesia.

Papua Tour

Transport to Papua Tour

Trip to Papua is extremely difficult. The easiest way to reach Papua is by plane. Flying is the fastest way to get to Papua with Lion Air or Garuda Indonesia. Those airlines run routes to Sorong and Jayapura with transit in Makassar.

Which Islands are worth visiting?

Raja Ampat Island is located off the north-west tip of Papua, Indonesia. The island has to be at the top of most Indonesian backpacker travel bucket lists. This region consists of more than a thousand islands with four of its big islands called Misool, Batanta, Waigeo and Salawati. It is one of the ultimate destinations for anyone who likes diving. With their magnificent scenery of steep, white sandy beaches, jungle covered islands, hidden lagoons, crystal clear waters, the island is without question one of the most gorgeous islands on the earth.

Where to stay?

With its enchanting seascape and awesome underwater, there’s no perfect way to explore the island but by Liveaboard! Booking a liveaboard for the Papua Tour to Raja Ampat will let you experience the best and finest dive spots in the archipelago. Booking a liveaboard to Raja Ampat could be quite difficult, especially if you are on a budget tour. The great way to book a boat is by browsing online, pick the ones that you need and visit the physical boat in Raja Ampat. Make sure to get the best price for solo travel.

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Special information for Papua Tour

There are a few things that you need to remember before visiting Raja Ampat. One of the most important things and easiest to overlook is cash. Keep in mind, you will never find any ATM outside of Waisai. Make sure to bring enough money for your whole tour. Beside money, you need to make sure that you have a tourist permit to visit the island. But, most liveaboards and tour agencies will arrange this for you. You can pick up your tourist permit to Raja Ampat at the Cultural and Tourism Ministry Office in Waisai.

Best Places to Visit in Pangandaran

Best Places to Visit in Pangandaran

Pangandaran is located in the province of West Java, on the south coast of the island. Workers who work long hours and always have to work overtime are more exposed to stress. That’s what everyone needs to be aware of. Because the feeling of stress that occurs and cannot be solved immediately allows our productivity to decrease. Some things that need to be taken into account are how to manage time so that you have quality time. Vacations are one of the answers. If you think you can spend your time and budget on vacation, there are several interesting tourist attractions in Pangandaran that you can count on when you need time to relax with your family or loved ones.

Cukang Taneuh

Cukang Taneuh is a tourist place similar to Green Canyon in America. The beauty that is offered also makes anyone who sees it amazed. Many tourists come to take pictures of its beauty and hunt . One of the activities that can be practiced is body rafting. Cukang Taneuh, also called Green Canyon by tourism operators, is a gorge located in the kabupaten of Pangandaran, in the province of West Java in Indonesia.

Pangandaran Beach

As we often hear, Pangandaran beach seems to be a tourist icon in Pangandaran. An excellent goal for everyone. One of the many popular tourist attractions in West Java. Here, tourists can enjoy the views of sunrise and sunset. They can also swim and enjoy the marine park. There are several infrastructure supports and complete public facilities such as parking lots, cinemas, etc. Pangandaran Beach is located at Pangandaran Regency. Precisely in the village of Pananjung which already has paved roads and an easily accessible location.

Citumang River

This tourist attraction has special attractions such as the Citumang River that runs through the teak forest. The water is bluish and clear. The river bank is also decorated with solid stones, the niches are also decorated with natural reliefs and the flow of the river entering the cave. The calm of nature in this tourist place makes everyone calm. There is a gurgling of the river water, everyone can take a shower and explore the beautiful natural conditions here. Citumang Pangandaran is located in Bojong village in Parigi Ciamis district. The road leading to the site is no more than 15 km if taken from Pangandaran to the west.

Tourist village of Selasari

This tourist village of Selasari will attract anyone in the excitement and breathtaking beauty. A tourist village that has extraordinary potential because there are water tours, cave tours and culinary or food tours when visiting this village. There are water excursions such as rafting and river tubing.