Raw and Rugged Adventure on Luxury Liveaboard Komodo

When you heard Flores, you won’t be expecting land resorts, palm fringed pools, and tropical themed shops lining up the streets. The phenomenal Komodo National Park, home of the last living dragons on earth, offer something more than that. Crystal aquamarine waters lined by stark white sandy beaches, mountainous hillside with high palm lontar trees punctuating the sky, grass woodland savannah and jagged volcanic islands emits a very strong prehistoric vibe to these empty lands. Everything in Komodo is beautifully, naturally conserved in their wildest state. With little civilisation and modernisation on this protected land, Komodo spells wild and raw adventure. But that doesn’t mean you have to travel in Indiana Jones survival mode, cause the presence of luxury liveaboard Komodo enables you to enjoy this breathtaking frontier in the lap of creature comforts. 

Raw and Rugged Adventure on Luxury Liveaboard Komodo
Yes, this is how cabins in luxury liveaboard Komodo looks like

The Sumptuous Cabins on Luxury Liveaboard Komodo Cast Away Seasickness

The moment you walk in to your assigned cabin, you might forget that you are currently sailing in a liveaboard. The cabins on luxury Komodo liveaboard are truly on par with five stars hotel and resorts—even when you don’t take the wraparound window cabin. The king size beds, the soundproof walls, the ensuite bathrooms, and the adjustable lighting will instantly soothe you in comfort. Every time the sea invokes nausea and dizziness, take a hideaway to your cabin. One time lying down on the soft bed will cast your seasickness away. 

Wellness Retreats in Open Nature

Raw and Rugged Adventure on Luxury Liveaboard Komodo

What’s better than waking up to blue waters and amazing landscape every morning? Waking up to mindful yoga session every morning. Imagine doing the sun salutation in the open deck, breathing true fresh air you don’t get back on the city while the gentle breeze of salty winds swept your face. Most luxury liveaboard has one area in the deck dedicated for yoga or pilates session. This is a holiday that will relax your mind. To improve your breath control, strength and flexibility, as well as managing your anxiety. This will be very helpful if you plan to dive or hike the Komodo.

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A Resort-Standard Hospitality

One of the best of sailing in luxury liveaboard Komodo is having the best of both worlds. The exclusion time will expose you to pristine islands and authentic wilderness expedition. When you’ve done with hiking all the rugged hills and walk with the dragons, you can always come back to rest at full fledge hospitality. You will have mouth watering lunch served, bathe at full power showers, and have a waitress at by to take care of your needs as you lie indulgently at the sun patio. 

Most Recommended Attractions in Malang for Family Vacation

Malang is not only great travel destination for solo travelers or backpackers but also for families. If you are planning for a family vacation in Malang, there is no need to be worried about the attractions you and your families can enjoy. Malang has various attractions that will be enjoyable both for adults and kids. This second largest city in East Java is already a popular destinations for Indonesian families to spend their holidays. Great climate, friendly locals, and delicious foods are what you will find in Malang. This old, historical city is one of the best icons for family vacations. 

Best attractions in Malang for family vacation

Malang has a perfect blend of modern urban lifestyle with natural, agricultural vibes, and colonial touches. There are many options you and your families get to visit offering high level of entertainment and fun, such as:

Museum Angkut is located in Kota Batu. This is one of the must visit attractions in Malang for families. There are 300 vehicles collection in this museum. The best part is that all vehicles are from different countries and eras. There are eight exhibitions zones you can enjoy during your exploration inside the museum. You will get to see legendary vehicles from all over the world. Outside the building, you will also get to see the replica of the Floating Market or Pasar Apung where you can ride a gondola and buy various delicacies to enjoy. 

Taman Spring is located in Pagelaran district. It is a beautiful spring surrounded with large trees and beautiful scenery. The best of this place is that the trees surrounding the spring is hundreds years old. The water is cool and you can dip or soak as you please. It is also safe for kids to play around. Not to mention that the entrance ticket is very affordable. You can also rent floater so you can enjoy more the water along with your kids. 

Coban Rondo Maze is a great place for families especially if your families are adventurous. This gigantic labyrinth is situated in the garden to elicit your excitement and fun. You can challenges yourself, your friends, or families to see who can reach the fountain garden which is situated in the middle of the labyrinth first. There is also vantage point with a bird’s eye view to let one of your families be the guide. It is highly suggested to avoid visiting this place during weekend because the crowd won’t allow you to truly enjoy the maze or taking great pictures. Aside from the labyrinth, this place also has beautiful waterfall standing at 90 meters. 

Wonosari Tea Plantations in Songosari is a also perfect destination for your families. It is located on the slopes of Mount Arjuna. It is only half an hour away from Malang. The hills offer scenic views of green surroundings. This Agrotourism Park is a place of high quality tea beverages are produced run by PT. Perkebunan Nusantara. There are fun activities your families can enjoy such as exploring outbound obstacles course, learning tea production, and many more.

What You Should Wear When Traveling Round Egypt

Egypt is a great place to travel to. The big cities such as Cairo and Alexandria are relatively safe for you to explore. However, it is recommended to bring a companion when you travel to Egypt so you feel safer. You will stay safe as long as you are not wandering around empty, suspicious alleys. Also, there is no need for you to wander around empty alleys because most of attractions are in the bigger areas. As for walking down the street at night, it is recommended to not do it all alone. Hire a local guide if you travel alone and tip them well. What about your clothes? Are there any particular regulations about the way you should dress when travel in Egypt?

What to wear when you are in Egypt

Egypt is a wonderful country and worth visiting for. However, it is also a conservative Muslim country with their own religious rules you also should respect as visitor. Not to mention that the weather in Egypt can be extremely hot. Thus, it is important to consider what to wear in Egypt so you can still travel comfortably under harsh weather without offending the local culture or religion. 

asia egypt travel cairo

Egypt is surrounded by dessert so it just makes sense for the weather to be very hot. Rains are something you cannot expect because it rarely happens. Sandstorm is pretty much something you should expect and take precaution of. The temperature in Egypt starts from 30 degrees Celsius and above. The hot temperature still has extremely low humidity so it might help a little bit. But still, you should expect for the worst especially when you visit during summer. 

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Dress smart

It is highly recommended to dress smartly in Egypt regardless of gender. Men in Egypt also dress smartly with long trousers, shirts, and leather shoes. As for women, there are those who are fully veiled and others wear Abayas (loose robe/over garment). However, women will be required to wear a veil and cover their shoulders upon entering a mosque. As for men, they are required to be mostly covered. This is to respect the religious beliefs of Muslim. 

Touristy destinations

However, both women and men can wear shorts in the tourist regions. When you are in the hotel or the beach, you can wear shorts and that’s acceptable. However, make sure to not stretch the boundaries since all Muslim countries are quite conservative about the way they dress especially in public. It might be a little bit hard to cover your body fully all day long. Therefore, it is highly recommended to wear comfortable clothes made from breathable fabrics. If you want to wear a sleeveless shirt, you can add a scarf or thin veil to cover your shoulder.

The time during your visit

If you happen to visit Egypt during Ramadhan (a special month in Islam when Muslims are fasting), make sure to take extra precautions because the locals might arrange stricter rules of all forms of misconduct. It is a must for visitors to respect their tradition especially during this time. 

How To Stay Safe During Your Visit To Lima, Peru

Lima is one of the greatest cities in Peru. This big city is relatively safe to visit but still contains dangers due to its large population. Peru itself is a peaceful country where you learn more about the Inca civilizations. The remains of the past are still there in Peru for you to see and learn. Therefore, Peru is a country worth travelling for. However, safety is not something to negotiate especially during travel. You have to keep yourself safe when travelling abroad. As for Lima, it is a safe city to explore but you may still need some precautions to make sure you are going to stay safe throughout your trip. 

How To Stay Safe During Your Visit To Lima, Peru

Staying safe when you are in Lima, Peru

There are many things to see when you visit Peru such as beautiful beaches, exotic sand dunes, hiking trails, museums filled with mummies, ruins of the Inca civilizations, and the Amazon. Those are only a few of things travelers can see during their travel to Peru. As for Lima, you can see beautiful colonial architecture blended together with modern culture perfectly. And here are tips to keep you safe during your stay in Lima, Peru.

Always secure your bag especially backpack

Lima is the largest city in Peru so the population is a bit more crowded. It is highly possible for you to get stuck in a crowded place. It is an opportunity for thief to steal from you. Therefore, secure your bag well. If you wear backpack, it is better to wear it at front so you keep your eyes on your belonging. 

Limit phone usage in public

It is highly suggested to limit your phone especially when you are in a rather crowded area in Lima. If you keep your eyes glued to the phone all the time, you will become less aware of your surroundings. You will be more vulnerable to dangers and threats. Besides, your phone can attract thieves to take into action. If you are in crowded places, put your phone in your bag you wear in front. You can check your phone later when you are in a safer place such as café or restaurant. 

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Transportation is also important to consider

In Lima, you can find variety of transports to choose such as buses, taxis, and Uber. If you don’t want to deal with the crowd, you can avoid taking bus and call for Uber instead. It is safe and relatively affordable. The price is not that difference than what taxis usually charge. If you take taxis, make sure to choose the registered ones. 

Prepare your guards against cat calls

How To Stay Safe During Your Visit To Lima, Peru

Lima is big city so cat calls and offensives comments sometimes are inevitable especially directed to female travelers. It is best to keep walking if you experience those. Try to hold yourself back as to not say something back to them. Ignoring the comments is the best to ensure your safety especially in a place you are not familiar with. Walking around the city with partners might help but the possibility of receiving those comments is still high when it comes to Lima. 

Three Best Dive Sites in Bali for Deep Diving

Ah, the magnet of the deep. When you have nearly a hundred (or more) dives below your belt, it’s natural if you are curious about what’s hidden where the blue water gets darker. Seasoned divers are teased to the idea of seeing things they cannot see in shallower water. Stranger ocean creatures, wrecks, and healthier corals are the most common lure of the deep sea. Any dive below 30 meters/ 100 feet is essentially a deep diving, and Bali has a fair share of good sites for that. Below is three best dive sites in Bali for enjoying the depth of the sea. 

The Drop Off, Tulamben—Best Dive Sites in Bali for Sloping Dive

Three Best Dive Sites in Bali for Deep Diving

On 1963, the Mount Agung erupted and the lava, flowed to the ocean, created an impressive deep wall in Tulamben. The wall is starting at 3 meters beneath the surface and down descending to 70 meters deep. Visibility can reach up to 30 meters, allowing breathtaking drop off experience. defending the great wall can make any diver feels like floating in space. The massive walls, blooming with sponges, black corals, and gorgonian fans, would make you feel dwarfed by its greatness. White and black tip sharks are hanging out around the wall, and all around are dog tooth tuna, leaf scorpion fish, napoleons, and giant parrot fish. The gorgonian fans are also great to spot on the rare pygmy pink seahorses. The drop off is definitely one of the best deep dive sites in Bali that would keep you coming back for more.  

Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida

The Crystal Bay of Nusa Penida has long been known as the home of Indonesian’s Mola Mola. The best dive sites in Bali to spot on the rarely seen giant sunfish—who usually dwells in he deep, cold sea 600 meters below the surface. On certain time of the year, the Mola Mola will ascend to shallower water to get cleaned! Around July to September, you will see them hanging out on Crystal Bay cleaning station at 18 m to 30 m deep. This might be shallow for the sunfish, but it’s still deep for us! Around the site, don’t skip the local critters! Frogfish, mantis shrimps, and diverse variety of nudibranchs can be another highlight after the Mola Mola. 

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Menjangan Island, West Bali National Park

On the tip of the west end of Bali lies Menjangan Island, West Bali National Park, which largely left untouched. Similar to the drop off, Menjangan features a fantastic wall diving descending to 60 meters below the surface. Gorgonian sea fans, small caverns, and sponges adorn the wall while visibility could reach over 50 meters. You can do shallow dive to deep dive in Menjangan, really. Barracuda, turtles, reef sharks, and even Manta rays loves to hang around the walls! Menjangan also enjoy some currents which will be very nice for drift diving!

Things You Should Avoid To Do When Travel Around Peru

Peru is a great place for travelling because there are places with historical and cultural values. There are also places in Peru famous for its colonial architecture. There won’t be a time for you to feel bored during your travel in Peru. However, it is important to research things you should and should not do during your visit in Peru to ensure your safety and health. Peru is considered a safe country to visit but precautions won’t hurt. Besides, it is always good to be prepared especially when you travel abroad. 

Avoid Doing These When Travelling around Peru

Peru can be considered as the main star of South America. It is a country of one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It is also a place that plays important role to the biodiversity of the world’s ecosystem. Aside from beautiful colonial architecture, you will also get to experience the real wildlife and meet variety of flora and fauna. To ensure your safety and health, avoid doing these things during your visit.

Things You Should Avoid To Do When Travel Around Peru

Hoping on the Inca Trail carelessly

This spot is the most popular for hiking. However, you cannot just hike without permission. You have to register yourself. If you are under a tour program, the guide might help you to register without hassle. However, the length can be different. During the hike, make sure to clean after yourself. If it is your first time hiking the Inca Trail, you might need a guide or porter. Don’t forget to tip them after.

Bring coca leaves home

This is what you should avoid no matter how much you like it. It is fine to enjoy a coca tea. Drinking coca tea can help reducing altitude sickness. The locals often use the leaves to make teas, candles, and gums for that purpose. However, it is highly advised to not bring any leaves home. You might end up in trouble because the border patrol and customs will question it. 

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Exploring places without wearing sunblock

To ensure your health, make sure to always bring sunburn with high SPF during your trip in Peru because this tropical country is very hot during the day. Sunburn is one of the most common health problems suffered by travelers. Also, most of tourist attractions in Peru are located in high elevations which can cause you to suffer from altitude sickness with the symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and shortness of breath. Give yourself time to adjust to the high altitudes before continuing your journey. You can also ask your hotel for an oxygen tank in case of emergency especially when you plan for outdoor activities such as climbing or hiking. 

Not bringing enough cash

Forgetting cash is a thing you should avoid to do especially when you plan to wander around more secluded places in Peru. Sightseeing and meeting the locals are great but forgetting the cash will cause you a trouble when you need to buy something. Because stores and restaurants accepting credit cards are mostly located around more touristy areas. 

The World’s Fastest Roller Coasters for Your Next Trip

If you like adventurous and adrenaline-hyped travel, might as well choose destinations where the fastest roller coasters are. Roller coaster is one of the most popular ride in every amusement or theme park. It is also one of the most frightening rides for some people. Love-hate relationship with roller coaster is not something new. People say they hate it but are still curious to try riding it. For your next travel plan, why not including roller coaster as a must-do activity in your itinerary? It can be thrilling and memorable experience. 

The fastest roller coasters you should try 

Every country has their own amusement parks or theme parks. There are fun things to try, but more often than not, visitors are curious to try thrilling rides such as roller coasters. Even if you are used to riding roller coaster, you might be surprised to experience these world’s fastest roller coasters:

roller coaster adventure


Superman; Escape from Krypton stands on 415 foot tall tower. This roller coaster debuted in 1997. It was used to be the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world before beaten up by Formula Rossa. It can run up to 100 mph. Six Flags made it with new cars to offer more exciting, thrilling experiences for the visitors. 

Dodonpa Japan

Dodonpa is roller coaster located in Japan. It can run to 112 mph in just two seconds, which is highly incredible. this ride uses a compressed air lunch. You will experience in a ride for whole 55 seconds to finish. It is so fast that sometimes visitors are too shocked to even notice. The coaster races up and down a 170-foot top hat tower. Not to mention that the coaster will take you down in a perfect 90 degrees. 

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Top Thrill Dragster

Top Thrill Dragster will give you experience like you are in a racing car because of its spectacular speed. It is so nerve-rattling that not many people are brave enough to try riding this roller coaster. This coaster uses hydraulic launch system which can catapults you to excellent speed in a blink. The good point of this roller coaster compared with others is the smooth ride it offers for the riders. This roller coaster that has 120 mph speed is located at cedar Point, Ohio. 

Kingda Ka New Jersey

Kingda Ka is located in New Jersey, the United States. It was once crowned as the fastest coaster in the world. However, it is still the world’s tallest roller coaster with 456 feet tall tower. This roller coaster also uses hydraulic launch system to make fast ride. 

Formula Rossa

And the world’s fastest roller coaster goes to Formula Rossa. The fastest coaster in the planet is ready to indulge you on exciting and thrilling ride. It can races up to 149.1 mph. It accelerates 62 miles rides in only 2 seconds. It also climbs 52 meter. You will experience the start of the ride from the inside of the theme park to the outdoor. Then, you will be returned to the loading station located inside the building. For adrenaline junkies, this roller coaster is said to be so satisfying to ride. 

Travel Tendencies With Extroverts

If you are introvert planning to travel with extrovert, you might want to know about how to travel with them comfortably. Clashes in personality is common. Just because you have different personality and tendency, it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the travel together. In fact, people with similar personalities may develop conflicts more when travelling together. However, differences are not something bad. They don’t always cause conflict or clashes. If you have introvert tendencies going to travel with people with extroverts personalities, you can plan your travel in certain ways as to bring convenience to both of you. 

Travelling with extroverts

Going places with others who have different personalities is worth to try. You see, it may sound boring if you only choose travel buddies who have similar preferences or interest. It is even more boring if you choose a travel partner with similar characteristic or style. Travelling with people who have different tendencies due to different personalities can make your travel feel a bit more different but not in a bad way. Here’s what it feels like to travel with the extroverts.

Travel Tendencies With Extroverts

Get Prepared with Their High Spirit and Energy

One of the most obvious characteristics of extroverts are their high spirit and energy. They tend to be very excited even over mundane things. They have string emotions and often show their emotions unapologetically. The good thing about this is that their excitement can be contagious. You will be able to experience travel with emotion and feeling in another level. Every little thing you see during travel seem better. 

They’ll Move A Lot

Constant moving is also one of the characteristics of extroverts when travelling. Remember that they are ball of energy. They tend to moves a lot instead of silently waiting. They will always find a way to do activities even in the middle of chaos. They don’t fancy passive activities such as waiting for bus. At least, they will make conversation to fill the silence. 

Random Talks and Socialise Here and There

There are many benefits when you are an introverts travelling with extroverts. They find no difficulties to socialize or talk to strangers. In fact, there is no stranger in their dictionary. People who just met them in a span of few minutes can become their best friends. The benefit is, you don’t have to worry about stuck in awkward conversation. They will always help you make conversation lively. 

Space Please?

However, there is also disadvantage when travelling with extroverts such as you will be unable to have your silent moment to read or just enjoy the peace. They tend to keep talking no matter what the occasion. They like analyze things through words, unlike you who tend to make conversation in your head. 

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However, it won’t be a matter if you can be honest with them. Extroverts are not rude people. They can be respectful to others especially introverts. They might be oblivious sometimes but they will understand when you explain your situation. You can just tell them if you want a ‘me time’ to read books or visit some places alone. The best thing about travelling with extroverts is to see the world in different perspective full of surprises and colors. 

Where Your Next Vacation Should Be: Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Among all travel destinations, types and accommodations, it is always hard to decide which one to choose. Since nobody wants to ended up in a catastrophe vacation, a solid research is undoubtedly of a great importance. Anyway, reaching out to this page means that you have curiosities about Komodo or Diving or Liveaboard or the combination of those three things. Without further ado, the following are some brief illustrations to help you figuring out your next vacation. 

Why visiting Komodo Island?

As it is called, the island is particularly popular as the home for Komodo dragons, the largest lizard exist in the planet. Seeing the dinosaur-alike animal like them will absolutely be a lifetime experience for everyone. 

Komodo Island is surrounded by other charming islands, namely Labuan Bajo, Flores, Rinca and Padar Island. Thus, you can also discover another activities as well as challenging adventures there. Especially when you travel with Komodo Diving Liveaboard, you can reach and explore those islands without difficulty. 

Where Your Next Vacation Should Be: Komodo Diving Liveaboard

With all it has to offer, there is no doubt that Komodo Island is on the list of The Seven Wonders of the World. 

Why Diving there?

Komodo Island is since long time famous for its world-class scuba diving spot. As part of Komodo National Park, these diving spots belong to Coral Triangle, which considered as the most biodiverse and dynamic marine area on earth. 

The underwater world will serve you with colorful corals and beautiful marine life. Your Komodo diving experience will also accompanied by manta rays, dolphins, turtles, whalesharks and other sea animals throughout the best diving spots in Komodo Island, such as Manta Point, Batu Bolong, Manta Alley and Castle Rock. 

Why taking a Liveaboard?

A liveaboard will not only take you to the attractive spots around Komodo Island, but also accommodate your nights and serve your meals. Another good reason to cruise with Komodo Diving Liveboard is that you can reach more diving spot faster than other boat options. So, you can enjoy the beauty of the underwater world which attracts so many people, better. On top of that, cruising with a liveboard will give you a good chance to chill with other groups.

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Why Komodo Diving Liveaboard is a perfect choice?

The answer to this question is actually quite simple. You can have all the above explained benefits for your vacation!

Are you ready to have an awesome, stranded-in-nowhere kind of holiday with this wooden liveaboard?

Recommended Travel Souvenirs for Budget Travelers

Buying souvenir is part of the fun when it comes to travels. There are many type of travelers when it comes to souvenir hunting. Some of travelers like to spend much money on souvenirs because that’s their main goal when travelling; collecting travel memories through souvenirs. Some travelers stick to simple souvenirs to buy for various reasons as well. For budget travelers, money might be the main issue which limit them from buying souvenir freely. However, it is not supposed to cut the fun. 

Travel souvenirs you can buy without spending too much money

Of course travelling is not all about collecting travel memories by buying various souvenirs. There are others expenses of travel you need to put into top priority. However, buying souvenir is like a tradition when travelling. The point of buying souvenir is to collect memories of a place or experience during travelling. If you focus on that point, it means you don’t necessarily have to buy expensive souvenir. Here are some cheap and simple souvenirs you can buy when travelling.

Coins are simple and cheap that you can buy as souvenir whenever you travel to places. Besides, they don’t weigh much to carry on your pocket or bag. They may look simple but they are iconic because every country have different coins even if the look similar. You can make yourself a jar of travel coins. Whenever you are back from travelling, you can just put the coins in the jar. The more you travel, the more coins you collect. 

If you are fan of jewelry, you can buy it as souvenir when travelling. It doesn’t have to be expensive jewelry that you buy. Instead, you can choose to buy authentic jewelry made by the locals. Handmade jewelry is also great choice and more iconic. Besides, you don’t have to spend too much money on it. Beads, earring, bracelets are great souvenirs because they are cheap, light-weight, and easy to find. 

You can also buy local clothing as souvenirs. They are usually sold in cheap price. Besides, you can sue them back at home. Choose local clothing that is comfortable to wear. You can choose any clothing that fit your preference such as t-shirt, scarf, shawl, etc. You can also wear the clothing during your travel so you can blend in with the local. 

Arts can easily be found during travels. You don’t have to go to the high-end art gallery to buy the art as souvenir. You can find local/ street artists and buy their arts. They are more affordable. Besides, you can also customize the arts to your liking and blend it with the artist’s trademark. This is a great souvenir you can buy without spending too much money but you still get the fun of it. Besides, it is quite memorable that you will always remember where you bought it. 

Buying souvenir doesn’t always have to be excessive. The more important point is that you buy them to remind you of places you visited so it doesn’t have to be expensive.