Staying in Kichijoji, the Ideal Neighborhood to Live in Tokyo

The Kichijoji neighborhood is widely known by people to be one of the most ideal neighborhoods to live in Tokyo. It has the charm of rural Japan while affording you the convenience of the biggest metropolis in the world. Let’s get to know Kichijoji for a bit. 

Kichijoji: the most desirable neighborhood to live in Tokyo 

While suggestions of places to stay during a trip usually revolve around Asakusa, Shibuya, and Shinjuku, when it comes to the neighborhood to live, Kichijoji is arguably among the most popular places. In fact, Kichijoji has been voted as the number 1 most desirable place to live by people in Japan every single year since the 90s, which is an impressive feat.

Gorgeous nature and an amazing park in the middle of the area 

The Kichijouji area is a gorgeous place with the over 100 years-old Inokashira park near the station, playing a huge role in creating a comfortable space filled with lush greens, yet surrounded with all kinds of convenience, starting from the fully-equipped train station. The area has a certain calming charm.

Not many people can afford living so close to green spaces. This is why the residents of Kichijoji are extremely fortunate. The existence of Inokashira Park is something well-celebrated by the people, where the Inokashira park is a much-loved place for retreat from the hectic city life. 

The calm of rural Japan with the convenience of a metropolis 

This factor is clearly among the top reason why Kichijoji is much loved by both people looking to live in Japan as well as tourists alike. Inokashira Park is undoubtedly one of the largest and the most stunning parks in Tokyo. Living in such a beautiful place is a huge draw for those looking to stay in the Kichijoji area. The neighborhood also has virtually everything from shopping districts, upscale restaurants, popular cafes, bars, and so much more. Every month you can see new stores appearing. If you stay here during your travel, you won’t finish exploring the place in just a day.

Numerous schools and universities in the neighborhoods of Kichijoji 

There’s also the fact that there are numerous schools in the area, including prestigious universities such as the Waseda University and Todai Komaba Campus. All in all, it’s a stylish area ideal to get a mix of calm and convenience of the metropolis (or in Tokyo’s case, megalopolis) city. And as the case with real estate anywhere in the world, areas with schools and universities tend to attract more demands and oftentimes, raise the real estate value as well. 

Highly accessible from and to central business districts 

While considered quite far from the CBDs, the fact is that Kichijoji has approximately similar distance compared to Tokyo’s neighborhood/less-central areas like the Nerima and Itabashi wards. Through the Keio-Inokashira line, you can directly access the Shibuya Station in under 30 minutes. Trains from the Kichijoji station only takes more or less 20 minutes to the Shinjuku ward without any transfers.