Tips When Choosing Wedding Vendor in Bali

An upcoming destination wedding is certainly a cause for lengthy preparations and often times, headache. You’re going to have to scout for reliable wedding planners, venues, wedding vendor in Bali, and everything that relates to it. When choosing vendors for your big day, where should you start?

Choosing a wedding vendor in Bali: Go to wedding exhibitions 

outdoor wedding decor bali

This is something that I definitely encourage grooms and brides alike to do. Even if a wedding is not in your mind at the moment, during these events, there’s so much you can get from attending the industry event. This is one of the only occasions where you can get many wedding vendors present all at once in a single place. Going to wedding exhibitions can be one of the most valuable research you could undertake during your planning before you find a reliable wedding vendor in Bali. 

Planning a destination wedding? Local planner and vendors are always your best bet

Not having to pay for all of the air travel and the accommodation needs for your wedding vendors will save you a ton of money and time, for that matter. Not only that, a local planner and vendors would be able to navigate the place so much better compared to those you bring from home. They will likely be familiar with some of the wedding venues in your destination, and would be able to navigate shortcomings in the location they’re already familiar with. So it’s in your best interest to pick a local Bali wedding vendor and find out how they work – set a date of appointment to meet them face to face. A meeting via Skype is also another way to do it if you’re unable to visit just yet. 

wedding vendor in bali

Look at other people’s feedback before hiring wedding vendor in Bali 

Real people’s feed back is key to having an insight on whether a particular wedding vendor can be relied upon or not. So make sure that you carefully went through them. Don’t just skim through the reviews on their website. Take a look at reviews posted on other sites or social media as well to get a more complete picture of the feedback received by the vendors. 

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Costs associated with the service 

Be honest with yourself; how much are you willing to spend for hiring wedding vendors? Most importantly, how much you and your partner can afford to spend? Don’t just have rough estimate when doing this. Objectivity is key when deciding matters associated with cost. So you’ll need to have hard numbers jotted down. 

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What can you do?

  • Set a realistic budget. How much can you and your partner afford? There are so many wedding vendors that you’re going to need to hire; how much can you spend in each category?
  • Do a Value vs Price comparison with all of the wedding vendors in Bali that you have shortlisted. 
  • Is there any wedding vendors that you can skimp on? Perhaps you’d rather have decorations being taken care of by your venue rather than hiring a separate vendor for it? How much can you save from cutting the cost? Is cutting costs worth it or would it just give you more hassle down the road? 
destination wedding bali

Read the contract carefully and ask questions 

One of the ways that works when doing a contract reading is that you allow several days for yourself to read the contract. Your wedding vendor in Bali should not mind. When there’s a point in the contract that you don’t understand or feel they need to elaborate, then you must ask. Remember that contract is there to protect both you and the vendor should anything happen. 

How To Stay Safe During Your Visit To Lima, Peru

Lima is one of the greatest cities in Peru. This big city is relatively safe to visit but still contains dangers due to its large population. Peru itself is a peaceful country where you learn more about the Inca civilizations. The remains of the past are still there in Peru for you to see and learn. Therefore, Peru is a country worth travelling for. However, safety is not something to negotiate especially during travel. You have to keep yourself safe when travelling abroad. As for Lima, it is a safe city to explore but you may still need some precautions to make sure you are going to stay safe throughout your trip. 

How To Stay Safe During Your Visit To Lima, Peru

Staying safe when you are in Lima, Peru

There are many things to see when you visit Peru such as beautiful beaches, exotic sand dunes, hiking trails, museums filled with mummies, ruins of the Inca civilizations, and the Amazon. Those are only a few of things travelers can see during their travel to Peru. As for Lima, you can see beautiful colonial architecture blended together with modern culture perfectly. And here are tips to keep you safe during your stay in Lima, Peru.

Always secure your bag especially backpack

Lima is the largest city in Peru so the population is a bit more crowded. It is highly possible for you to get stuck in a crowded place. It is an opportunity for thief to steal from you. Therefore, secure your bag well. If you wear backpack, it is better to wear it at front so you keep your eyes on your belonging. 

Limit phone usage in public

It is highly suggested to limit your phone especially when you are in a rather crowded area in Lima. If you keep your eyes glued to the phone all the time, you will become less aware of your surroundings. You will be more vulnerable to dangers and threats. Besides, your phone can attract thieves to take into action. If you are in crowded places, put your phone in your bag you wear in front. You can check your phone later when you are in a safer place such as café or restaurant. 

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Transportation is also important to consider

In Lima, you can find variety of transports to choose such as buses, taxis, and Uber. If you don’t want to deal with the crowd, you can avoid taking bus and call for Uber instead. It is safe and relatively affordable. The price is not that difference than what taxis usually charge. If you take taxis, make sure to choose the registered ones. 

Prepare your guards against cat calls

How To Stay Safe During Your Visit To Lima, Peru

Lima is big city so cat calls and offensives comments sometimes are inevitable especially directed to female travelers. It is best to keep walking if you experience those. Try to hold yourself back as to not say something back to them. Ignoring the comments is the best to ensure your safety especially in a place you are not familiar with. Walking around the city with partners might help but the possibility of receiving those comments is still high when it comes to Lima. 

Three Best Dive Sites in Bali for Deep Diving

Ah, the magnet of the deep. When you have nearly a hundred (or more) dives below your belt, it’s natural if you are curious about what’s hidden where the blue water gets darker. Seasoned divers are teased to the idea of seeing things they cannot see in shallower water. Stranger ocean creatures, wrecks, and healthier corals are the most common lure of the deep sea. Any dive below 30 meters/ 100 feet is essentially a deep diving, and Bali has a fair share of good sites for that. Below is three best dive sites in Bali for enjoying the depth of the sea. 

The Drop Off, Tulamben—Best Dive Sites in Bali for Sloping Dive

Three Best Dive Sites in Bali for Deep Diving

On 1963, the Mount Agung erupted and the lava, flowed to the ocean, created an impressive deep wall in Tulamben. The wall is starting at 3 meters beneath the surface and down descending to 70 meters deep. Visibility can reach up to 30 meters, allowing breathtaking drop off experience. defending the great wall can make any diver feels like floating in space. The massive walls, blooming with sponges, black corals, and gorgonian fans, would make you feel dwarfed by its greatness. White and black tip sharks are hanging out around the wall, and all around are dog tooth tuna, leaf scorpion fish, napoleons, and giant parrot fish. The gorgonian fans are also great to spot on the rare pygmy pink seahorses. The drop off is definitely one of the best deep dive sites in Bali that would keep you coming back for more.  

Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida

The Crystal Bay of Nusa Penida has long been known as the home of Indonesian’s Mola Mola. The best dive sites in Bali to spot on the rarely seen giant sunfish—who usually dwells in he deep, cold sea 600 meters below the surface. On certain time of the year, the Mola Mola will ascend to shallower water to get cleaned! Around July to September, you will see them hanging out on Crystal Bay cleaning station at 18 m to 30 m deep. This might be shallow for the sunfish, but it’s still deep for us! Around the site, don’t skip the local critters! Frogfish, mantis shrimps, and diverse variety of nudibranchs can be another highlight after the Mola Mola. 

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Menjangan Island, West Bali National Park

On the tip of the west end of Bali lies Menjangan Island, West Bali National Park, which largely left untouched. Similar to the drop off, Menjangan features a fantastic wall diving descending to 60 meters below the surface. Gorgonian sea fans, small caverns, and sponges adorn the wall while visibility could reach over 50 meters. You can do shallow dive to deep dive in Menjangan, really. Barracuda, turtles, reef sharks, and even Manta rays loves to hang around the walls! Menjangan also enjoy some currents which will be very nice for drift diving!

Things You Should Avoid To Do When Travel Around Peru

Peru is a great place for travelling because there are places with historical and cultural values. There are also places in Peru famous for its colonial architecture. There won’t be a time for you to feel bored during your travel in Peru. However, it is important to research things you should and should not do during your visit in Peru to ensure your safety and health. Peru is considered a safe country to visit but precautions won’t hurt. Besides, it is always good to be prepared especially when you travel abroad. 

Avoid Doing These When Travelling around Peru

Peru can be considered as the main star of South America. It is a country of one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It is also a place that plays important role to the biodiversity of the world’s ecosystem. Aside from beautiful colonial architecture, you will also get to experience the real wildlife and meet variety of flora and fauna. To ensure your safety and health, avoid doing these things during your visit.

Things You Should Avoid To Do When Travel Around Peru

Hoping on the Inca Trail carelessly

This spot is the most popular for hiking. However, you cannot just hike without permission. You have to register yourself. If you are under a tour program, the guide might help you to register without hassle. However, the length can be different. During the hike, make sure to clean after yourself. If it is your first time hiking the Inca Trail, you might need a guide or porter. Don’t forget to tip them after.

Bring coca leaves home

This is what you should avoid no matter how much you like it. It is fine to enjoy a coca tea. Drinking coca tea can help reducing altitude sickness. The locals often use the leaves to make teas, candles, and gums for that purpose. However, it is highly advised to not bring any leaves home. You might end up in trouble because the border patrol and customs will question it. 

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Exploring places without wearing sunblock

To ensure your health, make sure to always bring sunburn with high SPF during your trip in Peru because this tropical country is very hot during the day. Sunburn is one of the most common health problems suffered by travelers. Also, most of tourist attractions in Peru are located in high elevations which can cause you to suffer from altitude sickness with the symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and shortness of breath. Give yourself time to adjust to the high altitudes before continuing your journey. You can also ask your hotel for an oxygen tank in case of emergency especially when you plan for outdoor activities such as climbing or hiking. 

Not bringing enough cash

Forgetting cash is a thing you should avoid to do especially when you plan to wander around more secluded places in Peru. Sightseeing and meeting the locals are great but forgetting the cash will cause you a trouble when you need to buy something. Because stores and restaurants accepting credit cards are mostly located around more touristy areas. 

How To Reach Ubud Villas

For most people consider Bali to be very small and easy to explore. Don’t forget, Bali does not provide public transportation. For those who want to find peace while on vacation, there is a choice of perfect locations like Ubud. Ubud offers unmatched beauty. Located at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level no wonder if it has cool air. Rows of Bali villas come to color the holiday fun as an alternative accommodation for tourists. It might be rather difficult to reach the Ubud area for tourists who come to Bali for the first time. If you find a peaceful place for a holiday, Ubud villas are the right choice for your accommodation. Don’t worry, there is a perfect way to reach Ubud villas.

Car Facility from Ubud Villas

Car facilities from Ubud villas are the easiest way. Indeed, not all Ubud Bali villas provide airport pickup facilities. It is better if you look for information and ask for pick up facilities from the airport to your villa. At the very least, if there is no pickup service available, they will offer to pick up for a fee. This will greatly facilitate and help you reach the Ubud area.

Rent A Car With Driver

The choice of private car deals is the best. The distance from the international airport to the Ubud area is at least 2 hours drive. It is very unlikely that you will leave your family and suitcases waiting for hours to find public transportation when you arrive in Bali. Browse the internet and you can find many choices of car rental operators. The price offered is also diverse and easy to compare.

Afraid of being cheated? Don’t worry! The people of Bali are famous for their hospitality. You will be very welcomed and well served. Most drivers in Bali speak fluent English and some can even be dangerous Mandarin, French, Japanese, and Spanish. For your first time in Bali, renting a car and driver is a perfect idea. They will drive you to Bali villas where you stay.

At the airport, you will probably find many taxis to take you to the Ubud area. Based on experience, the price they offer will be more expensive than renting a private car. But this is your decision, tailored to your needs, whether urgent or not. Deciding carefully and cleverly can cut your transportation budget so you can reach Ubud villas.

The World’s Fastest Roller Coasters for Your Next Trip

If you like adventurous and adrenaline-hyped travel, might as well choose destinations where the fastest roller coasters are. Roller coaster is one of the most popular ride in every amusement or theme park. It is also one of the most frightening rides for some people. Love-hate relationship with roller coaster is not something new. People say they hate it but are still curious to try riding it. For your next travel plan, why not including roller coaster as a must-do activity in your itinerary? It can be thrilling and memorable experience. 

The fastest roller coasters you should try 

Every country has their own amusement parks or theme parks. There are fun things to try, but more often than not, visitors are curious to try thrilling rides such as roller coasters. Even if you are used to riding roller coaster, you might be surprised to experience these world’s fastest roller coasters:

roller coaster adventure


Superman; Escape from Krypton stands on 415 foot tall tower. This roller coaster debuted in 1997. It was used to be the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world before beaten up by Formula Rossa. It can run up to 100 mph. Six Flags made it with new cars to offer more exciting, thrilling experiences for the visitors. 

Dodonpa Japan

Dodonpa is roller coaster located in Japan. It can run to 112 mph in just two seconds, which is highly incredible. this ride uses a compressed air lunch. You will experience in a ride for whole 55 seconds to finish. It is so fast that sometimes visitors are too shocked to even notice. The coaster races up and down a 170-foot top hat tower. Not to mention that the coaster will take you down in a perfect 90 degrees. 

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Top Thrill Dragster

Top Thrill Dragster will give you experience like you are in a racing car because of its spectacular speed. It is so nerve-rattling that not many people are brave enough to try riding this roller coaster. This coaster uses hydraulic launch system which can catapults you to excellent speed in a blink. The good point of this roller coaster compared with others is the smooth ride it offers for the riders. This roller coaster that has 120 mph speed is located at cedar Point, Ohio. 

Kingda Ka New Jersey

Kingda Ka is located in New Jersey, the United States. It was once crowned as the fastest coaster in the world. However, it is still the world’s tallest roller coaster with 456 feet tall tower. This roller coaster also uses hydraulic launch system to make fast ride. 

Formula Rossa

And the world’s fastest roller coaster goes to Formula Rossa. The fastest coaster in the planet is ready to indulge you on exciting and thrilling ride. It can races up to 149.1 mph. It accelerates 62 miles rides in only 2 seconds. It also climbs 52 meter. You will experience the start of the ride from the inside of the theme park to the outdoor. Then, you will be returned to the loading station located inside the building. For adrenaline junkies, this roller coaster is said to be so satisfying to ride. 

Bali Tattoo Studio: Tropical Design Tattoo Ideas

The dream of a tropical life is what Bali is known to have ignited in many. Having some elements of the magical, tropical island inked onto your skin by Bali tattoo studio is certainly one way to remember it. 

Bali tattoo studio: Seashells tattoo design 

Having seashell design as your tattoo is a bright idea to immortalize your Bali visit. Seashell designs are highly versatile. You can have an elaborate piece or a delicate, tiny piece displayed on your fingers or subtly hidden somewhere. There are various designs that you can combine with other tropical design elements—or something else—virtually anything, really. The limit is your imagination. 

bali tattoo studio

Palm tree tattoo design 

Definitely one of the most popular tropical tattoo designs. The palm tree often represents island life and overall a slow-paced, relaxed lifestyle. The only downside is that, the palm tree scene is often considered overused. But if that’s what genuinely reminds you of the tropical island of Bali, then go right ahead. If you’d still like the iconic palm tree design but wants something different and more you, then spend plenty of time researching your design. Collecting tattoo design references greatly helps in coming up with new ideas and unique designs for your very own tattoo. 

seashell tattoo design bali

Waves, waves, and more waves 

Ocean waves are a very common design that many people have their very own interpretations of. It means different things to each person. Those who visit Bali because of the amazing surfing site may be tempted to ink the popular, iconic image onto their skin.

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Beach sunset tattoo 

Bali is all about beaches. Bali has everything from overcrowded beaches to hidden gems displaying pristine scenes for as long as the eyes can see. It’s very common to see the palm tree combined with the sunset tattoo design. Getting a beach tattoo design is a sure way to carve the memory. if you’d like something simple for the beach tattoo design, avoid colored pieces and opt for a black and white piece. However, color is certainly not the only factor hat influence this. The style of the tattoo design matters a lot. 

Combinations of several elements 

The key to getting a unique tattoo design that’s uniquely yours is of course, by designing them yourself. But there’s a big issue if you don’t particularly think that you’re much of an artist. Or can only draw stickmen. That should not be a problem these days as there are numerous resources for obtaining inspirations to create a whole new different tattoo that’s uniquely yours. Combine several tropical design elements that you adore; or you can simply pick as a centerpiece, and then combine it with other things—visual symbolism, scripts—and combine it on your own. 

studio tattoo bali marine life

Other Bali tattoo studios ideas: 

  • Frangipani flower tattoos. The frangipani flower is used extensively in Balinese culture. You see it decorating virtually everything in Bali, from being used in the daily offering (canang sari) to  numerous things table decorations. Frangipani tattoos are elegant tattoos, perfect whether for tiny tats or elaborate pieces. 
frangipani bali tattoo design
  • Marine life tattoos. Did you go to Bali to dive and experience the amazingly diverse underwater life? Then designs like manta rays, sea turtles, tiny fishes, and corals would be perfect for you. 

Most Recommended Restaurants That Can Make Your Mouth Water

Foodies are always up for food hunting no matter where the locations are. Travelling and food hunting can be done at the same time so it should not be a problem for foodies to enjoy good foods while travelling around the world. If you are also avid food lover, you must understand that it is not only about eating in different countries. It is more than appreciating delicacies which always have the stories behind. Food hunting is fun thing to do during travel because there are so many things you can learn from a single food served for you. The cook may have their own story of how they foods are made and what kind of cultural or historical values behind. 

Restaurants that can make your mouth water instantly

There are many restaurants around the world with their special menu and wide range of price served to satisfy their customers. Some restaurants are rated highly due to the taste of the foods of being exceptional or extraordinary service. For food lovers, here are most mouth-watering restaurants you should try to visit someday:

Olde Pink House Restaurant is a bit eccentric from the look of it. Located in Savannah, this is one of the most iconic places to enjoy variety of quality foods. You will have fine dining experience with the best service. The atmosphere and ambience is cozy and peaceful. Their servers are also attentive toward their guests. They can also prepare menu based on your personal diet preference even if it’s not on the menu. 

Commander’s Palace is located in New Orleans, LA. Of course, it is not hard to find fine restaurant in LA> you can have good meals in one of the highest rating restaurants in LA but this one is travelers’ favorite. There are various factors that make travelers pick this restaurant over any other ones such as quality foods, great atmosphere of the place, extraordinary service, and particularly the jazz. You can visit this place for brunch and order variety of foods include egg Benedict, catfish and grits, and many more. The desserts are also worth tasting especially the strawberry shortcake. 

Mama’s Fish House is also highly recommended by travelers. It is located in Paia. The travelers’ average rating is 4.5 of 5. So it is truly worth your visit to find out if it is really that great of place to enjoy your meal. Most noticeable remarks stated by travelers about this place aside from the quality foods is the woodwork. Another best thing of this restaurant is the great service delivered to every guest. Best time to visit is during lunch and dinner time. 

Hall’s Chophouse is a great place avid foodies. There are wide varieties of foods you can choose here such as soft-shell crab, oysters, bison, crab soup, and various desserts. They also deliver professional service which leave guest satisfied. The owner always check on their guests and greet every patron in friendly gestures to let the guests know they they are welcomed and well-taken care of.  This restaurant is located in Charleston. 

Location Villa Bali: How to find true paradise?

Are you looking for a villa in Bali? That is a great decision. Instead of staying in a hotel, a villa can certainly offer you a lot more benefits. Since a couple of years, villas have indeed replaced hotels when it comes to accommodation for a holiday.  A villa is practically more flexible and affordable. You can rent it for days, weeks, months or even for years. In addition, villas are also a great choice for everyone. Not only couples who want a perfect honeymoon, but also for family who looks for a quality time. There is also a wide range of options when searching for a villa. But, which one is the best? One parameter of a great villa is its location. So, here are two tips for choosing location villa Bali.

Location Villa Bali

Look for the most popular spots for location villa Bali

Either it is preferred by retired old people or young digital nomads, your location villa Bali should be a popular area of the island. Ubud, Seminyak, Canggu, Jimbaran or Sanur, for example. These areas are surrounded by the most attractive places to hang out and killing the time. However, each area has its own identity. Ubud, for instance, is perfect for the “pray” person while Canggu is the most hippy area on the island. Location villa Bali is one of the most determining factors for your best holiday experience. Doing a little research about some places around the villa will be an unregretful thing to do before making your choice.

Adjust the location to your personality and activity preferences

Determining a location villa Bali is not as complicated as you might think of. In fact, it can be so simple and easy. Think about yourself. Ask yourself a simple question like what makes you happy? Besides that, you should also know yourself a bit more. You should know, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert person. This can be very helpful in order to get the most of your holiday experience. Let’s say you are an introvert person, you might tend to avoid staying in a villa around Kuta and Jimbaran. These areas are mostly crowded and nearly sleeping at night. But, if you are an extrovert person, you are more likely to choose these areas to stay in. Other than your personality, you should also consider the types of activities you like. Even though all places are accessible on Bali, but it would be better to just spend 10-15 hours of driving to reach your favorite spots.

Travel Tendencies With Extroverts

If you are introvert planning to travel with extrovert, you might want to know about how to travel with them comfortably. Clashes in personality is common. Just because you have different personality and tendency, it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the travel together. In fact, people with similar personalities may develop conflicts more when travelling together. However, differences are not something bad. They don’t always cause conflict or clashes. If you have introvert tendencies going to travel with people with extroverts personalities, you can plan your travel in certain ways as to bring convenience to both of you. 

Travelling with extroverts

Going places with others who have different personalities is worth to try. You see, it may sound boring if you only choose travel buddies who have similar preferences or interest. It is even more boring if you choose a travel partner with similar characteristic or style. Travelling with people who have different tendencies due to different personalities can make your travel feel a bit more different but not in a bad way. Here’s what it feels like to travel with the extroverts.

Travel Tendencies With Extroverts

Get Prepared with Their High Spirit and Energy

One of the most obvious characteristics of extroverts are their high spirit and energy. They tend to be very excited even over mundane things. They have string emotions and often show their emotions unapologetically. The good thing about this is that their excitement can be contagious. You will be able to experience travel with emotion and feeling in another level. Every little thing you see during travel seem better. 

They’ll Move A Lot

Constant moving is also one of the characteristics of extroverts when travelling. Remember that they are ball of energy. They tend to moves a lot instead of silently waiting. They will always find a way to do activities even in the middle of chaos. They don’t fancy passive activities such as waiting for bus. At least, they will make conversation to fill the silence. 

Random Talks and Socialise Here and There

There are many benefits when you are an introverts travelling with extroverts. They find no difficulties to socialize or talk to strangers. In fact, there is no stranger in their dictionary. People who just met them in a span of few minutes can become their best friends. The benefit is, you don’t have to worry about stuck in awkward conversation. They will always help you make conversation lively. 

Space Please?

However, there is also disadvantage when travelling with extroverts such as you will be unable to have your silent moment to read or just enjoy the peace. They tend to keep talking no matter what the occasion. They like analyze things through words, unlike you who tend to make conversation in your head. 

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However, it won’t be a matter if you can be honest with them. Extroverts are not rude people. They can be respectful to others especially introverts. They might be oblivious sometimes but they will understand when you explain your situation. You can just tell them if you want a ‘me time’ to read books or visit some places alone. The best thing about travelling with extroverts is to see the world in different perspective full of surprises and colors.