Canggu Bali Villa Rentals And How To Select It

Bali is indeed not as big as other country destinations like Australia, Thailand, but there is a clear goal when people come to this island. Some of the definite goals of tourists, especially foreign tourists, are Canggu. Countryside surrounded by rice fields surrounding Canggu Bali villa rentals. The location of other villas is spread throughout the corners of Bali with different shades.

Canggu Bali is abundant in various places with views of rice fields and is very attractive to foreign tourists. Its natural design and close to nature is perfect for enjoying a quiet and comfortable holiday. the air freshness in the villa area is perfect for you to rest and linger in Bali.

Don’t get wrong and careless while choosing Canggu Bali villa rentals. You certainly don’t want to lose luxury villa Canggu Bali, and it is very possible your holiday will end in a tattered villa. Incorrect choice of accommodation can take you to occupy an inadequate and expensive villa. How to choose Canggu Bali villa rentals that comfortable and fit your wallet?

Put Luxury Villa Canggu Bali in your List

This is the first step and you have to do it to get the perfect villa for your holiday. Everyone has holiday specifications depending on the type of vacation you want. Settle in the Canggu area, meaning you know the holiday destination. Surrounded by rice fields, close to the homes of local residents takes you to a very quiet holiday destination. Enter the villa in the Canggu area, prioritizing to find the type you need.

Villa rental agents in Bali will be very helpful in recommending the accommodation to your liking. More than 1000 list of villas make it easy for you to compare starting from the number of rooms, facilities and various prices. Canggu is not a very backward area. You can reach the Seminyak and surrounding areas to find international standard bars, restaurants, and nightlife.

Canggu Villas Location

The location has been confirmed that you will go to the Canggu area. Only me, the location of the villa you rent is at many points. Every point in the Canggu area offers a different atmosphere. For that, the location is important even though you have chosen a villa in the Canggu area. Not all Canggu Bali villa rentals offer views of green and quiet fields, so choosing carefully is very important to perfect your holiday.

5 Top Destinations In Berlin

Berlin is not as popular as other destinations such as Thailand, Bali, Japan, Korea or others. Berlin is the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany offering interesting historical tourist destinations to explore. Berlin has a population of 4.5 million where the population comes from 180 countries in the world. The city of Berlin is loaded with many amazing historical buildings and modern civilizations. In addition, Berlin is the center of economic, cultural, political and scientific activities.

Berlin is a tourist destination throughout the year, but the best weather is in July, August, September. Let’s explore the best destinations to visit.

Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall is a landmark as well as a very famous historical heritage. The Berlin Wall was built to limit West Berlin and East Berlin which was built August 13, 1961. East Germany stated that the wall was to protect its citizens from fascist elements which triggered a rebellion movement.

Fernsehturm Berlin

Fernsehturm Berlin is a television tower and famous in Berlin. Built between 1965 – 1969 which until now is considered a symbol of the city of Berlin that can be seen until the mind of the city of Berlin. Has a height of 365 meters which then increases to 368 after being fitted with an antenna. At an altitude of 204 meters above the ground, there is a platform for visitors, where visitors can see 42 kilometers of scenery in fine weather. Also, enjoy a restaurant that rotates within an hour and then in 1990 is renovated and the turnaround changes to 30 minutes.

Brandenburg Gate

This is a very historic location for the German state. The Brandenburg Gate presents the symbol of German victory that is used as a symbol of the city of Berlin. This gate is located in Pariser Platz which was built as a symbol of peace after the fall of the Berlin wall.

The Holocaust Memorial

The Holocaust Memorial was built by the German government for Eripa Jews who were massacred by Nazi soldiers in the past. The Holocaust Memorial was built on a land of 19,000 square meters which is currently visited by visitors from various parts of the world on pilgrimage, praying for or wanting to know the dark history behind the slaughter of Jews.

Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral is a church building also known as the Berliner Dom. This is the largest Protestant Christian church building in Berlin which was built in 1465. The process of working on the Berlin Cathedral for 440 years, which is 1905 became a magnificent, large, elegant building with typical classical Renaissance-style buildings.

5 Tips Before Explore best Dive Sites In Bali

Diving is fun but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be well planned. One fun and stressful adventure activity require special preparation, not only mental but also preparation of diving equipment. In fact, there are many unpleasant events such as the disappearance of divers from Japan and others. Proving that the underwater world is not predictable and cannot be taken lightly.

The best dive sites in Bali do offer spectacular views but also have strong underwater currents. Professional divers know for sure to always use local guides who know exactly where to dive safely. Especially international divers, need to instill trust in local dive operators to lead trips or expeditions to explore the best dive sites in Bali.

Determining the purpose of exploring the best dive sites in Bali is the first step to a successful diving trip. Finding a location that is truly interesting and challenging but still fits your budget. Tips for exploring the best dive sites in Bali for all divers, both beginners, and professionals.

Get enough sleep to enjoy the best dive sites in Bali

Adequate stamina is the main key to diving. Especially in one of the best dive sites in Bali such as Tulamben, the current continues to move and is not recommended for beginner divers. Sleep time that is less allowing your body to feel tired quickly and endanger diving. The risk of death underwater is still very large, so make sure you rest well before enjoying the best dive sites in Bali.

Do not touch soda before diving

Please note that when diving, the body is forced to fight gravity. Soda contained in soft drinks makes the body emit gas. This is very dangerous if it occurs in water. This allows divers to vomit in the water and cause dangerous conditions. Make sure you explore the best dive site in Bali to not drink soda in 1×24 hours.

Join in Preserving Coral Reefs

The best dive sites in Bali offer stunning views of underwater species and beautiful coral reefs. Not all professional divers know that not all coral reefs can be touched. Coral is a type of animal that is sensitive and its growth is very slow, less than 1 cm per year. Corals also have stings and can cause swelling in your skin. Exploring the best dive sites in Bali while preserving underwater corals is an obligation if you claim to be a professional diver.


For beginner divers, there is no need to worry. If you are certified, there will be many best dive sites in Bali that beginner divers can explore. Be sure to look for dive operators to guide and help dive for spectacular diving trips.

Night Diving

This is what professional divers and underwater photographers are waiting for. At night, you will see underwater life that is very different from the daytime. Species and corals will look shining and amazing. Make sure you follow the night dive package for diving safety and an unforgettable experience.

Handling Financial Concerns of Your Travel Plan

Planning your travel is a must if you want a trip without so much hassle. Of course, there are also travelers who like travelling spontaneously so they do less planning. However, it is highly recommended to plan everything ahead if you are the type to worry a lot even for minor things. This will help you to put your mind at ease. This will help you feeling like more prepared to face everything ahead. There are many things to prepare when it comes to travelling. One of them is your finance. Every traveler has their own budget to support the trip they are planning. There’s only a few who don’t really care about financial setting of a trip. If you like everything to be organized and well-planned, it is important to handle even small financial concerns so you can travel with ease.

Tips to handle financial concern of a trip

Whether or not you are budget traveler, you need to plan your finance. This is not only about setting a limit to your budget but also about how you will cover your expenses throughout your trip. There’s possibility that you would lose your card or cash during your trip. You also need to prepare for this kind of trouble because it is still a potential risk even if nobody ask for it. Here are some tips to handle financial concerns over your travel plan:

  • First thing first, you need to check your own finance. It is important to make realistic budget. You don’t have to use a formula to calculate your expense. You just need to make sure that you will feel comfortable of how much to spend.
  • Once you set your budget, you will need to book a trip that is affordable and fit your financial setting.  There are two solutions if a trip you want to book is unaffordable. First, you can wait until your saving is enough. This means you need to start saving consistently and regularly. Two, you can look for the alternative. Finding another trip with more affordable budget can be good idea.
  • If you have travel partners, make sure to discuss financial concerns with them. As your partners, they will be supportive or help to give you some ideas of how to keep the trip on budget. You can also decide the budget, if you and your partners decide to split the budget then it is even better.
  • It is recommended to book a trip in advance. There’s also opportunities to get cheaper deal when you book weeks prior. Besides, this also can help your mind at ease because you don’t need to think about it when the time comes closer.-        Sometimes, it is ok to spend your money a little bit over the budget. There is nothing wrong with that especially if the trip is what you deserve after working so hard. Rewarding yourself to a meaningful travel is priceless. So try not to worry too much about your budget setting.

Choosing Family-Friendly Bali Villas the Right Ways

Spending your holiday with families in Bali is a great idea. Even though Bali is often referred to romantic place, it offers more than romantic vibes. There are family-friendly places you can venture to with your families. On top of that, there are many family-friendly Bali villas you can rent during your stay at this exotic island. Looking for villa to accommodate yourself and your families is quite different especially if ids are included. For example, it is fine for you to book a villa situated near the cliff. However, if it is lack of safety gears for children then it is not the right place to stay at. Or, you can book a villa situated near the main town. However, the constant buzz of the town won’t allow your elder families to rest well.

Find out family-friendly Bali villas

Having fun with your family in Bali is not a bad thing. In fact, it is great idea to realize. If you are planning to take your families with you to spend your holiday to Bali, you should start looking for perfect accommodation now. For family vacation, private villas are more recommended. Here are some tips to make you easier finding the best one:

  • Choose family-friendly location to find the right villas. You see, there are some parts in Bali which has constant buzz and others offer more peaceful atmosphere. You can book a villa either in the middle of the busy are such as Seminyak or Kuta. Or, you can also choose more peaceful area like Ubud or Uluwatu to find perfect villas to stay at. You might as well ask opinion from your families about what ideal location they want to be for their time in Bali. If your kids like to venture around the nature, choose Ubud. If they like to explore busier areas where modern attractions are, then choose Denpasar, Kuta, or Seminyak.
  • Research the neighborhood of where the villa you are going to book is. You need to know if the neighborhood is safe or not. Besides, you also need to know if there is ongoing construction near the villa. If it is, you need to choose another neighborhood because the constant noises won’t let you rest well. It is even worse if you bring babies because then they won’t be able to stay calm.
  • The most important thing is to find out what the villa offers to you. You need to find out if they have bunk beds, kid’s room, play rooms, etc. to make sure what kind of features provided to suit your family, you can make a direct call or email the staff. This way, you will be sure that the place can accommodate your families well.  You also need to find out if Bali villas provide additional requests from you such as books, high chairs, baby cots, etc. as for the pool, you should ask if the villa can install fenced pool usually, those additional request require extra cost so you need to know about it beforehand.

Managing Travel Stress Caused by Planning

There’s a lot of form of travel stress that travelers might experience before, during or after the travel itself. The intensity of the stress is also relatively varied from one individual to another.

Every individual also has their own way to manage the stress. Some of travelers overcome travel stress by distracting themselves from the main cause. Some other travelers overcome travel stress by enjoying the trip more or planning the trip more thoroughly.

Managing travel stress caused by planning

One of the biggest causes of travel stress is planning. For some travelers, planning the trip is crucial since it can help putting their mind at ease. For others, planning is not necessarily needed and let the flow of the trip guide them.

Travel stress caused by planning

The type of travel caused by planning means the stress itself has begun prior to the trip itself. Planning travel include researching destination, handling travel arrangements, planning itinerary, listing things to pack, and many more. These activities are necessary for travelers who tend to worry easily over small things. By planning, they will feel more at ease. However, sometimes the planning process itself lead to more stressful mind. If you are experiencing this type of travel stress, here are tips to overcome it:

  1. First, try to be organized in making your plan. Instead of taking notes in various object like notebook and computer, it is better to choose one thing. Thus, everything is organized in one place carefully.
  2. Make sure to make a checklist of things you have to do before going for a trip such as finishing your report, applying for a visa, making general itinerary, getting new prescription, ordering a guide book, etc. if you have difficulty choosing the priority, you can make a list and write them down on your note. This way, you can easily identify which homework you have finished before going for a trip.
  3. In planning a trip, it is important to set a realistic timeline. You can break down things you need to do based on the timelines. This can make your attempt in planning come easier. For example, you choose Monday to apply for a visa, Tuesday to book the flight, and Wednesday to pack necessary items.
  4. If you have travel partners, ask them to join the planning process. They may have great opinion or idea of how to make your plan works. Besides, it can make you feel more grounded because the stress you experience is shared with others.
  5. You don’t have plan your trip into details. It can be more stressful the more you are getting into details. You can just do the general bit and figure out the rest once you are on your trip. However, if you insist to plan everything thoroughly but getting more stressful, it is recommended to ask for help from travel planning service. Or, you can a book travel agent that offers you complete itinerary with the travel package. Thus, you just need to follow their plan and enjoy the trip to the max without having mental breakdown.

The Best Way to Stay in Luxury Villas Seminyak While Traveling in Bali

Staying in a luxury villas at Seminyak while you are in Bali can help you lives up the traveling itself to be more unforgettable and surely will make your stay more valuable.

Even though there is no standard at all about how to define the luxury villas themselves at Seminyak and might be the whole world, the luxury itself is seems to be the impression and feeling we are experiencing.

The best way to stay in luxury villas at Seminyak while you are in Bali

Not to mention that the villas themselves are modern designed and facilitated with some beneficial amenities and all the modern furniture and materials from below our foot when stepping on the ceramic floor up to the ceiling with antique and modern lamp.

But surely we won’t talk about what actually the luxury villa or accommodation is. Besides it may not as important as it need, the main topic or information to share this time is simply about the best way to stay at Bali which is located at Seminyak ever since it is one of the well-known village by the sea.

The best way to stay in luxury villas Seminyak

In accordance of its own history, villa itself is apparently an ancient Roman upper-class country house base on what had been published on Wikipedia. It has been far developed until today where now you can even easily find the seaside villas at Seminyak, Bali.

Their functions surely will be one of the accommodation alternative for the tourists from around the globe to stay closer to the sea or beach as it is also one of the perfect place it has been build since centuries ago.

If you are wondering about the best way to stay in it while you are traveling in Bali, then the main 3 things you have to think about the luxury villas Seminyak are its perfect location and should be facilitated with the swimming pool and beach should be reached around minutes by walking distance.

By saying about the perfect location for the luxury villas, there are interesting offers at Seminyak itself where you can even a bit closer to its downtown. When you will be in such location, you won’t only get the accommodation as you need, but you can even fulfill your daily needs easily along to get some unique souvenirs around.

Those villas are also has been provided you with the private pool where the tropical atmosphere in Bali can also be better to enjoy while swimming around the pool and sunbathing side of it after then.

Last but not least, the location and all the complete facilities won’t also allow you to move farther of the beach. In fact, some of the luxury villas at Seminyak that are nearby the downtown are also closer to the beach that you can even reaches it under 3 minutes by foot.

The thing is that, the price can be vary and might as expensive as villas could reach. But I have a little tips where it is for everyone to get more affordable luxury villas at Seminyak at such location. It is to rent one in its own official site and don’t even bother to visit the or the other reservation sites. I am saying that for true since each sites have their own special offers.

Southeast Asia Traveling

Southeast Asia recently has become a new attraction for tourist to visit. There is a hidden paradise and also a worldwide known destination that should be on your list when you plan to visit Southeast Asia. Here is what you need to know before you go to South East Asia. 

Southeast Asia Traveling

The Best Southeast Asia tourist destination to visit

Looking for a specific country to visit in Southeast Asia or planning to go to several countries in this continent? These best places in Southeast Asia to visit will make your travel blissful.  

1.    Bali, Indonesia. Bali is home for several popular worldwide known tourist destinations such as Kuta beaches, Ubud, and many more. This is the best places for those who are looking for tropical paradise and enjoy the luxury and comfort for travelers in nature. If you plan for blissful beaches holiday, then sign this as the top priority need to visit.  The best time to travel is around April to October. The top thing to do while in Bali include visiting Tanah Lot, visit Bali park, water sports such as surfing and diving, visit the holy palace, and many more. 

2.    Si Phan Don, Laos. This is also known as four Thousand Island that best well known as the serene spot for visitors in the whole of Asia. There are awesome waterfalls, the great temples and also paddy fields that make the island a perfect destination for holiday to any pleasure seekers. The best time to check this place is around November to March. The best thing to do in this place include dolphin spotting, water sport such as kayaking, visit the Big and Small waterfalls and more. 

3.    Siem Reap, Cambodia. This is gradually known as a popular destination for tourist spot because it has a hippest hotel, the soothing spas, a class apart dining and wining and much interesting attraction. In addition, this place also offers incredible tourist experience. The perfect time to enjoy it is from November to March.  The best thing to do include visit the Angkor National Museum, visit the floating market and village, go to temple hopping, quad biking, and Pub Street. 

4.    Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. This is the one located in northeastern Vietnam and becomes one of UNESCO World Heritage Site. This place is best to visit in November. This place becomes a popular tourist destination for those who admire the nature scenes and the adventure experience. This place also becomes a popular spot in the recent year. Best time to visit this place is from October to December and from March to May. The top list to do while in Ha Long Bay includes kayaking, diving, cruising, wildlife spotting, and many more. 

5.    Boracay, Philippines. From this entire top tourist destination in Southeast Asia, this place offers you the life experience and unique travel that you have dreamed for. This place is famed with the beaches and the attractions such as Willey Rocks. The most appropriate time to visit this place is around November to May. It is a gorgeous place for those who looking for a romantic place. 

Tips for Solo Backpacker Travel

What do you need to prepare when you go travel by solo for the first time? These essential tips below can help you to enjoy your solo travel and explore it. 

Tips for Solo Backpacker Travel

•    Make a plan and of course your backup plan.  This is important when you choose to travel on your own. When you have a backup plan, you can continue your travel into your backup plan when the main travel plan does not work. 

•    Book flights by comparison sites. When you visit the comparison sites, you can compare and get the cheapest flight. 

•    Choose a travel destination that makes you feel comfortable and save. When choosing travel destinations, there will be a lot of options you can go to. Visit and find any reviews from travel site or internet to find the reputation and safety from the place. 

•    Talk to people.  Get your new friend when you travel solo. When you go travel, you might meet with someone that also travels solo. Likely, they are loved to talk to others and make contact. 

•    Let someone know where you go and your plan. Give your hotel name and address. This can lessen your family worries when you travel solo because they know that you are safe. 

•    Don’t draw attention too much to yourself. Blend with the place that you come. Respect to the culture and etiquette if it is needed. 

•    Book your hotels in advance. Booking a hotel in advance will help you easiest and save time when you arrived at the hotel. With this, you can also ask them if they can serve you to pick up you at the airport to the hotel.  You can spend extra money on accommodation to get the most comfortable travel experience. 

Safety is first 

There are several things that you can do to improve your safety and confidence while you travel solo, especially when you travel solo for the first time. 

1.    Take defense class before travel. Prepare yourself from any threat when you are in a foreign traveling journey. In this class defense, you also can learn on safety strategies and how your defense from attackers. With this defense class, you can at least confidence and aware of any threats. 

2.    Sew the hidden pockets in pants. Similar to a money belt, this hidden pocket in pants can help you to store your valuable items such as credit cards, cash, passports, and others.  The hidden pockets will use to avoid mugger stole your items. 

3.    Update travel medical kit. Depend on the destination where you are going, then you need to update your travel medical kit. For example, when you travel into Africa, you might need to bring mefloquine, doxycycline or others from home and not rely on locally acquired drugs. Make research to the health condition in your destinations and update the kit based on your research. 

4.    Divide cash. This is important because this can avoid you to lose all your cash when you robbed. Take some cash in hidden pockets, some in the backpack, some in your wallet and some in other places that you ensure it save. 

When you go solo for your first travel these tips beyond allow you to get more sociable, safe and enjoyable trips.  

Travel Tips in 2019

Looking for some travel tips are very important when you are going to travel. Not to mention if this is your first time travelling. You need to prepare everything so that you can enjoy your travel in the best way. Be it about your health, about the risks, or even about the food and lodgings, you need to prepare them very carefully. Getting to know some travel tips will make you feel comfortable and ready to face anything during your travel. If this is your first time travelling and you want to look for some tips, do not worry. We will give some tips to help you prepare for your travelling. Let’s get started!

Travel Tips in 2019

Do Some Researches

The first thing you need to do is do some researches. This is crucial and very important. Do not ever go somewhere before you learn anything about that place. Be it their culture, norms, safest place for tourists, prices, or even political situation. You do not want to get arrested in a foreign country, right? It is even better if you can learn some basic languages to please the locals.

Blend in with the Locals

Want to avoid any ugly moments? You can make yourself so you do not look like a tourist. Instead of walking around with a huge backpack, cameras, and confused look, you can just dress like the locals do and bring only important and valuable items.

Do Not Show Off

The next travel tip is that you cannot show off your wealth ever. If it is in your own country, then go ahead. However, you cannot do this in a foreign country. First, you will attract criminals to pickpocketing you or scamming you. Second, you can offend the locals if you are trying to show off. Just try to look humble and friendly, then you will be safe.

Always Pay Attention to Your Belongings

Never left your belongings unattended. Even though there is no valuable item in your belonging, you cannot ever let them unattended. You have to stay focus and pay attention to your surroundings all the time. Otherwise, criminals such as pickpockets and scammers will be in your way.

Get Travel Insurance

No matter how safe your travel is, it is better for you to get travel insurance. No one knows what will be going to happen, so getting travel insurance will at least protect you from ugly incidents. Travel insurance can also protect you from the loss of personal belongings.

Always Have Emergency Contact

No matter where you are going, you need to always have an emergency contact in case something happens during your travelling. For example, you can save the police number, fire department, ambulance, and your country’s embassy. Those numbers will come in handy if anything happens to you or your travelling partner.

Those are travel tips which you can do when you want to go travelling. Always be careful wherever you are going is the main point of all. Do all of these travel tips and you can enjoy your travel.