Organize The Best Well-Being Staycation For Yourself


A vacation might not remove all the stress in your life. However, going on a vacation can at least help you to relax and refocus your mind. With clearer mind, it tends to get easier to find solution for the problems you may have. The problem with travelling for a vacation is that sometimes it requires you to travel too far from your home, creating other stressors in your life. You have to carry heavy luggage while moving from one flight to another. Hence, you may find another alternative, staycation. It is where you can have a relaxing vacation without being too far from your home with less-stressful preparation. 

How to plan for meaningful staycation

You don’t have to take multiple flights for staycation. As long the place gives you the best space and moments to relax and enjoy your vacation, it works. Here are some tips to help you plan a well-deserved staycation for yourself:

Set an intention

Set an intention of a staycation to benefit your well-being. From the length to the activities you want to do, make sure you set clear intention in mind to reach some goals. Think of something you want to get the most out of your staycation. With clear intention, it is easier to make other decision such as choosing your destination, the duration of the staycation, itinerary, etc. Your focus for this staycation is your well-being. Make sure to make decision with it as your basic guidance. 

Consider a serene place

It is advised to have a staycation in a serene place if your focus is to nurture your well-being and clearing your mind. The lesser the distraction the better. Choose a place that will help you gain inner peace. The space that usually work for well-being staycation is  the one that closer to the nature. The environment should be calm and far from nosy crowds. You may choose a hotel, property, or area near your home with those characteristics. A new level of serenity can be achieved by choosing the right space. 

Practice mindfulness

The combination of serene space with mindfulness practices can do wonder to your well-being. It brings more opportunity for you o draw more focus on your present. There are many activities you can consider as mindfulness practices including meditation, silent reading, yoga, etc.

Consider consuming only clean foods

What you eat can influence your inside like how nutritious foods make your body feel good. Hence, you can use this opportunity to eat clean foods more. It means, you avoid processed foods, alcohol, and sugar. Try more organic produce and healthy fats during your staycation and see if it affects your body positively. 

Get close to the nature

Staycation doesn’t you have to stay in all day long. Allow yourself to go out and meet nature. Spend time with nature by walking outside, visiting garden, climbing a mountain, or something else you prefer. Nature has healing properties to help you recover and rejuvenate. It helps a lot in uncluttering your mind so you understand yourself better. 

Perfect Scuba Diving holidays in Bali for beginners or experienced diver.

Scuba diving is an interesting activity that many people can experience. There are many ways you can experience scuba diving in your holidays to Bali, either beginners or an experienced diver. Here are some of the dive site you can visit in Bali for your holiday.

Blue Lagoon in Padangbai

Blue Lagoon is well-known for being a great place for beginners and snorkelers, but it’s also a great dive site for divers of all levels. This protected bay provides something for everyone, whether it’s your first or 1000th time underwater. The dive starts on a sand plateau at around 5 meters deep, then descends along a sandy slope to a depth of 20 meters. Leaving the sandy area, we enter an area with scattered reef, coral bommies, boulders, and table corals, as well as an abundance of marine life.

A lovely wall begins where the bay ends and conducts us along the beach. A variety of crustaceans shelter in and around the reef, including feather stars (crinoids).

USAT Liberty in Tulamben

The USAT Liberty was a 120-meter-long US Army cargo ship that sailed from Australia to the Philippines in January 1942 to bring railway parts and rubber. As it passed between the islands of Lombok and Bali, a japanese submarine shoot a torpedo at the ship. The ship was damaged, but there was an attempt to tow it to Singaraja, but the ship was sinking rapidly and then beached in Tulamben. Then 20 years later Mt. Agung erupted and moved the ship to the sea of Tulamben. 

Diving spot in tulamben
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The ship now has become home to many corals and fish. Becoming the perfect spot to visit for scuba diving in your holidays. Around the ship there are many beautiful creatures that you can see when you dive. Beautiful species like mantis shrimps, anemone, pufferfish, nudibranch, and many more. You can even find predators like giant trevalies and barracuda. If you’re lucky you can spot parrotfish, sharks and turtles there. This site is really friendly for beginners, you can even dive here without any diving experience before. You can just take a quick course in a diving center and immediately explore the wreck.

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Crystal Bay in Nusa Penida

Crystal Bay got its name from the crystal-clear seas that it have, where visibility is usually excellent. This turquoise colored harbor is a pocket of paradise, protected from strong waves and surrounded by a gorgeous white sand beach filled with coconut trees. A tiny island in the middle of the bay has a staircase carved into the rock that leads to a temple. The dives take place all around the island, starting on a sandy slope that leads us down to the edge of a coral plateau, which is between 6 and 10 meters deep. Before dropping off into a 50-meter-deep wall. here, its the ocean thats in front of you, and we’ll have the chance to meet the big (and harmless) Mola Mola.

Mangrove point in Nusa Lembongan

Mangrove point is located between Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. This place is made of an expanse of mangrove and plays a significant role in the local ecosystem. The reef and slope seabed are densely with many marine flora, including a wide range of coral species, sponges, anemones, and a diverse array of animal life. You and your dive party will drift with a current that fluctuates in intensity from weak to strong along a gentle slope that progressively lowers to between 8 and 20 meters deep. This dive location is one of the most attractive in the Nusa Lembongan/Penida marine park due to the high quality of the reef. Beside for scuba diving, Mangrove point is also a famous snorkeling spot. Also if you’re on a scuba diving trip for the holidays, you can also visit Amed, another place where you can go as beginners.

Benefits You Gain From Travelling With Friends

Travelling is about experiencing things you probably won’t get from any other activities. There is that kind of excitement you only get by travelling. People also travel in their own way. Some people like to do it alone while others like to do it in group. There is no right or wrong on this matter because both are fun. Many seasoned travelers recommend you to travel solo to fully experience the thrill and the sparks. However, travel with friend can be as rewarding. It is not as stressful as you imagined. 

Benefits You Gain From Travelling With Friends

What benefits you gain from travelling with friends?

There are many benefits you can get from travelling with your friends and here are some of them:

Experience new things you don’t imagine doing it alone. When travelling by yourself, it is often that you fall back to your routine. Meanwhile, travelling with friends can feel new because your friends might have different way to enjoy the trip. You can try what they love to do the most and vice versa. Then see how excited it can be. Sharing experiencing together will create unforgettable memories even if it is silly thing. 

You have someone to talk when travel with friends. During travel, there is high spirit and excitement. You feel like full of energy that you don’t know hot to contain yourself with it. When your friend beside you for the trip, you can share what you feel with them. Besides, having someone familiar during the trip can help a lot to make the trip more enjoyable. You can rely on each other to have a fun and safe trip. 

Strengthening your bond through travelling together can help a lot in your friendship growth. There might be some clashes here and there but once you overcome the issues, you will get closer. There are many moments you share together. Sometimes, things go wrong and you face the problems together. And that’s what makes you get closer. It is great ingredient to build a lifelong friendship. 

As mentioned above that travelling with friends make you rely on each other. It brings the sense of security and support. It is different from when you travel alone because you keep relying solely on yourself and sometimes it makes you unable to fully enjoy the trip. You can watch each other’s bag or remind each other of important things. You can also be a support for each other. There are many things during travel that can make you upset, frustrated, or overall in bad mood. You can help each other during those tough moments. 

Travelling with friends might look costly but in reality, it becomes more affordable. It is because you can split the cost. Many services become cheaper when booked in groups. You can share a room without paying extra. You can also share foods and other expenses. It is such a great choice if you are budget travelling with friends. No need to overspend for having great travel experience with your friends. 

Komodo Rinca Tour And Meet The Reptile

Flores is very popular with Komodo Island, which is the place for the original habitat of ancient animals, Komodo dragons. The island, which is a habitat for ancient animals, is also a UNESCO world heritage site and holds the title of New 7 Wonders of Nature. But did you know that you are not only on Komodo Island to be able to see ancient animals that are almost extinct? Rinca Island, a part of the Komodo archipelago, is also a habitat for endangered animals with a smaller population than Komodo Island. The Komodo Rinca tour and the surrounding area allow you to explore rare animal habitats and stunning natural beauty.

Komodo Rinca Tour: What's the difference between Rinca Island & Komodo Island?

Komodo Rinca Tour: What’s the difference between Rinca Island & Komodo Island?

There is much debate as to whether Rinca island or Komodo island is home to more rare animals. Actually, these two islands are in a position that is not far from each other. These two islands have different criteria. You can enjoy and see different criteria when doing the Komodo Rinca tour. But, let’s be clear here! Komodo Island is predominantly forest-dominated, while detailing is more savanna. The geographic contours of the two islands greatly affect endangered animals.

Wonder Purba on Rinca Island is more aggressive than on Komodo Island. Why? Given that the island of Rinca is dominated by savanna, the weather is very hot. The Komodo dragons on the island of detail look smaller than on the island of Komodo. Why? The hot weather on the island of Rinca makes the number of prey animals less than on Komodo Island so that the ancient animals in Rinca look smaller.

Usually, the providers who offer the Komodo Rinca tour will take you along the trekking path with beautiful views in the form of a line of hills and a stretch of the blue sea. The hill becomes dry when it enters the dry season and turns green when it enters the rainy season. On Rinca Island, you can join the mangrove planting program by paying 150,000 rupiah. You can name the mangrove trees and see their progress the next time you visit.

Usually, the providers who offer the Komodo Rinca tour will take you along the trekking path with beautiful views in the form of a line of hills and a stretch of the blue sea. The hill becomes dry when it enters the dry season and turns green when it enters the rainy season. On Rinca Island, you can join the mangrove planting program by paying 150,000 rupiahs. You can name the mangrove trees and see their progress the next time you visit.

If you do the Komodo Rinca tour without a provider, be sure to hire a ranger to guide you to explore the two islands which are the habitat for endangered animals. Facilities are available on the island of Rinca, including toilets, food stalls, and homestay.

Rinca Island

Open daily 8 am to 6 pm.

Ticket price 25,000 rupiah/person (prices exclude ranger)

Komodo island

Indonesian Citizen

Weekdays: 5,000 per person

Weekend: 7,500 per person


Weekdays: 150,000 per person Weekend: 225,000 per person

Snorkeling: 15,000 per person

Wild animal observations: 10,000 per person

Trekking: 5,000 per person

Ranger: 80,000 for 5 participants

How To Avoid Sore Feet When Travelling

How To Avoid Sore Feet When Travelling

Locals often tell you that the best way to explore the city is on foot. Well, there are so many benefits you can get from exploring the places you visit on foot such as free of being stuck in the traffic. You can save money for other things. Also, you can focus more enjoying the surroundings in details. However, walking all the time during travel has its downside too. Your feet are probably the most hardworking ones for those extra walks. No wonder they can get sore and tired. 

Sore feet during travel

Slogging through enormous museums and explore the street markets for hours can do wonder to your feet. They might not be able to tell you how much they are tired or sore but you can feel them. When you don’t take care of your feet well, you will get the revenge. So here are tips for you to keep avoid sore or tired feet when travelling:

How To Avoid Sore Feet When Travelling

Choose the right shoes for your trip. Many travelers and tourists alike don’t really put much attention on footwear especially when they plan to have a relaxing vacation. They think flip flops are enough. However, wrong shoes can lead to disaster. Choose comfortable, sturdy, shoes for the trip regardless of your itinerary. You can also pack your sandal for when you are having relax time on the beach but sightseeing or other activities that require walking need more proper shoes. Do not just rely on stylish shoes especially if they don’t protect your feet properly.

For women, you can use support hosiery and keep in mind that it is not only for pregnant ladies or postmenopausal women. You can wear a good pair of knee socks or support stockings to help prevent swollen, sore feet as well as aching calf muscles. There are many of them coming in different styles and look you can choose based on your preference. If you plan for a long haul flight, you can also wear compression socks and pack extra pair in your luggage.

Support socks are also for men. There are many pair designed for men in all shapes, sizes, and colors. There are even sport version for hiking and cycling you can wear if you plan to do these activities while travelling. The materials are not disturbing because they are soft, thick, silky, and warm so they are still comfortable to wear. 

If you love flip flop so much that you cannot just go travelling without wearing one then consider the ones with gel inserts. Thong sandal gel inserts make difference than when you just wear regular sandals. The gel is soft and cool. It also function to distribute the pressure around your feet.  So it can help prevent and relieve the pain. 

If there are too many places to explore and you think walking around will be hell for your feet then why not get on a bike. It puts far less pressure on your feet than constant long distance walking. 

5 Best Places for Snorkeling in Nusa Penida

5 Best Places for Snorkeling in Nusa Penida

Being a tropical paradise, Bali has numerous exciting locations to go snorkeling. One of the best snorkeling locations around Bali is the island of Nusa Penida. With a magnificent coastline, crystal clear waters, and splendid beaches, Nusa Penida lures increasing numbers of visitors for underwater holiday each year. The island is positioned within The Coral Triangle, where you can find various kinds of marine life. With so many coral reefs and snorkel spots, it’s hard to decide where to start your snorkeling in Nusa Penida adventure. However, no visit is complete without checking out some of Nusa Penida’s must-see snorkeling spots!

List of awesome places for snorkeling in Nusa Penida

Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay is one of the most popular spots for snorkeling in Nusa Penida. It is one of the few sandy beaches where snorkelers at all levels can enjoy exploring the incredible underwater because of the shallow water and easy shore access.  This sunning beach is really quiet and almost feels like a private beach. Crystal bay has clear crystal water, colorful coral, and beautiful fishes and the rare Mola Mola fish from time to time. The flora and the fauna in this spot are simply incredible.

Manta Bay

Manta Bay is a relatively shallow area where manta rays tend to swim and forage on the surface thanks to currents rich in plankton. One of the best things to do in Nusa Penida is swimming with the incredible Manta Ray. The waters of the southern part of the island are known as the natural habitat of this gentle manta ray. Snorkeling with the gentle manta ray is one of the most amazing experiences you can have while traveling in Bali.  

Gamat Bay, best snorkeling site in Nusa Penida

Gamat bay is one of the most beautiful snorkeling spots in the island. This stunning bay indeed offers an amazing atmosphere. To reach Gamat bay, you need to ride a fast boat. Many colorful fishes and some outstanding corals are seen clearly down there. For instance, mola-mola, sea turtles, sharks, and much more. Be sure to take beautiful photos of those exotic creatures, after all.

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Toyapakeh Wall Point

Toyapakeh Wall Point is a perfect snorkeling site offering panoramic underwater attractions in the form of its natural beauty and clear water. True to its name, Toyapakeh Wall has an underwater wall beautifully decorated with a variety of marine creatures. Furthermore, many exotic species can be found here, including barracuda, resident giant trevallies, and a plethora of macro life.

5 Best Places for Snorkeling in Nusa Penida

Buddha Temple

If you are looking for a unique snorkeling experience head to Buddha Temple. Here, you can spot Buddha statues and many stupas like Borobudur Temple that will surprise and amaze you. Swim with the colorful fish and enjoy the breathtaking view while you get surrounded by corals. Sounds good isn’t it? The Buddha Temple is located next to Nusa Ceningan but most Nusa Penida snorkeling holidays include this site in the itinerary thanks to its uniqueness.

Dealing with Skin Problems When Travelling

Dealing with Skin Problems When Travelling

Skin is like the first protection you have for your body. Everything will have to go through your skin before invading the inside of your body. It prevents many risks of illness from your body so keeping your skin look beautiful and glowing is not enough. You need to make sure it stays healthy whenever and wherever you are.

Skin problems during travel and how to deal with them

It is common for travelers to find their skin more problematic while travelling. There are many causes of it to happen such as different weather, air, water, foods, etc. Here are some skin problems that possible to happen while travelling and tips to deal with them:

Weather can cause your skin to break out. Your skin will need time to adjust from warm temperature to the colder one or vice versa. Your dry skin will pay the price and you might feel rough patches or flare ups. Or, your body can produce more oils and sweat and you are suffered from acne. To deal with these kinds of skin problems, you need to wash your face regularly then apply moisturizer daily. If you easily get acne, pack acne spot treatment for your trip.

Lower humidity can also cause skin problems during travel. It mostly happens when you are flying. The lower humidity forces your skin to dry out. To deal with dryness due to the lower humidity of the cabin plane, it is recommended that you board with fresh face. Apply your usual moisturizer then you can also spray some face mist throughout the flight. If you have sensitive skin, choose skincare products that are more gentle.

Stress during travel can also lead to skin problems such as breaks out. Travel is often unpredictable and you don’t know what problems awaiting you. Travel hiccups can lead your skin to produce more oils which can clog your pores and create acne. To deal with it, try to enjoy your travel more and focus more on the positive sides. Practice meditation when you are so stressed out. Or, have aromatherapy with you all the time so you can sniff at it when you are feeling headache approaching due to the stress.

Foods can also cause skin problems especially when you are travelling to different countries. The foods might not be what you used to eat and match your diet. What you eat can affect your skin. For example, high levels of dairy and sugar often lead to breaks out. Try to be more selective of the foods you are going to eat and always bring acne spot treatment. Try to eat more smartly and balance your diet with healthier foods.

Dehydration is one of the major causes of skin problems during travel. It can cause dry skin, eye bags, and even dull skin. Therefore, it is a must to stay hydrated during travel no matter what. However, avoid caffeinated and alcoholic beverages because they cause dehydration even more. Balance with fruits and vegetable consumption to keep your hydration level high.

Lamima Liveaboard Take You to The Nusa Island

Lamima Liveaboard

When you hear a dream paradise holiday. What is the first thought that comes to your mind?  The Hawaii holiday will come to mind, right? Beaches, sand, excellent diving, and the perfect weather. However, did you know that Indonesia has an island that is no less beautiful? Located in the Bali Sea, The Nusa Islands are three small islands consisting of Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Penida, and Nusa Lembongan. This stunning island is well known for its nature, beautiful beaches, sea creatures, and biodiversity. It also offers a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of Kuta or Seminyak. One of the best ways to reach Nusa Islands is by Lamima Liveaboard. The liveaboard trip will give you a stunning experience and give a work break from daily life.

What to expect on Lamima Liveaboard?

Lamima liveaboard is sure to give you an unforgettable and relaxing holiday in the Nusa Islands. B. It provided the exceptional comfort of a modern yacht with luxurious and classy touches. The liveaboard offers a total of seven cabins. The master suite on the main deck and the remaining six cabins on the lower deck. The master suite with a king bed is one of the luxurious spaces that includes a seating area.  The 4 cabins feature a king size bed and sitting area. And the other two cabins feature twin beds with ample storage space.

All of the cabins have an en-suite bathroom with a walk-in shower, toilets, and two vanities to ensure you have a comfortable stay on board. Outside of the cabins, there is a spacious dining area featuring a fully air-conditioned. Outside of the cabins, there is a spacious dining area featuring a fully air-conditioned. Also in this area, you will find a separate seating area with a long sofa where you can relax, watch a movie night, and exchange stories with your partner.

Best things to do in Nusa Island

For those looking for a new adventure, Nusa Islands is the place that can not be missed when holiday in Bali.Lamima liveaboard will take you to spot Manta Points. Snorkeling with Manta Point is one of the most amazing experiences you can have while traveling on this liveaboard trip. When you jump into the water, you are immediately staring face to face with a giant Manta Ray, which is one of the most majestic biodiversity of the ocean. Another interesting thing to do which is definitely a visit for you is meet the local seaweed farmers. To find the local farms make your way to the shoreline in the southeast of the Nusa Lembongan where you will see locals drying and harvesting the seaweed in the sun.

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The Importance Of Behavior Assessment In Business

Running a business means you have to know how to work with other people. Building a solid team is one of the most important factors for growing successful business. However, every individual has different characteristics usually shown by their behavior.

Behavior assessment can help you diagnose any disruptive behavior that might be currently happening within your team and possible harm your business in general. 

Managing negative behaviors within your team

Every individual’s characteristic and style can impact negatively or positively tot he flow and dynamic of the entire team. Behavior assessment can help in identifying any behavior that tend to be more disruptive than motivated. Therefore, individual skills are not the only thing that needs to be focused on when building a team. As the team working together, you can identify if there are individuals who give negative impact or influence to the others. 

A good leader is the one who can positively motivate their team to implement good skills and system. Therefore, it is also important to have a behavior assessment to identify abrasive behaviors in a leader. Then, the assessment is also applied to every individual in the team. Abrasive behaviors can lead to more destructive and disruptive ones. 

There are some behaviors to measure such as name calling, withholding information, over-controlling, disrespecting boundaries, making threats, and so on. Therefore, it is essential to measure behaviors related to intimidation, ignorance, micromanagement, confidentiality maintenance, and so on. You can see some of these behaviors on some individual in your team or your assigned team leader. If you find any of individual who have the tendency to do those disruptive behaviors, take action to address it effectively.

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There are also signs you can find to see if there are any disruptive behaviors happening in the team done by some individuals. For example, you receive more complaints about someone’s interaction with other member or customers, there are employees who ask for a transfer out, and more. The more your team members complain or distress, the more likely for you to find someone with disruptive behavior. It will affect to the morale and productivity within the team if you ignore the issue. 

There are different scenarios that might happen once you notice the disruptive behaviors within the team. It can be a problem that happens between only two parties, or someone is targeting an individual in the team. It is possible to find a bully in your team who like to intimidate other, making harsh comment, disrespecting other, or picking on someone constantly. These issues are crucial to address immediately. 

Creating a healthy work environment can be challenging for a leader. It needs everyone’s effort to make it true. It is also important for a leader to lead by example. Show positive behaviors that more motivated for your team members to work just as hard and interact with positive behaviors with others. Take necessary action to address internal problem immediately before it can cause more damage to the team and business.

Bali Freehold Property For Sale in Your Watchlist

Bali Freehold Property For Sale have shift its market to undeniably a demanding investment. This market offers unique concept and value proposition that attached with balinese traditional culture and belief. In addition, as the market are keep increasing and evolving, buyer might face a new era of bali villas that brought and customize solely for each of their buyer.

Bali Freehold Property for Sale Amazing Pool

Furthermore the dynamic culture and behaviour also contribute to the Bali freehold property for sale industry. Starting from top of the roof, each corner of the room, and square meter of garden are now mostly customize and adapt to the market demand. In addition, where now market are leveraging to what people consider as post-modern living and disruptive industry. Imagination and innovation is what it takes to make bali villas to the next level.

These factor are highly influence most of bali real estate market nowadays. For instance, we could see the trends of bali freehold property for sale with the implementation of traditional-minimalist and modern touch in its furnishing. In addition, the characteristic of type of unit, enquiry and leasehold are also used to determine the property purpose. Whether its for leashold and freehold for a short term or longterm. This helps describe property purpose in more accurate and calculate the investment rate clearly.

Whats Bali Freehold Property For Sale Exactly?

The freehold owner define its property right to own, including the right of land where the property is built on. If someday you might buy a freehold, it means that you’re responsible for all the maintenance of the property and land. Moreover, you’ll need to spend more budget to cover these costs. Most of bali real estate possess in freehold and some indicate as leasehold. This usually specify through their variation of shared-ownership schemes.

Bali Freehold Property for Sale Lounge

Owning a Bali freehold property for sale is also give amount of benefit. For instance, you dont need to worry about the lease agreement that might running out, as you fully own the outright. Moreover, you dont need to directly settle the deal with the freeholder or landlord. Also you dont responsible for paying ground rent, landlord charges and services charges.

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Exclusive Private Freehold Villa With Ocean View

A decent yet exclusive private villa can be describe by its ownership and outright. Unlike other strict share-ownership and rigid leasehold, this exquisite villa offers a ideal freehold ownership deal. Extremely eye-catching and calming villa enclose in Jimbaran area, and moreover provide with exceptional ocean view!

Bali Freehold Property for Sale Stunning Bedroom

Cover in 3 spacious master bedrooms with 4 astonishing bathrooms. Furnished in each of its corner and decorated in great balinese heritage. Furthermore, this villa interior provides finest property standards with luxury value in every aspect. Morely offers 3 maid rooms, 2 levels building, 2 spacious living areas , 2 master dining areas, full set kitchen. Also complete with 7x5m of swimming pool, 2 gazebos, strong internet, big garden and garage for 2 cars.

This exclusive Bali Freehold Property for Sale available with its additional benefits. Ideal to purchase for your investment portfolio or residence home. With all the benefit informed above, you’ll likely figure those in this amazing villa. So, enquire now to and dont miss out their big promotion!