Why You Would Love Ubud?

Have you heard of Ubud? The whole world must have known Ubud. One of the villages in Bali that has captivated the world. Ubud is the 6th best city in the world! Amazing! The combination of natural scenery, natural atmosphere, as well as culture and unique traditions make this region very famous in the world. In fact, Ubud is also included as a world gastronomic destination. Curious? Well, let’s look further, why so many world travelers like Ubud.


Food and drinks that are typical of Ubud are one of the main reasons. In fact, culinary has become a lifestyle but the use of local products, as well as food-related to culture and history, the story behind food and nutrition and health is the reason. You can try suckling pig or mixed rice when staying in the Ubud area.

Back to nature

Riding a bicycle along the Ubud area is very pleasant. You will find fresh air that is different from other big cities. Many tracks that you can go by bicycle such as in rural areas, rice fields while interacting with local residents. Riding a bicycle in a cool area gives a different sensation, a relaxation that you can’t find in other places.

Yoga dan healing

These two things become one of the attractions of Ubud in the eyes of the world. Many places offer a place of healing for the body and soul. Even some Ubud villas offer regular yoga schedules. Most travelers who have long lived in the Ubud area will make use of yoga and healing. Besides yoga, guests can also take part in meditation sessions. Conducting both activities in the Ubud area with fresh air provides something different and memorable during the holidays.


Ubud is very known for its cultural elegance and rich in tradition. The number of artists domiciled in Ubud makes this area an artist village. In fact, Ubud regularly holds many events related to art and culture. Not a few foreign artists who come to Ubud just to attend the event. It’s incomplete to stay in Ubud without attending the traditional “Kecak” dance. Travelers can enjoy dances that tell the life of Ramayana.

Rows of villas with amazing views

Ubud villas with a private pool

It’s no secret that the row of Ubud villas offers its own views and charm. Ubud villas have always been the target of travelers and even for digital nomads. This is a trend that is currently developing in the Ubud area. work in a quiet and comfortable environment and offer privacy. There are many possibilities for digital nomads to gather and share experiences. Well, Ubud has never run out of charm for its travelers. In fact, many people are willing to spend the budget to stay at Ubud villas with special facilities and services.