Travel Trivia: Things to know about the two most beautiful beaches in Indonesia!

Indonesia, a country in Southeast Asia made up of thousands of volcanic islands, is home to hundreds of ethnic groups speaking their own languages. It is known for its beaches (very popular with its magnificent beaches which include the most visited cities in Indonesia like Bali and Lombok), its volcanoes, its Komodo dragons and its jungles where elephants, orangutans and tigers. Jakarta, the dynamic and sprawling capital, is located on the island of Java, as is the city of Yogyakarta known for gamelan music and traditional puppets. Below are some beaches in Indonesia that can attract the attention of tourists to visit.

Tanjung Bira, South Sulawesi

tanjung bira indonesia travel

The beach whose beauty is undoubtedly Tanjung Bira where the neat and clean beach is very clear with a soft texture of sand. Located at the southern tip of Sulawesi Island, all visitors to this place will be fascinated and at ease with the presence of lined coconut palms and rugged rocky cliffs. The exciting activities that can make you forget the time at Tanjung Bira are sunbathing, snorkeling, and swimming.

Watching the sunrise and sunset is also a popular activity for many tourists. As a bonus, there are Goat Island and Liukang Island whose beauty can be appreciated by tourists. With its location in the regency of Bulukumba, precisely in the sub-district of Bonto Bahari, Tanjung Bira is a coastal region that offers complete accommodation and facilities.

Pantai Pandawa, Bali

Bali is often considered a paradise for nature tourism with Lombok, and there is no denying that Bali is the ideal place for a visit to the beach. Pandawa Beach, nicknamed the Secret Beach, is a secluded beach located on the Isle of God, south of Bali, in the village of Kutuh. Although hidden and covered with shrubs and high cliffs, this beach can still emit its charm. It’s just that tourists who want to come to the beach have to be prepared with rather difficult access. Specifically, Pandawa Beach is located in the tourist region of Badung – South Kuta and one of the many beaches in Bali. In the past, this beach is known to be one of the secret beaches in the region due to its location behind a mountainous area which has isolated its location from the unknown.

When traveling to Bali, visitors usually only know the beaches of Sanur or Kuta, but a very nice view can also be found on Pandawa Beach with its white sand and the clarity of the sea water. The exciting water activities not to be missed are water sports such as paragliding and canoeing. Swimming is also practiced by many tourists. There is also a cultural parade which can be seen during a visit to March; this event is presented by Hindus and Buddhists.

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