Tips & Guide To Go On Komodo Island Tour

Not only Komodo dragons you will see on Komodo Island. Hiking up the hill, sunbathing on Pink Beach, snorkeling, sightseeing traditional villages, and visiting Kalong Island are all options. Many Komodo island tour packages include enjoyable activities and site visits in and around Komodo National Park. You can go diving, hike up the hill, sunbathe on Pink Beach, snorkel, tour traditional villages, or visit Kalong Island. Traveling to Komodo Island or Indonesia, in general, is safe at any time of year, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need travel tips. The recommendations for locations and the best time to visit are included in the tips below.

Komodo island tour, top view of Kelor Island in an afternoon before sunset with turquoise sea and tourist boats, Komodo Island (Komodo National Park), Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia

How to go on the Komodo island tour?

How do I get to this island? There are two routes, one from Jakarta and one from Bali. If you are flying from Jakarta, you must first fly to Bali. Then, to get to Komodo Island, follow these steps:

1. Fly from Bali to Labuan Bajo, which is on Flores island next to Komodo Island. Take a rental boat or ferry across the strait from there. Small planes are typically used for flights from Bali. It is best to reserve your seat in advance because it is frequently full. The rental boat can take you to some of the best dive sites on Komodo Island. In marine reserves, you can dive with local dive centers.

A pinisi ship from Bali will take you on a diving cruise around Lombok Island before arriving at the Komodo marine reserve.

When is the best time to visit Komodo? You can visit islands and marine reserves all year.

Vacations are best taken between April and December. With an average temperature of 26°C, Indonesia is entering a not-so-hot dry season. Aside from that, the weather is pleasant, with little rain.

However, from January to March, you can visit to explore other activities. Hill trekking tours around the Komodo Islands and Mount Kelimutu on a nearby island are still available.

Tour to Komodo Island will require more than one day. This implies that you will require lodging for a day trip. Find the best hotel or villa deals on the Internet and book ahead of time.

Labuan Bajo itself has good villas and hotels at reasonable prices. Don’t forget to purchase travel insurance before carrying out your plans. This will ensure your safety and health while diving, snorkeling, and participating in other strenuous activities.

There will be numerous activities available on Komodo Island. This means you’ll need to prepare a lot more than just your energy.