Three Best Dive Sites in Bali for Deep Diving

Ah, the magnet of the deep. When you have nearly a hundred (or more) dives below your belt, it’s natural if you are curious about what’s hidden where the blue water gets darker. Seasoned divers are teased to the idea of seeing things they cannot see in shallower water. Stranger ocean creatures, wrecks, and healthier corals are the most common lure of the deep sea. Any dive below 30 meters/ 100 feet is essentially a deep diving, and Bali has a fair share of good sites for that. Below is three best dive sites in Bali for enjoying the depth of the sea. 

The Drop Off, Tulamben—Best Dive Sites in Bali for Sloping Dive

Three Best Dive Sites in Bali for Deep Diving

On 1963, the Mount Agung erupted and the lava, flowed to the ocean, created an impressive deep wall in Tulamben. The wall is starting at 3 meters beneath the surface and down descending to 70 meters deep. Visibility can reach up to 30 meters, allowing breathtaking drop off experience. defending the great wall can make any diver feels like floating in space. The massive walls, blooming with sponges, black corals, and gorgonian fans, would make you feel dwarfed by its greatness. White and black tip sharks are hanging out around the wall, and all around are dog tooth tuna, leaf scorpion fish, napoleons, and giant parrot fish. The gorgonian fans are also great to spot on the rare pygmy pink seahorses. The drop off is definitely one of the best deep dive sites in Bali that would keep you coming back for more.  

Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida

The Crystal Bay of Nusa Penida has long been known as the home of Indonesian’s Mola Mola. The best dive sites in Bali to spot on the rarely seen giant sunfish—who usually dwells in he deep, cold sea 600 meters below the surface. On certain time of the year, the Mola Mola will ascend to shallower water to get cleaned! Around July to September, you will see them hanging out on Crystal Bay cleaning station at 18 m to 30 m deep. This might be shallow for the sunfish, but it’s still deep for us! Around the site, don’t skip the local critters! Frogfish, mantis shrimps, and diverse variety of nudibranchs can be another highlight after the Mola Mola. 

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Menjangan Island, West Bali National Park

On the tip of the west end of Bali lies Menjangan Island, West Bali National Park, which largely left untouched. Similar to the drop off, Menjangan features a fantastic wall diving descending to 60 meters below the surface. Gorgonian sea fans, small caverns, and sponges adorn the wall while visibility could reach over 50 meters. You can do shallow dive to deep dive in Menjangan, really. Barracuda, turtles, reef sharks, and even Manta rays loves to hang around the walls! Menjangan also enjoy some currents which will be very nice for drift diving!