Things You Should Avoid To Do When Travel Around Peru

Peru is a great place for travelling because there are places with historical and cultural values. There are also places in Peru famous for its colonial architecture. There won’t be a time for you to feel bored during your travel in Peru. However, it is important to research things you should and should not do during your visit in Peru to ensure your safety and health. Peru is considered a safe country to visit but precautions won’t hurt. Besides, it is always good to be prepared especially when you travel abroad. 

Avoid Doing These When Travelling around Peru

Peru can be considered as the main star of South America. It is a country of one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It is also a place that plays important role to the biodiversity of the world’s ecosystem. Aside from beautiful colonial architecture, you will also get to experience the real wildlife and meet variety of flora and fauna. To ensure your safety and health, avoid doing these things during your visit.

Things You Should Avoid To Do When Travel Around Peru

Hoping on the Inca Trail carelessly

This spot is the most popular for hiking. However, you cannot just hike without permission. You have to register yourself. If you are under a tour program, the guide might help you to register without hassle. However, the length can be different. During the hike, make sure to clean after yourself. If it is your first time hiking the Inca Trail, you might need a guide or porter. Don’t forget to tip them after.

Bring coca leaves home

This is what you should avoid no matter how much you like it. It is fine to enjoy a coca tea. Drinking coca tea can help reducing altitude sickness. The locals often use the leaves to make teas, candles, and gums for that purpose. However, it is highly advised to not bring any leaves home. You might end up in trouble because the border patrol and customs will question it. 

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Exploring places without wearing sunblock

To ensure your health, make sure to always bring sunburn with high SPF during your trip in Peru because this tropical country is very hot during the day. Sunburn is one of the most common health problems suffered by travelers. Also, most of tourist attractions in Peru are located in high elevations which can cause you to suffer from altitude sickness with the symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and shortness of breath. Give yourself time to adjust to the high altitudes before continuing your journey. You can also ask your hotel for an oxygen tank in case of emergency especially when you plan for outdoor activities such as climbing or hiking. 

Not bringing enough cash

Forgetting cash is a thing you should avoid to do especially when you plan to wander around more secluded places in Peru. Sightseeing and meeting the locals are great but forgetting the cash will cause you a trouble when you need to buy something. Because stores and restaurants accepting credit cards are mostly located around more touristy areas.