Things to Expect When You’re Looking for Family Resort in Bali

Things to Expect When You’re Looking for Family Resort in Bali

When you have kids, your life changes. The way you travel changes, too. It will not be the same as the way you travel alone or with your kids, with your spouse, or even with your large family. Kids have their own needs—and they are quite dependant on you. But it doesn’t mean that travelling with kids are not fun! On the otherwise, travelling with kids can be very rewarding. Especially when you are travelling to Bali, where the sun is bright and dozens of adventure awaits for you and the little ones. Naturally, you want to stay at a family resort during your visit to Bali. And here are things you could expect when you are looking for family resorts in Bali. 

A Large Family Suite with Kids Room

When it comes to hotel accommodations, you should have high standards. You won’t be let down if it’s a decent location that cares about being family-friendly. To begin with, expect larger rooms to suit families traveling with kids; this is an important consideration. You didn’t fly all that way only to have a cramped hotel room with your family.

Separate toilets are appreciated because a family of four would struggle to share one. There can be a long wait before it’s your turn. If you’re traveling with your spouse, the majority of kid-friendly hotels won’t provide rooms with bathtubs, which isn’t always the case.

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A Baby Sitting or Kids Club Service

A Baby Sitting or Kids Club Service

One thing that travelling families love from a family resort is the availability of baby sitting service or a kids-club, which might be nonexistent at a regular hotel. To book a reservation, all you have to do is give them a call in advance. You can also make a booking for the kids club during the check-in. You will love the kids club at this family friendly all inclusive resort in Bali, where the kids can have all day fun with balloon slides, ball pits, face painting, drawing, wall climbing, or simply watching their favourite cartoon. The friendly staffs at the kids club love kids and they will take your kids under their care.

While your kids are having all the fun at the kids club and tiring themselves out, you can use some free time to just relax by the pool or have some alone time with your partner. This way, everyone can have a happier holiday and provide you with a much-needed respite from the taxing duties of parenthood.

Special Menu for Kids 

We know how picky kids can be with their food, and sometimes they only want to eat familiar meals like spaghetti. This is when a kids menu come into rescue. You can expect family resorts in Bali to have special kids menu. The children can order their favourite food—sometimes for free as long as you order and pay something for yourself. 

You’d be astonished at how many amenities kid-friendly hotels offer to enhance your child’s vacation. More significantly, they’ll provide you peace of mind knowing that your children are in capable hands. They begin by giving out welcome presents for the young ones, which will include lots of toys and other items to play with and make your children happy.

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A Tour to Explore Bali

it’s quite a task to arrange a family trip in Bali, especially when you’re travelling with kids., many family hotels in Bali provide packages and tours to make it easier for you to experience the city with your children.

You’ll discover that they provide guided excursions to local tourist attractions so that you and your children can learn something and discover new things.