Things to Do When Visiting Singapore

Singapore is a fastgrowing country in Asia. However, its heritage is just as diverse and worth exploring for. There are many interesting things to experience when travelling to Singapore. You can plan your visit from now so you will get ready to pack your luggage once the green light of travel is given.

Recommended activities to do when travel to Singapore

Singapore has everything from exquisite authentic foods to old-world monuments. This country might not be as big as others in the world but there are so many interesting things to explore. Singapore is a suitable travel destination for any type of travelers. Here are the most recommended things to do if you plan to visit Singapore someday:

Visiting iconic monuments in Singapore can be one of your to-do list when making travel plan to Singapore. There are many iconic monuments worth visiting for but the most recommended ones probably The Art House and The Victoria Theater and Concert Hall or VTCH. Those tow monuments as the most iconic in Singapore that most international travelers have set their eyes on. These buildings might be old but that’s what makes is even more iconic.

You can also visit VTCH’s 54 metre high clock water. If you hate height, be ready to get a little bit dizzy but it’s truly worth it. This is also such an old icon. You will get to see centuries old clock with its old bells. The clock chimes every hour and have been doing so for over 100 years. From the top of the tower, you will get to see the views of the city around. There you can snap some stunning photos to be saved in your memory.

Next activity you must do during your visit to Singapore is to get to know more their vibrant heritage. You can do it by visiting Kampung Glam, one of the most iconic places in the country. Singapore is known for their diverse neighborhoods and Kampong Glam is the best place to learn more about it. This place is also the oldest urban quarter in the country. It was once a place used by Singapore’s first migrants community.

For food lovers

Today, you can find not only history but also trendy shops and superb restaurant scattered around this place as it has become a modern, iconic hub. You can explore this place simply by walking. Other interesting sites in this place include golden-domed Sultan Mosque, Malay Heritage Centre, and 19th century shophouse. It is highly recommended to try dining experience while visiting Kampong Glam.

For food lovers, you can have superb dinner at National Kitchen. Singapore is one of the best place to get the most excellent dining experience. And National Kitchen is a great choice. This restaurant is set in the National Gallery which makes it more even iconic. The grand hall and the overall interior design is just stunning. Then, you will be served exquisite foods prepared by none other than Violet Oon, the ultimate celebrity chef.