The Idea of Travel With Strangers 

Travelling is highly recommended thing to do because it brings you many benefits. You can learn something new while giving back by supporting the local economy. It is also fun thing to do with friends or alone. You can go group travel or solo travel whenever you’d like to. However, it is sometime miss form your mind that there is also possibility to travel with strangers. It may sound disconcerting because stranger is always correlated with danger and uncertainty. However, we live in more modern society which makes everything more possible.

The possibility of travelling with stranger

The idea of travelling with stranger is not that new. You may have done it unconsciously. Solo travel is the closest to travel with stranger. When you travel solo, you make friends with other travelers along the way. They are totally new people for you and yet you don’t mind reaching the same destination with them. So isn’t it also counted as travel with stranger?

traveling with strangers

Furthermore, the idea of travel with stranger is not actually that disconcerting. It is not as terrifying as it looks. It is good if you can always open your mind with the idea of travelling with new people you just met. Solo travelling can be the start of it. When you travelling alone, try to be less closed-off and open more gate to build friendship with other travelers you may encounter. You can get to know each other along the way especially when you have the same destination. 

Try it out

The idea of travel with stranger is not as scary as it sounds. There are also many benefits you can get from doing so. For example, you can share travel tips with each other. You can also tell each other interesting stories. There is also a chance for you to complete each other. You may not that good in reading map but you are the expert at cooking. The other travelers you just met may have the skills to cover your weaknesses. Working together can make your trip more interesting. 


Travel with the people you just met can also open a chance to create a lifelong bond. You can make new friends that will last longer than you expect. Not to mention that you may find interesting people you can look up to. People coming from different background and cultures will also make you more open-minded. You can learn to see things in different perspectives while bonding. 

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Be open to the idea

Travelling with strangers you just meet during your trip can be a good idea. It can ensure your safety in some ways. Solo travel puts you at more risk because you look ore vulnerable alone. Travelling with other travelers even though they are stranger can reduce the risk of being a target of crimes because thieves usually don’t target a group of people but the one who is alone. Staying in a group especially in dangerous area will help ensure your safety. You can look out for each other to keep each other safe.