The Best Travel Destinations in 2019

Are you looking for some recommended travel destinations? Well,keep on reading! As you all know, there are so many tourist destinations which you can visit during your travel. However, there are quite many tourist destinations which are not recommended for you. It may because of the price or because of the place. Therefore, looking for some information about the best travel destination can help you in deciding which country you should visit during your travelling. To help you choose the best travel destination, we will give you lists of the best countries you have to visit. Let’s get started!

The Best Travel Destinations in 2019

Sri Lanka

The first country you have to travel to is Sri Lanka. If you love to travel in the country which rich in culture, then Sri Lanka is perfect for you. In here, you will be able to learn about their cultures as well as their religions. You can learn about their culture by visiting the temple in Sri Lanka. Not only that but you can also see the variety of their wildlife. Sri Lanka will welcome you with their friendliness.


We all know that not many destinations in Africa are safe. Fortunately, Zimbabwe is considered as one of the safest travel destinations in Africa. No need to be afraid of the locals because they are very friendly and will welcome any tourist who comes to Zimbabwe. In here, you will be able to go to the Big Five-filled national parks, archaeological ruins which are listed in the World Heritage, forested mountains, and the famous Victoria Falls.


If you love the idea of the sea, then you must visit Panama. By visiting Panama, you will be able to visit their beautiful white-sand beaches. Not only that but you can also visit Panama’s tropical rainforests, misty highlands, and their indigenous culture.


Care to do 30-days adventurous travel? Then, you must go to Jordan. You will be required to hike at least 650km for 36 days. However, if you decide to make stops to rest, then you will need around 42 days to arrive at the destination. Once you have arrived, you will see the magnificent Rift Valley landscape, the Dead Sea which is considered as the lowest point on Earth, Sodom city, castles, and enjoy Jordan Trail which is their signature dish. Sounds so amazing, right?


Although Bali is the most famous city in Indonesia, there are more than 17.000 of islands from Sumatra to Papua which you can explore. From beautiful beaches to many varieties of animals, you can see all of them in Indonesia. Also, although Indonesia is famous for its natural disaster, it is still considered safe for tourists. Do keep in mind that you cannot visit all of the tourist destinations in Indonesia only for a week.

Those are the list of the countries which you have to visit in 2019. No matter where you are going, the important thing is that you need to plan everything. Now, choose one of the travel destinations and prepare your trip!