The Best Things to Do in Misool Papua

Misool Papua

Raja Ampat is famous for its beautiful mother nature, amazing biodiversity, clear crystal waters and incredible perfect sunrise. It is located on the northwestern tip of the Bird’s Head Peninsula, West Papua. The island of Raja Ampat is also known as The Four Kings, which are Misool, Salawati, Waigeo and Batanta. Misool Papua is the second largest of Raja Ampat Four Kings, its located closer to the Centar Maluka of Seram than to Sorong. Due to its distance from the central, few visitors include Misool island in their Raja Ampat trip.  This Beautiful island offers wonderful scenery, maybe even more beautiful, that of much more famous Wayag island, and Misool has so many diverse attractions.

Kayaking in Misool Papua

Kayaking in Misool Papua is without a doubt the great way to explore the archipelago. In Misool, you have the chance to try kayaking in beautiful and almost surreal tropical surroundings.  Moreover, you can play in fascinating karst labyrinths. isn’t it good? The island has wonderful reefs that can be explored straight with the kayak. Take your time to see the hanging beautiful orchids and look around the ancient rock paintings from the kayak.

Rock Art

It is no secret that Raja Ampat holds many wonders that attract travellers all over the world. From the land with stunning mother nature to the historical culture. The island of Misool even has its own set of rock art. Mostly of hand prints, human figures, plants, fish, flowers, and geometrical paintings on cliffs. It is estimated that rock art is anywhere between 17.000 years old.

Tomolo Cave

The Raja Ampat features karst topography with small karst islets so undercut by waves that look like mushrooms and covered with green jungle. With all this limestone around the area, it is not wondering that erosion has also created a labyrinth of exotic caves that has narrow passages to explore. One of the most famous caves of which is the mysterious cave of Tomolo of Misool. Tomolo Cave consists of a collection of water-filled caverns located in an easily accessible area in the limestone.  Over a long time ago, the seawater has carved out a stunning entrance to this exotic cave, set within a secluded lagoon encompassed by green plant life and clear crystal water. Strewn along the limestone, you can see the abundance of carnivorous things like orchids, pitcher plants,  and other rare flora.

Cliff Burial Sites

One of the unique destinations to visit is Cliff Burial Sites in Misool. Here, you also can find several ancient cliff burials. The cliff burial sites here tend to be in wet locations, with the bones overgrown with algae and it’s pretty hard to view from sea level.

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If you are lucky, you have the chance to see the pademelons or small kangaroos, cockatoos, parrots, and brush turkeys at Misool.