Scuba Diving in Triton Bay

Triton Bay

Leave your busy routine behind and enjoy diving in the amazing blue waters! Triton Bay is located on the south coast of West Papua, Indonesia.  This place offers unique underwater habitats, colorful soft corals, incredible endemic species, and whale sharks. The diving site here is quite distinct from other locations in West Papua. The diving site here is quite different from other areas in West Papua. It’s home to napoleon wrasse, giant groupers, eagle rays, schooling barracuda, and a wide variety of other reef fish.  You also can see pygmy seahorses, whale sharks, and wobbegong here.

Getting to Triton Bay

To reach Triton Bay, you should fly to Kaimana via Sorong or Ambon. Lion and Garuda both have flights to Kaimana. Travelers also have the other option to fly from Bali, but this will include Ambon stops before reaching Sorong. From Kaimana, the diving sites on Aiduma Island are 30 kilometers by boat.

Where to Stay

There is only one dive resort in the area. We recommend chartering a luxury cruise in Indonesia with modern amenities. Get a more authentic sailing experience by cruising with Hello Papua. It is the most fantastic way to explore the dive site here. Well, ready to go?

What’s the best time to visit?

There are two wet seasons here: November to December and July to August. You can see plenty of fish and critters at this time—furthermore, the perfect timing for diving from the end of December to May. Because the water starts to warm up again and resulting in better visibility, you can see plenty of fish and critters at this time. Outside of that time, the winds and rain can cause unpleasant sea conditions, so some liveaboards choose to visit the more sheltered spots.

Dive sites of Triton Bay

Saturn Island is a diving spot that can undoubtedly be visited while sailing on a liveaboard. The island has fourth main dive sites, each with quite different characteristics.

The second dive site you must visit is Little Komodo. This dive site is a very rocky site with boulders that breach the surface. All around the rocky area, you can find shoals of all sorts of fish, including anthias, damsels, and fusiliers, as well as sweetlips.

Another must-visit site on Saruenus Island is Aquarium. Saruenus Island is a drift dive site along a wall full of soft coral bommies of beautiful orange and green from the forest.

Another popular site is Bo’s Rainbow. The island is a sheltered site with little to no current. This dive site is relatively shallow, with an average depth of 52 feet.

Another perfect site is Namatote Wall. The dive site is located just off the southern tip of Namatote Island. For divers who are not so fond of muck sites, this is the best choice for capturing those sought-after critters, such as gobies, nudibranchs, and shrimp.

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