Recommended Travel Souvenirs for Budget Travelers

Buying souvenir is part of the fun when it comes to travels. There are many type of travelers when it comes to souvenir hunting. Some of travelers like to spend much money on souvenirs because that’s their main goal when travelling; collecting travel memories through souvenirs. Some travelers stick to simple souvenirs to buy for various reasons as well. For budget travelers, money might be the main issue which limit them from buying souvenir freely. However, it is not supposed to cut the fun. 

Travel souvenirs you can buy without spending too much money

Of course travelling is not all about collecting travel memories by buying various souvenirs. There are others expenses of travel you need to put into top priority. However, buying souvenir is like a tradition when travelling. The point of buying souvenir is to collect memories of a place or experience during travelling. If you focus on that point, it means you don’t necessarily have to buy expensive souvenir. Here are some cheap and simple souvenirs you can buy when travelling.

Coins are simple and cheap that you can buy as souvenir whenever you travel to places. Besides, they don’t weigh much to carry on your pocket or bag. They may look simple but they are iconic because every country have different coins even if the look similar. You can make yourself a jar of travel coins. Whenever you are back from travelling, you can just put the coins in the jar. The more you travel, the more coins you collect. 

If you are fan of jewelry, you can buy it as souvenir when travelling. It doesn’t have to be expensive jewelry that you buy. Instead, you can choose to buy authentic jewelry made by the locals. Handmade jewelry is also great choice and more iconic. Besides, you don’t have to spend too much money on it. Beads, earring, bracelets are great souvenirs because they are cheap, light-weight, and easy to find. 

You can also buy local clothing as souvenirs. They are usually sold in cheap price. Besides, you can sue them back at home. Choose local clothing that is comfortable to wear. You can choose any clothing that fit your preference such as t-shirt, scarf, shawl, etc. You can also wear the clothing during your travel so you can blend in with the local. 

Arts can easily be found during travels. You don’t have to go to the high-end art gallery to buy the art as souvenir. You can find local/ street artists and buy their arts. They are more affordable. Besides, you can also customize the arts to your liking and blend it with the artist’s trademark. This is a great souvenir you can buy without spending too much money but you still get the fun of it. Besides, it is quite memorable that you will always remember where you bought it. 

Buying souvenir doesn’t always have to be excessive. The more important point is that you buy them to remind you of places you visited so it doesn’t have to be expensive.