Papua Diving: Essential Gear for Divers of Any Level

Papua Diving

Papua diving is an incredible experience that might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Papua is still a popular destination for diving lovers. There are hundreds of dive sites spread across inhabited and uninhabited areas. The waters around Papua are as wild and tranquil as the rest of the othersplace. They are home to beautiful reef and various marine mammals in surprising quantity. For some travelers, diving in Papua immediately reminds us of the island of Raja Ampat. This place is not only the area in the coral triangle but it is also the most diverse place in the marine world. You can find more than a thousand species of fish living there. There are also amazing colorfull coral reefs, plenty of pelagics, and mantas being the higlight draw. If you plan to have Papua for your upcoming dive holiday, here’s what equipment do you need to know.

What equipment do you need when you start Papua Diving?

  • Diving Mask: Human eyes are not designed to see underwater and work well under water. Therefore, one of the most important things you need for Papua Diving is a diving mask. Diving masks come in diferent shapes, colors and sizes now days. You can choose the diving mask based on your face shapes, tastes, face shap and requirements. Renting a mask is one option if you dont want to spend much money, but buying a new one that fits you perfectly is best if you want more comfortable.
  • Wetsuit and Drysuit: Prepare your wetsuit and drysuit too! You can wear a wetsuit when diving in warmer water and wear a drysuit in colder water.
  • Scuba Gloves: It wil help to keep your hans warm and prevents skin injuries when you explore Papua Diving!
  • Fins: Fins are another important item that you need. Fins will help you to move through the water seamlessly, without wasting too much energy. You can use open heel fins when diving in cold water, and use full foot when you dive in warmer water.
  • Scuba Tank: Scuba tank stores large volumes of air. It will help you to breathe underwater. This tank made of steel or aluminum that come in various styles and sizes.
  • Regulator: Never forget to use the regulator, as this is what allows you to breathe. When selecting your regulator, always choose the one that provides you with the best performance and comfort. If you want the best performance then you need to consider the components, materials, develop and manufacture.
  • A Depth Submersible Pressure Gauge: This item has function for specifies the current and maximum depth reached during a dive. A compass is another important of scuba diving equipment that helps you to navigate underwater.
  • Dive Computer: A dive computer is another vital piece of scuba diving equipment that helps you monitors the duration of your dive, the depth you are at, and how much longer you can safely stay at depth.

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