New Packing Rules For Travelling During Pandemic

As well know that pandemic has brought major changes to our lives in many ways including to our travel habit. All changes has led to some measurements, new rules, regulations and policies to ensure the safety of everyone. It is important to do since travelling increases the risk of spreading and contacting the covid-19. You may have seen from media how new protocols have been made to help reduce the spread of the virus. And for the travel regulations, there are also some new packing rules you must be aware of. 

New Packing Rules For Travelling During Pandemic

Packing your bag properly to travel during pandemic

Even if your local authorities have allowed you for travelling either for business or leisure, you still have to follow the guidelines they provided diligently. Packing is one of the most important things when it comes to travel. In the past, it was mostly done according to individual style and destination. Today, safety is the main priority which involve coronavirus precautions. 

The risk of infection is true

The number of covid-19 is still climbing even though in some places it has slowly decreasing. The overall number of the case is still climbing which means the spread is still going on. Travel by plane is considered the safest alternative by many. However, it is not entirely true because there are still risks of infecting and spreading the virus during the trip. Some countries that have been affected by covid-19 are on the move now. However, they are still on guards by increasing security and cleaning policies especially in public spaces including airports. 

Opt for carry-on bags

Opt for carry-on bags

As for packing, health experts recommend travelers to use carry-on bag instead of suitcase or other big, heavy luggage. When you carry a luggage, you have to linger around the crowd to wait for it. Thus, it increase your risk at contacting the virus from the people around you. Also, a carry-on bag means you don’t have to put it somewhere you don’t know during your trip. You will be the only one who carry it plus the staff who do the checking. Even then, you can sanitize it using a disinfectant wipes after it is handled by people other than you.

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Wear protective gears

Remember that even if you only have carry-on bag for your flight, you may still have to let it get checked by the TSA officers. So, do not argue and let them check it. Also, they are wearing protective gear now such as masker, gloves, etc. Over-panicking about people who touch your bag can cause you major stress during your trip. 

Pack hygiene essentials at carry-on 

if you have to bring luggage, pack light and put personal items in your carry-on bag such as extra masker, hand-sanitizer, phone, important documents, medicines, etc. Travel during pandemic, it is better to pack your own refreshments. Not to mention that airlines have changed their food and drink policies as well. So packing your own is good solution in case they are not available. Even if they are available, it is better to have your own for safety purpose.