Most Common Misconducts Done By Tourists

It is true that has been increased tension between the locals and the tourists around the world. While tourism has positive impact to the global economy, there have been negative impacts that affect many things badly. Misconducts done by unruly tourists or travelers alike often cause protest by the residents. However, it is the resident’s rights to do so since they are being disturbed. Sometimes, misconduct can be minor that it went unnoticed. However, some tourists did badly that the locals even considered to apply stricter rules for visitors or even ban tourists completely from their place. 

Most Common Misconducts Done By Tourists

Tourists’ misconducts during travel

There are many reasons why some tourists tend to go unruly during travel. The most common reasons is cultural misunderstanding. It is true that we live in different places with different culture, tradition, beliefs, etc. What we consider normal behavior in our home may consider offensive in other countries. However, this should not be an excuse to misbehave when travelling, information now is widely available and accessible. Educate yourself before visiting the place can truly save everyone. 

Being very noisy

There are also common misconducts that some tourists tend to do when travelling. The most common one probably being noisy. Well, travelling is exciting experience and some tourists may not be able to do it so often. Thus, adrenaline and excitement cause you to be hyper. However, it can disrupt the peaceful of the place. It may not be a problem when you do it in the tourist attraction flocked by tourists. However, it can become serious problems when you are too noisy in sacred places. Always follow the rule of the locals when you are travelling to respect them and save yourself from trouble.

Damaging public facilities

Damaging public facilities is also common misconduct done by tourists. There are some tourists who tend to be inconsiderate of their surroundings. Public facilities are not there to damage. They are there to accommodate everyone comfort and safety. Urinating in public, vandalizing, etc are strongly prohibited no matter where you come from. Those are considered misconducts that affect negatively both to the environment and the residents in general. It is important to have some human decency when travelling. You don’t have to be smart to understand what should and should not do when travelling.

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Ignoring local customs

Ignoring local customs can be considered as misconduct as well and there has been many cases of tourists did so. For example, wearing too revealing clothes in sacred or holy places such as temple. It may sound so minor but it is offensive to the local customs who clearly prohibit visitors to do so. There have been many cases about how tourists giving offensive remarks about the local customs or culture just because they don’t want to follow the rules. It is such a poor behavior that often happen in tourism. Unruly tourists are quite hard to handle due to many reasons. Regardless of how different tourists’ cultural value than the local residents’ is, respecting other people and the nature is a common sense.