How To Live More Satisfied Life

How To Live More Satisfied Life

Happiness can be simple things like eating your favorite foods to major things like accomplishing big goals in life. Regardless, the way every individual feel happiness vary. Each finds happiness from different source as well. To be living a more satisfied life where you always feel grateful and happy is possible by tweaking some of your habits, especially the bad ones. 

Living more satisfied life by tweaking some habits

Habits play important role in how you live your life. Bad habits tend to lead you to unhappiness. The key to achieve happiness is to break habits that make you stress. And if certain habits don’t fit your lifestyle, you’d better ditch them as well. And here are several ways to help you develop healthy and positive habits leading to more satisfied liife:

Smile more

It is such a simple act that hold meaningful value. You smile because you feel happy but when you smile, it can cause you to feel happy. Hence, put a smile as your daily habit can help boost your happiness. However, don’t go around putting fake smiles. Just try to smile a bit when you are feeling down someday and see how it affects you after. 

Have enough sleep

Sleep affects one’s mood significantly because lack of sleep often leads to irritability. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you sleep up to 7 hours a day. A good sleep is vital for the health of brain as well as emotional well-being. Build a better sleep routine and talk with professional if you have problem with sleep. 

Give compliment

Performing act of kindness can bring happiness. It helps you feel more satisfied and grateful even though the one you compliment is other people not yourself. Hence, develop a habit of giving sincere compliment to others. When they brighten with the compliment, it radiates to you creating more happiness.

Acknowledge unhappy moments

It is impossible for you to feel happy all the time because sometimes life is unpredictable, putting you in difficult situation. When you are experiencing unhappy moments, acknowledge them instead of denying the situations. Allow yourself to feel unhappiness for a moment then re-navigate your focus to what can make you feel happy. This is a way to recover healthily. 


Decluttering is not that daunting because you can do it on weekly basis for about 20 minutes max. Tidy up specific area in your room that has been out of control. Put everything in place and toss or give away the items you no longer need. Well-organized space can make you feel happier and less-stressed. 

Get socialized

The lack of social interaction can put you in unhappy state because humans are basically social beings who need to interact with others. Hence, it is healthy to go meet your friends even once or twice a month. Or you can simply make a phone call or chat with them. Having meaningful relationships both with humans or even pets can help a lot in improving your happiness in life.