How To Deal With Remote Work

During the pandemic, businesses are forced to adapt with the current situation. Many employees have started working from home to ensure their own safety and prevent further infection of the virus. As a business leader who always working in the office, you must find it a bit overwhelming to start working from home and handling everything in your personal space. For your employees the confusion might be the same. However, it is not something you cannot handle.

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Doing your remote work smoothly

Lockdown and social distancing policy have limit access for us to go outside, interact with others, as well as work in the right setting. Your home is your personal space that work often cannot touch. However, you need to act flexible and agile due to the pandemic. You can still do your work at home smoothly by following these tips:

  • Know the role and expectation of your own. When you decide to send your team members home due to the pandemic, you need to know your own role. Working at home might make you a bit confused of what to do. However, your role will define your tasks and responsibilities so you know what to do. Therefore, remind yourself of your role is critical to start adapting with the new working environment.
  • Plan your day-to-day task so you can avoid working randomly. Even if you work from home, you still have responsibility to fulfill. By having a plan, you won’t lose track. You also work with purpose that way.
  • Before deciding to send your team members home to work, it is also important to plan your communication method. You need thorough plan so you can still communicate with each other even without face to face. Your team members may prefer video conference or a simple phone call. Some may even prefer emails and other instant messaging platforms. Discuss this issue together so you won’t have any problem communicating later. Make sure to provide the easiest and most accessible method for the communication.
  • Nurture relationships you have with your team members even if you work from home, it is possible to feel like distance has made you felt detached from each other. It can cause a slight dent to your solid relationship and teamwork. Thus, it is essential to put some efforts to stay in touch withe each other. Do not forget to check on your team members and get some updates of what they are doing. You can also have a fun and non-related work gathering for example every once or twice in a month.
  • To work smoothly, it is important to build the structure so you know the boundaries between working and relaxing. Clarifying working hours with yourself is essential so you won’t get lost. If you need something from your team members, make sure to ask questions and clarify everything right away instead of just waiting until the next meeting. Most importantly, enjoy your new work environment and consider it as new and fun challenge you can handle easily.