Highly Recommended Cheesy Foods Worth Travelling for

Cheese is one of the most mouth-watering foods not only because of the taste but also its texture. There are many dishes that will be completed or more drool-worthy when cheese is added. In every country and every region, cheese is handled in many different ways. Some like it simple and some like to make some new innovations using cheese. No matter what, cheese will always have its fans all around the world. Some places have variety of cheesy foods worth travelling for.

Places with drool-worthy cheesy foods

One of the most important element during travel is food. Trying local foods or the specialties of the places you visit is truly worth your time. So here are some of the best places that have the most tempting cheesy foods to try:


Georgia Khachapuri Adjaruli

Georgia is a place where you can find Khachapuri Adjaruli. It is practically pizza with crust-like dough. The texture is not only crunchy but also fluffy. The unique point of this food is its shape which is similar to a boat ship. This food is filled with melted cheese as well as hunk of butter. Another better point is cracked raw egg on top. It adds the taste impeccably. To eat this food, you can just mix the cheese, egg and butter together then enjoy it. 


Greece Saganaki

Greece has cheesy food called Cheese Saganaki. It is actually Greek’s traditional appetizer. This food is processed by frying the outside edges of a hunk of cheese. It results in crispy texture on the outside while melty inside. This is a simple dish but truly worth travelling for if you are travelling to Greece. 


Switzerland Raclette

Switzerland has Raclette, which can be the cheesiest food you can try. This is famous Swish dish made from Valaisan cheese which is then cooked. The melted cheese is then scraped out directky into the plate. Some ingredients are usually added to sparks this dish such as gherkins, small potatoes, and pickled onions. However, the star of the dish is still the gooey, melted cheese. 


France Aligot

France has Aligot which is another version of mashed potatoes. You can actually make it at home by blending mashed potatoes with cheese. The buttery mashed potatoes with melted cheese are perfect combinations worth travelling for if you are planning to visit France. When you take a forkful of this mashed potato, the melted cheese will cling into it and make your eating experience even more delightful. 


Switzerland Fondue

Switzerland also has another mouth-watering cheesy food called Fondue. It is literally a pot of melted cheese. Fondue was originally invented to use up aged cheese and bread by peasants in the past. Today, Fondue serves different purpose. It can be enjoyed using fresh cheese and bread. Fondue especially in Switzerland is also considered a social dish because it is meant to be enjoyed together by the people around the table. There is a fun challenge of enjoying Fondue. If you drop your bread into the pot, you lose. You then have to complete a dare you agreed.