Exploring the Natural Wonders of Waigeo Island

Waigeo Island

Among the magnificent Raja Ampat Islands, Waigeo is the largest of the archipelago’s four big islands. It is also known as Waigiu or Amberi. For some people, the name of the island sounds unfamiliar. The island has been visited by tons of travellers all year round. The island has a wide range of attractions and becomes the most comfortable island to reach by public transport. Waigeo Island offers the best diving experiences, scenic bays walled in by towering cliffs, and rock islands. The island has a wild and jungly interior. The forests are home to an incredible range of plants and a large variety of animal species. You can find crimson Bird-of-Paradise together with tortoises, opossums, snakes, frilled, giant monitor lizards, and plumed heron here. There’s a lot more to see in this area, read more!

How to reach Waigeo Island

The easiest way to reach Raja Ampat is to fly from Bali or Jakarta to Sorong with transit in Makassar. Domestic Travelers can also fly via Makassar or Manado by Lion Air. 

From Sorong, you can take ferry or boat options to Waigeo Island.

Best activities to do

One of the most famous attractions on the island is to explore the stunning beach. That means snorkelling or diving is a must thing to do here. It is estimated, there are about a thousand species of fish that live in the sea. You can feel the experience swim among the various and colourful fish along the coral reefs at a depth of approximately 30 meters. You also have the chance to see white tip reef sharks as well as the blacktip reef sharks.

The next destination is Mayalibit Bay. This place is seldom to visit but offers the most spectacular scenery. What can travellers see in Mayalibit Bay? Well, the highlight attraction is the presence of sea creatures. Here, you can see the shrimps, sea cucumbers and long-jawed mackerels.

Moreover, the local people said more than 200 types of fishes live there. Some spots of the bay even become the home of local lobsters! Apart from exploring the bay, travellers also have the chance to visit nearby villages. Most of the local people work as a fisherman, so you can even learn and watch how those people catch fishes in the bay with them!

Aside from the fantastic water experience, a visit to the observation forest is a must. You can wander to the Hutan Pengamatan and see various birds like the cassowary, bird of paradise, and maleo. Locals believe that seeing maleo in the wild will bring luck to your life. When you get the chance to travel this wonderful place, make sure you explore them all.

The last destination is Wayag Island. Wayag Island is famous for the sight of astonishing karst islands. If you want to see the best view of this jaw-dropping panorama, you should climb the Pulau Karang.  Pretty sure, it will be an unforgettable moment!

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