Dealing with Skin Problems When Travelling

Dealing with Skin Problems When Travelling

Skin is like the first protection you have for your body. Everything will have to go through your skin before invading the inside of your body. It prevents many risks of illness from your body so keeping your skin look beautiful and glowing is not enough. You need to make sure it stays healthy whenever and wherever you are.

Skin problems during travel and how to deal with them

It is common for travelers to find their skin more problematic while travelling. There are many causes of it to happen such as different weather, air, water, foods, etc. Here are some skin problems that possible to happen while travelling and tips to deal with them:

Weather can cause your skin to break out. Your skin will need time to adjust from warm temperature to the colder one or vice versa. Your dry skin will pay the price and you might feel rough patches or flare ups. Or, your body can produce more oils and sweat and you are suffered from acne. To deal with these kinds of skin problems, you need to wash your face regularly then apply moisturizer daily. If you easily get acne, pack acne spot treatment for your trip.

Lower humidity can also cause skin problems during travel. It mostly happens when you are flying. The lower humidity forces your skin to dry out. To deal with dryness due to the lower humidity of the cabin plane, it is recommended that you board with fresh face. Apply your usual moisturizer then you can also spray some face mist throughout the flight. If you have sensitive skin, choose skincare products that are more gentle.

Stress during travel can also lead to skin problems such as breaks out. Travel is often unpredictable and you don’t know what problems awaiting you. Travel hiccups can lead your skin to produce more oils which can clog your pores and create acne. To deal with it, try to enjoy your travel more and focus more on the positive sides. Practice meditation when you are so stressed out. Or, have aromatherapy with you all the time so you can sniff at it when you are feeling headache approaching due to the stress.

Foods can also cause skin problems especially when you are travelling to different countries. The foods might not be what you used to eat and match your diet. What you eat can affect your skin. For example, high levels of dairy and sugar often lead to breaks out. Try to be more selective of the foods you are going to eat and always bring acne spot treatment. Try to eat more smartly and balance your diet with healthier foods.

Dehydration is one of the major causes of skin problems during travel. It can cause dry skin, eye bags, and even dull skin. Therefore, it is a must to stay hydrated during travel no matter what. However, avoid caffeinated and alcoholic beverages because they cause dehydration even more. Balance with fruits and vegetable consumption to keep your hydration level high.