Best Places to Visit in Pangandaran

Best Places to Visit in Pangandaran

Pangandaran is located in the province of West Java, on the south coast of the island. Workers who work long hours and always have to work overtime are more exposed to stress. That’s what everyone needs to be aware of. Because the feeling of stress that occurs and cannot be solved immediately allows our productivity to decrease. Some things that need to be taken into account are how to manage time so that you have quality time. Vacations are one of the answers. If you think you can spend your time and budget on vacation, there are several interesting tourist attractions in Pangandaran that you can count on when you need time to relax with your family or loved ones.

Cukang Taneuh

Cukang Taneuh is a tourist place similar to Green Canyon in America. The beauty that is offered also makes anyone who sees it amazed. Many tourists come to take pictures of its beauty and hunt . One of the activities that can be practiced is body rafting. Cukang Taneuh, also called Green Canyon by tourism operators, is a gorge located in the kabupaten of Pangandaran, in the province of West Java in Indonesia.

Pangandaran Beach

As we often hear, Pangandaran beach seems to be a tourist icon in Pangandaran. An excellent goal for everyone. One of the many popular tourist attractions in West Java. Here, tourists can enjoy the views of sunrise and sunset. They can also swim and enjoy the marine park. There are several infrastructure supports and complete public facilities such as parking lots, cinemas, etc. Pangandaran Beach is located at Pangandaran Regency. Precisely in the village of Pananjung which already has paved roads and an easily accessible location.

Citumang River

This tourist attraction has special attractions such as the Citumang River that runs through the teak forest. The water is bluish and clear. The river bank is also decorated with solid stones, the niches are also decorated with natural reliefs and the flow of the river entering the cave. The calm of nature in this tourist place makes everyone calm. There is a gurgling of the river water, everyone can take a shower and explore the beautiful natural conditions here. Citumang Pangandaran is located in Bojong village in Parigi Ciamis district. The road leading to the site is no more than 15 km if taken from Pangandaran to the west.

Tourist village of Selasari

This tourist village of Selasari will attract anyone in the excitement and breathtaking beauty. A tourist village that has extraordinary potential because there are water tours, cave tours and culinary or food tours when visiting this village. There are water excursions such as rafting and river tubing.