Behind the Fame of Komodo Liveaboard

Isolated and remote, Indonesia’s hidden gems Komodo National Park hides parades of natural wonders ready to blow your mind away. The lands that made famous for the dinosaur-looking Komodo Dragons, the only colony of wild Komodo dragons on earth. Protected by UNESCO, these dragons are practically living fossils—their origins were dated back more than 100 million years ago. The nature is so pure and pristine with translucent, greenish waters, glowing pink beaches, quiet shores with no umbrella beaches or food stall dotting coastline, and jagged volcanic islands soaring from the blue ocean. The Komodo National Park is enlisted as one of New Seven Wonder of the World not without reasons. Within the last decade when the Komodo travel blossomed, Komodo liveaboard rise as the most popular vessel to explore this wild and beautiful frontier.

Sure, you can always visit the national park with speed boats and return to Labuan Bajo every night. But that’s not the most efficient way. Most of your time would be wasted going back and forth between the national park and Labuan Bajo, while you can optimise it for more exploration. If you still have vague idea about sailing in liveaboard, these awesome things of liveaboard Labuan Bajo would convince you the otherwise. 

Behind the Fame of Komodo Liveaboard

The Luxury of Leisure in Komodo Liveaboard

Have you ever picture a day when you can forget all your worldly responsibility and have all your needs taken care of? In Komodo liveaboard, all you need to do is just focus on savouring the moment. Nothing else. You don’t have to drive around to reach destinations. The liveaboard will do it for you. No need to worry about what to eat, cause the crews will take care of your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks in between. Thinking about diving? No need to worry, cause you;ll have the tanks filled and equipment ready anytime. For busy adults, there’s nothing more precious than having all your needs catered. This is the simple luxury of leisure. 

Open Access to Unreachable Destination

One thing that we love from Komodo liveaboard is the mobility! Liveaboard can take travelers and divers alike to hard-to-reach destinations where other day-trip speedboats can’t. These frontier destinations often offer undisturbed water with teeming marine life and soft-sand, hidden beaches.

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The Comfort of Hotel with Adventure Waiting at the Doorstep

Have you ever stay in an oceanfront hotel that changes beach every three hours? Travelling in Komodo liveaboard hardly feel like travelling at all. At one moment, you are leisurely lying in the sun beds, while few minutes later you are down to hike gorgeous savannah hills to get a bird-view panoramic galore. Sometimes, the boat will stop in a remote dive site, waking you up from a short nap to meet rare pygmy seahorses underneath. Diving is as simple as rolling down from your floating hotel. And when you’re done with all the adventures, you could always go back directly to the hotel, heading directly to the shower or the comfort of the bed.