Bali Tattoo Studio: Tropical Design Tattoo Ideas

The dream of a tropical life is what Bali is known to have ignited in many. Having some elements of the magical, tropical island inked onto your skin by Bali tattoo studio is certainly one way to remember it. 

Bali tattoo studio: Seashells tattoo design 

Having seashell design as your tattoo is a bright idea to immortalize your Bali visit. Seashell designs are highly versatile. You can have an elaborate piece or a delicate, tiny piece displayed on your fingers or subtly hidden somewhere. There are various designs that you can combine with other tropical design elements—or something else—virtually anything, really. The limit is your imagination. 

bali tattoo studio

Palm tree tattoo design 

Definitely one of the most popular tropical tattoo designs. The palm tree often represents island life and overall a slow-paced, relaxed lifestyle. The only downside is that, the palm tree scene is often considered overused. But if that’s what genuinely reminds you of the tropical island of Bali, then go right ahead. If you’d still like the iconic palm tree design but wants something different and more you, then spend plenty of time researching your design. Collecting tattoo design references greatly helps in coming up with new ideas and unique designs for your very own tattoo. 

seashell tattoo design bali

Waves, waves, and more waves 

Ocean waves are a very common design that many people have their very own interpretations of. It means different things to each person. Those who visit Bali because of the amazing surfing site may be tempted to ink the popular, iconic image onto their skin.

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Beach sunset tattoo 

Bali is all about beaches. Bali has everything from overcrowded beaches to hidden gems displaying pristine scenes for as long as the eyes can see. It’s very common to see the palm tree combined with the sunset tattoo design. Getting a beach tattoo design is a sure way to carve the memory. if you’d like something simple for the beach tattoo design, avoid colored pieces and opt for a black and white piece. However, color is certainly not the only factor hat influence this. The style of the tattoo design matters a lot. 

Combinations of several elements 

The key to getting a unique tattoo design that’s uniquely yours is of course, by designing them yourself. But there’s a big issue if you don’t particularly think that you’re much of an artist. Or can only draw stickmen. That should not be a problem these days as there are numerous resources for obtaining inspirations to create a whole new different tattoo that’s uniquely yours. Combine several tropical design elements that you adore; or you can simply pick as a centerpiece, and then combine it with other things—visual symbolism, scripts—and combine it on your own. 

studio tattoo bali marine life

Other Bali tattoo studios ideas: 

  • Frangipani flower tattoos. The frangipani flower is used extensively in Balinese culture. You see it decorating virtually everything in Bali, from being used in the daily offering (canang sari) to  numerous things table decorations. Frangipani tattoos are elegant tattoos, perfect whether for tiny tats or elaborate pieces. 
frangipani bali tattoo design
  • Marine life tattoos. Did you go to Bali to dive and experience the amazingly diverse underwater life? Then designs like manta rays, sea turtles, tiny fishes, and corals would be perfect for you.