Basic Equipment Needed for Komodo Diving

Komodo Diving

Are you planning a holiday to Indonesia and wondering which island to go to? If you are looking for the ultimate underwater heaven, there is no better place to visit than Komodo Island, Indonesia. Most Komodo travelers come for the ultimate diving experience. There are so many amazing Komodo diving spots in this region, with their different unique features. A great variety of superb, fishes, colorful coral reefs and pelagic fishes at every spot will make your diving holiday unforgettable. This island is the holy grail of dive destinations, truly one of the most gorgeous places on the earth. If you plan to have Komodo for your upcoming dive trip, here’s what basic equipment you need to know!

What equipment do you need when you start Komodo diving?

A high-quality diving mask – As we all know, human eyes are not designed to see underwater, particularly salt water. Therefore, one of the most essential things you will need is a high-quality diving mask. Buying a high-quality diving mask is important to get right. It allows a diver to see clearly whilst underwater. Diving masks come in all different sizes, colours, and shapes. You’ll definitely want to spend some time trying different ones on to make you get one that fits properly.

 Drysuit or Wetsuit – Bring your drysuit and wetsuit for Komodo Diving. Wetsuits are important basic equipment for protecting your skin and keeping you warm while you are diving down underwater. Then, you can wear a drysuit in colder water.

 Fins – Fins are other important items of your diving gear. When diving, scuba fins let you move through the water with more speed, without wasting too much energy. There are two types of fins available on the market, such as full foot fins and open heels.

Scuba Gloves – Scuba gloves are made out of durable materials that help prevent skin abrasion when exploring underwater caves and other tricky diving spots. Aside from protecting your skin, these scuba gloves help keep your hands warm.

 Scuba Tank – A scuba tank is another vital item of your diving gear. This scuba tank stores large volumes of air, it helps you to breathe underwater. Most scuba tanks have a maximum pressure rating of around 2000 to 35000 psi. You can choose to buy one or rent in the dive shop.

 Regulator – Never forget the regulator, this item makes it possible for you to breathe the air from your tank and convert the high-pressure air into ambient pressure. When choosing a great regulator, you need to make sure to pick a regulator that gives you the highest level of comfort.

 Dive computer – The dive computer helps you to measure how long you have been under the water. It also gives you information about how deep you currently are and how long you can stay in that situation. Renting a dive computer can cost you a lot of money, so it’s good to just purchase one.

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How to Have Better Flying Experience for Your Trip

How to Have Better Flying Experience for Your Trip

Getting comfortable during a flight is not something impossible to have. However, sometimes what you choose lead to uncomfortable situation when you are flying. For example, choosing the wrong seat that makes you feel discomfort throughout the flight. Therefore, it is suggested to choose carefully things related to your flight plan especially if your trip is a long-haul one.

Have a better flight for comfortable travel

Even if you cannot afford business class for the flight, you can still maximize tour comfort by trying these simple tips so you have a better flight experience:

Choose a better seat because when you sit on comfortable seat then your flight will feel smoother. However, keep in mind that choosing specific seat such as window seat or aisle seat doesn’t guarantee your comfort. Therefore, it is best to check online site beforehand such as SeatGuru to make sure that the seat you are going to choose can provide the real comforts for you during the flight.

If you travel with a companion, try a trick of booking one aisle and one window seat. Usually, people don’t want to sit in the middle so there is high possibility that it will be left open. If the flight is not full, you might get the row to yourself. Even if there is someone who reserve the middle seat, you can just ask them to change the seat and they will happily do it because surely they don’t want to be stuck in the middle.

How to Have Better Flying Experience for Your Trip

If you have a long-haul flight and plan to sleep, it is suggested to book a window seat. Thus, you don’t have to deal with a seatmate who want to go to the toilet or something. You also have something to lean on for more comfortable sleep.

Pack items you are going to need to maximize your flight such as compression sock, noise-canceling headphones, or travel blankets. These items might be simple but they can do wonder for your comfort during your flight. Noise-canceling headphone for example, helps a lot in removing the noise of your chatty neighbors as well as improve your appetite. Why? It is because the noise from the drone engine of the place can actually make passengers less sensitive to the smells and tastes of the foods.

Wear layers for more comfortable flight such as shawl, pashmina, light jacket, sweatshirt, or cardigan. Those help a lot to keep you warm inside the cabin. You can also use them as a makeshift cover or pillow.

If you wish for gentler, smoother, better flight, it is recommended to book morning flight. It is said that morning flights lowers the chance for you to encounter thunderstorm since it mostly happens in the afternoon.

Practice some exercise during your flight so to regulate your blood circulation as well as avoid cramps or muscle fatigue. Choose light exercise you can do without feeling embarrassed. Do not forget to stay hydrated throughout your flight to avoid discomforts such as headache or bloating.

The Ultimate Backpacking Guide to Papua Tour

Papua Tour

Once life gets back to normal and the situation is safe enough to travel, we know the first thing people want to do is catch the flight outta here. Have you always wanted to travel solo? How about planning a backpacking trip to Papua Tour, Indonesia? Papua is a stunning island that offers a unique travel experience for solo travelers. It is the second largest island in the world, the island is located far away from central hubs in Indonesia. The stunning island is also an important spot in terms of history, traditional culture, and exotic places to explore. But, you might have many questions to make your trip come true, here is everything you need to know to travel solo around Papua, Indonesia.

Papua Tour

Transport to Papua Tour

Trip to Papua is extremely difficult. The easiest way to reach Papua is by plane. Flying is the fastest way to get to Papua with Lion Air or Garuda Indonesia. Those airlines run routes to Sorong and Jayapura with transit in Makassar.

Which Islands are worth visiting?

Raja Ampat Island is located off the north-west tip of Papua, Indonesia. The island has to be at the top of most Indonesian backpacker travel bucket lists. This region consists of more than a thousand islands with four of its big islands called Misool, Batanta, Waigeo and Salawati. It is one of the ultimate destinations for anyone who likes diving. With their magnificent scenery of steep, white sandy beaches, jungle covered islands, hidden lagoons, crystal clear waters, the island is without question one of the most gorgeous islands on the earth.

Where to stay?

With its enchanting seascape and awesome underwater, there’s no perfect way to explore the island but by Liveaboard! Booking a liveaboard for the Papua Tour to Raja Ampat will let you experience the best and finest dive spots in the archipelago. Booking a liveaboard to Raja Ampat could be quite difficult, especially if you are on a budget tour. The great way to book a boat is by browsing online, pick the ones that you need and visit the physical boat in Raja Ampat. Make sure to get the best price for solo travel.

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Special information for Papua Tour

There are a few things that you need to remember before visiting Raja Ampat. One of the most important things and easiest to overlook is cash. Keep in mind, you will never find any ATM outside of Waisai. Make sure to bring enough money for your whole tour. Beside money, you need to make sure that you have a tourist permit to visit the island. But, most liveaboards and tour agencies will arrange this for you. You can pick up your tourist permit to Raja Ampat at the Cultural and Tourism Ministry Office in Waisai.

Best Places to Visit in Pangandaran

Best Places to Visit in Pangandaran

Pangandaran is located in the province of West Java, on the south coast of the island. Workers who work long hours and always have to work overtime are more exposed to stress. That’s what everyone needs to be aware of. Because the feeling of stress that occurs and cannot be solved immediately allows our productivity to decrease. Some things that need to be taken into account are how to manage time so that you have quality time. Vacations are one of the answers. If you think you can spend your time and budget on vacation, there are several interesting tourist attractions in Pangandaran that you can count on when you need time to relax with your family or loved ones.

Cukang Taneuh

Cukang Taneuh is a tourist place similar to Green Canyon in America. The beauty that is offered also makes anyone who sees it amazed. Many tourists come to take pictures of its beauty and hunt . One of the activities that can be practiced is body rafting. Cukang Taneuh, also called Green Canyon by tourism operators, is a gorge located in the kabupaten of Pangandaran, in the province of West Java in Indonesia.

Pangandaran Beach

As we often hear, Pangandaran beach seems to be a tourist icon in Pangandaran. An excellent goal for everyone. One of the many popular tourist attractions in West Java. Here, tourists can enjoy the views of sunrise and sunset. They can also swim and enjoy the marine park. There are several infrastructure supports and complete public facilities such as parking lots, cinemas, etc. Pangandaran Beach is located at Pangandaran Regency. Precisely in the village of Pananjung which already has paved roads and an easily accessible location.

Citumang River

This tourist attraction has special attractions such as the Citumang River that runs through the teak forest. The water is bluish and clear. The river bank is also decorated with solid stones, the niches are also decorated with natural reliefs and the flow of the river entering the cave. The calm of nature in this tourist place makes everyone calm. There is a gurgling of the river water, everyone can take a shower and explore the beautiful natural conditions here. Citumang Pangandaran is located in Bojong village in Parigi Ciamis district. The road leading to the site is no more than 15 km if taken from Pangandaran to the west.

Tourist village of Selasari

This tourist village of Selasari will attract anyone in the excitement and breathtaking beauty. A tourist village that has extraordinary potential because there are water tours, cave tours and culinary or food tours when visiting this village. There are water excursions such as rafting and river tubing.

The Best Things to Do in Misool Papua

Misool Papua

Raja Ampat is famous for its beautiful mother nature, amazing biodiversity, clear crystal waters and incredible perfect sunrise. It is located on the northwestern tip of the Bird’s Head Peninsula, West Papua. The island of Raja Ampat is also known as The Four Kings, which are Misool, Salawati, Waigeo and Batanta. Misool Papua is the second largest of Raja Ampat Four Kings, its located closer to the Centar Maluka of Seram than to Sorong. Due to its distance from the central, few visitors include Misool island in their Raja Ampat trip.  This Beautiful island offers wonderful scenery, maybe even more beautiful, that of much more famous Wayag island, and Misool has so many diverse attractions.

Kayaking in Misool Papua

Kayaking in Misool Papua is without a doubt the great way to explore the archipelago. In Misool, you have the chance to try kayaking in beautiful and almost surreal tropical surroundings.  Moreover, you can play in fascinating karst labyrinths. isn’t it good? The island has wonderful reefs that can be explored straight with the kayak. Take your time to see the hanging beautiful orchids and look around the ancient rock paintings from the kayak.

Rock Art

It is no secret that Raja Ampat holds many wonders that attract travellers all over the world. From the land with stunning mother nature to the historical culture. The island of Misool even has its own set of rock art. Mostly of hand prints, human figures, plants, fish, flowers, and geometrical paintings on cliffs. It is estimated that rock art is anywhere between 17.000 years old.

Tomolo Cave

The Raja Ampat features karst topography with small karst islets so undercut by waves that look like mushrooms and covered with green jungle. With all this limestone around the area, it is not wondering that erosion has also created a labyrinth of exotic caves that has narrow passages to explore. One of the most famous caves of which is the mysterious cave of Tomolo of Misool. Tomolo Cave consists of a collection of water-filled caverns located in an easily accessible area in the limestone.  Over a long time ago, the seawater has carved out a stunning entrance to this exotic cave, set within a secluded lagoon encompassed by green plant life and clear crystal water. Strewn along the limestone, you can see the abundance of carnivorous things like orchids, pitcher plants,  and other rare flora.

Cliff Burial Sites

One of the unique destinations to visit is Cliff Burial Sites in Misool. Here, you also can find several ancient cliff burials. The cliff burial sites here tend to be in wet locations, with the bones overgrown with algae and it’s pretty hard to view from sea level.

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If you are lucky, you have the chance to see the pademelons or small kangaroos, cockatoos, parrots, and brush turkeys at Misool.

The Importance Of Behavior Assessment In Business

Running a business means you have to know how to work with other people. Building a solid team is one of the most important factors for growing successful business. However, every individual has different characteristics usually shown by their behavior.

Behavior assessment can help you diagnose any disruptive behavior that might be currently happening within your team and possible harm your business in general. 

Managing negative behaviors within your team

Every individual’s characteristic and style can impact negatively or positively tot he flow and dynamic of the entire team. Behavior assessment can help in identifying any behavior that tend to be more disruptive than motivated. Therefore, individual skills are not the only thing that needs to be focused on when building a team. As the team working together, you can identify if there are individuals who give negative impact or influence to the others. 

A good leader is the one who can positively motivate their team to implement good skills and system. Therefore, it is also important to have a behavior assessment to identify abrasive behaviors in a leader. Then, the assessment is also applied to every individual in the team. Abrasive behaviors can lead to more destructive and disruptive ones. 

There are some behaviors to measure such as name calling, withholding information, over-controlling, disrespecting boundaries, making threats, and so on. Therefore, it is essential to measure behaviors related to intimidation, ignorance, micromanagement, confidentiality maintenance, and so on. You can see some of these behaviors on some individual in your team or your assigned team leader. If you find any of individual who have the tendency to do those disruptive behaviors, take action to address it effectively.

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There are also signs you can find to see if there are any disruptive behaviors happening in the team done by some individuals. For example, you receive more complaints about someone’s interaction with other member or customers, there are employees who ask for a transfer out, and more. The more your team members complain or distress, the more likely for you to find someone with disruptive behavior. It will affect to the morale and productivity within the team if you ignore the issue. 

There are different scenarios that might happen once you notice the disruptive behaviors within the team. It can be a problem that happens between only two parties, or someone is targeting an individual in the team. It is possible to find a bully in your team who like to intimidate other, making harsh comment, disrespecting other, or picking on someone constantly. These issues are crucial to address immediately. 

Creating a healthy work environment can be challenging for a leader. It needs everyone’s effort to make it true. It is also important for a leader to lead by example. Show positive behaviors that more motivated for your team members to work just as hard and interact with positive behaviors with others. Take necessary action to address internal problem immediately before it can cause more damage to the team and business.

Bali Freehold Property For Sale in Your Watchlist

Bali Freehold Property For Sale have shift its market to undeniably a demanding investment. This market offers unique concept and value proposition that attached with balinese traditional culture and belief. In addition, as the market are keep increasing and evolving, buyer might face a new era of bali villas that brought and customize solely for each of their buyer.

Bali Freehold Property for Sale Amazing Pool

Furthermore the dynamic culture and behaviour also contribute to the Bali freehold property for sale industry. Starting from top of the roof, each corner of the room, and square meter of garden are now mostly customize and adapt to the market demand. In addition, where now market are leveraging to what people consider as post-modern living and disruptive industry. Imagination and innovation is what it takes to make bali villas to the next level.

These factor are highly influence most of bali real estate market nowadays. For instance, we could see the trends of bali freehold property for sale with the implementation of traditional-minimalist and modern touch in its furnishing. In addition, the characteristic of type of unit, enquiry and leasehold are also used to determine the property purpose. Whether its for leashold and freehold for a short term or longterm. This helps describe property purpose in more accurate and calculate the investment rate clearly.

Whats Bali Freehold Property For Sale Exactly?

The freehold owner define its property right to own, including the right of land where the property is built on. If someday you might buy a freehold, it means that you’re responsible for all the maintenance of the property and land. Moreover, you’ll need to spend more budget to cover these costs. Most of bali real estate possess in freehold and some indicate as leasehold. This usually specify through their variation of shared-ownership schemes.

Bali Freehold Property for Sale Lounge

Owning a Bali freehold property for sale is also give amount of benefit. For instance, you dont need to worry about the lease agreement that might running out, as you fully own the outright. Moreover, you dont need to directly settle the deal with the freeholder or landlord. Also you dont responsible for paying ground rent, landlord charges and services charges.

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Exclusive Private Freehold Villa With Ocean View

A decent yet exclusive private villa can be describe by its ownership and outright. Unlike other strict share-ownership and rigid leasehold, this exquisite villa offers a ideal freehold ownership deal. Extremely eye-catching and calming villa enclose in Jimbaran area, and moreover provide with exceptional ocean view!

Bali Freehold Property for Sale Stunning Bedroom

Cover in 3 spacious master bedrooms with 4 astonishing bathrooms. Furnished in each of its corner and decorated in great balinese heritage. Furthermore, this villa interior provides finest property standards with luxury value in every aspect. Morely offers 3 maid rooms, 2 levels building, 2 spacious living areas , 2 master dining areas, full set kitchen. Also complete with 7x5m of swimming pool, 2 gazebos, strong internet, big garden and garage for 2 cars.

This exclusive Bali Freehold Property for Sale available with its additional benefits. Ideal to purchase for your investment portfolio or residence home. With all the benefit informed above, you’ll likely figure those in this amazing villa. So, enquire now to and dont miss out their big promotion!

How Travel Can Help You Become A Better Professional

Travelling is not only relaxing. There are many benefits you can gain from visiting new places around the world. One of the most unexpected things is that you can build your professionalism through travelling. There are many aspects of travel that can help you become advance in career and be a better professional.

Travel to advocate your career

Travelling doesn’t always have to be about splurging money. It can be more about gaining new experiences that you may never find the opportunity to do so at home. You can treat travelling as a learning opportunity to advance your career and how to become a better professional. Here is how travel can help you advance at that professional aspect in your life.

Travelling gives you time to re-evaluate yourself. You even have the space needed to think alone and find out what you really want. Travel also gives you the opportunity to get out of the pressure from your responsibilities and people around you. Sometimes, being stuck in one place can make you feel suffocated that you end up losing yourself. You don’t know what to do and your personal and career life goes bad. Get a fresh look by travelling and return with brand new you. 

Travel is a learning opportunity because you learn how to better understand people. The chance of meeting new people is higher when travel than when you are at home. You meet not only people with different culture but also different characteristics, interests, and goals. It can help develop your leadership skills as well because a good leader is able to perceive diversity in professional setting. 

Travel allows you to learn more about setting boundaries. Sometimes, it is hard to maintain professional relationship at work because you don’t really know what yours and other’s comfort level is. Through travelling, you learn more about your comfort level. You learn how to say ‘no’ during travel because not every interaction you have makes you comfortable.

Travel improve your problem-solving skills as well. During a trip, it is normal to encounter problems and hassles. Sometimes, the problems are different every time you travel. Thus, it improves your way of thinking in finding the best solution to each problem. You will learn how to approach problem with the right solution.

Travel teaches you how to be more decisive. Travelling will make you encounter different choices. You will learn how to trust your intuition in making decision. Sometimes, you are forced to make quick decision during travel. However, it helps you to navigate the unfamiliar to the right track. Hence, you are able to make the best decision. 

Travel also teaches you to handle the unexpected. Even if you have planned everything from A to Z for smooth trip, there might be unexpected things happen. Focus more on how you can handle the unexpected so your trip won’t be ruined. In business, the unexpected sometimes is inevitable. What you have to focus is how to respond to and handle them. 

Exploring the Natural Wonders of Waigeo Island

Waigeo Island

Among the magnificent Raja Ampat Islands, Waigeo is the largest of the archipelago’s four big islands. It is also known as Waigiu or Amberi. For some people, the name of the island sounds unfamiliar. The island has been visited by tons of travellers all year round. The island has a wide range of attractions and becomes the most comfortable island to reach by public transport. Waigeo Island offers the best diving experiences, scenic bays walled in by towering cliffs, and rock islands. The island has a wild and jungly interior. The forests are home to an incredible range of plants and a large variety of animal species. You can find crimson Bird-of-Paradise together with tortoises, opossums, snakes, frilled, giant monitor lizards, and plumed heron here. There’s a lot more to see in this area, read more!

How to reach Waigeo Island

The easiest way to reach Raja Ampat is to fly from Bali or Jakarta to Sorong with transit in Makassar. Domestic Travelers can also fly via Makassar or Manado by Lion Air. 

From Sorong, you can take ferry or boat options to Waigeo Island.

Best activities to do

One of the most famous attractions on the island is to explore the stunning beach. That means snorkelling or diving is a must thing to do here. It is estimated, there are about a thousand species of fish that live in the sea. You can feel the experience swim among the various and colourful fish along the coral reefs at a depth of approximately 30 meters. You also have the chance to see white tip reef sharks as well as the blacktip reef sharks.

The next destination is Mayalibit Bay. This place is seldom to visit but offers the most spectacular scenery. What can travellers see in Mayalibit Bay? Well, the highlight attraction is the presence of sea creatures. Here, you can see the shrimps, sea cucumbers and long-jawed mackerels.

Moreover, the local people said more than 200 types of fishes live there. Some spots of the bay even become the home of local lobsters! Apart from exploring the bay, travellers also have the chance to visit nearby villages. Most of the local people work as a fisherman, so you can even learn and watch how those people catch fishes in the bay with them!

Aside from the fantastic water experience, a visit to the observation forest is a must. You can wander to the Hutan Pengamatan and see various birds like the cassowary, bird of paradise, and maleo. Locals believe that seeing maleo in the wild will bring luck to your life. When you get the chance to travel this wonderful place, make sure you explore them all.

The last destination is Wayag Island. Wayag Island is famous for the sight of astonishing karst islands. If you want to see the best view of this jaw-dropping panorama, you should climb the Pulau Karang.  Pretty sure, it will be an unforgettable moment!

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Highly Recommended Cheesy Foods Worth Travelling for

Cheese is one of the most mouth-watering foods not only because of the taste but also its texture. There are many dishes that will be completed or more drool-worthy when cheese is added. In every country and every region, cheese is handled in many different ways. Some like it simple and some like to make some new innovations using cheese. No matter what, cheese will always have its fans all around the world. Some places have variety of cheesy foods worth travelling for.

Places with drool-worthy cheesy foods

One of the most important element during travel is food. Trying local foods or the specialties of the places you visit is truly worth your time. So here are some of the best places that have the most tempting cheesy foods to try:


Georgia Khachapuri Adjaruli

Georgia is a place where you can find Khachapuri Adjaruli. It is practically pizza with crust-like dough. The texture is not only crunchy but also fluffy. The unique point of this food is its shape which is similar to a boat ship. This food is filled with melted cheese as well as hunk of butter. Another better point is cracked raw egg on top. It adds the taste impeccably. To eat this food, you can just mix the cheese, egg and butter together then enjoy it. 


Greece Saganaki

Greece has cheesy food called Cheese Saganaki. It is actually Greek’s traditional appetizer. This food is processed by frying the outside edges of a hunk of cheese. It results in crispy texture on the outside while melty inside. This is a simple dish but truly worth travelling for if you are travelling to Greece. 


Switzerland Raclette

Switzerland has Raclette, which can be the cheesiest food you can try. This is famous Swish dish made from Valaisan cheese which is then cooked. The melted cheese is then scraped out directky into the plate. Some ingredients are usually added to sparks this dish such as gherkins, small potatoes, and pickled onions. However, the star of the dish is still the gooey, melted cheese. 


France Aligot

France has Aligot which is another version of mashed potatoes. You can actually make it at home by blending mashed potatoes with cheese. The buttery mashed potatoes with melted cheese are perfect combinations worth travelling for if you are planning to visit France. When you take a forkful of this mashed potato, the melted cheese will cling into it and make your eating experience even more delightful. 


Switzerland Fondue

Switzerland also has another mouth-watering cheesy food called Fondue. It is literally a pot of melted cheese. Fondue was originally invented to use up aged cheese and bread by peasants in the past. Today, Fondue serves different purpose. It can be enjoyed using fresh cheese and bread. Fondue especially in Switzerland is also considered a social dish because it is meant to be enjoyed together by the people around the table. There is a fun challenge of enjoying Fondue. If you drop your bread into the pot, you lose. You then have to complete a dare you agreed.