Why You Would Love Ubud?

Have you heard of Ubud? The whole world must have known Ubud. One of the villages in Bali that has captivated the world. Ubud is the 6th best city in the world! Amazing! The combination of natural scenery, natural atmosphere, as well as culture and unique traditions make this region very famous in the world. In fact, Ubud is also included as a world gastronomic destination. Curious? Well, let’s look further, why so many world travelers like Ubud.


Food and drinks that are typical of Ubud are one of the main reasons. In fact, culinary has become a lifestyle but the use of local products, as well as food-related to culture and history, the story behind food and nutrition and health is the reason. You can try suckling pig or mixed rice when staying in the Ubud area.

Back to nature

Riding a bicycle along the Ubud area is very pleasant. You will find fresh air that is different from other big cities. Many tracks that you can go by bicycle such as in rural areas, rice fields while interacting with local residents. Riding a bicycle in a cool area gives a different sensation, a relaxation that you can’t find in other places.

Yoga dan healing

These two things become one of the attractions of Ubud in the eyes of the world. Many places offer a place of healing for the body and soul. Even some Ubud villas offer regular yoga schedules. Most travelers who have long lived in the Ubud area will make use of yoga and healing. Besides yoga, guests can also take part in meditation sessions. Conducting both activities in the Ubud area with fresh air provides something different and memorable during the holidays.


Ubud is very known for its cultural elegance and rich in tradition. The number of artists domiciled in Ubud makes this area an artist village. In fact, Ubud regularly holds many events related to art and culture. Not a few foreign artists who come to Ubud just to attend the event. It’s incomplete to stay in Ubud without attending the traditional “Kecak” dance. Travelers can enjoy dances that tell the life of Ramayana.

Rows of villas with amazing views

Ubud villas with a private pool

It’s no secret that the row of Ubud villas offers its own views and charm. Ubud villas have always been the target of travelers and even for digital nomads. This is a trend that is currently developing in the Ubud area. work in a quiet and comfortable environment and offer privacy. There are many possibilities for digital nomads to gather and share experiences. Well, Ubud has never run out of charm for its travelers. In fact, many people are willing to spend the budget to stay at Ubud villas with special facilities and services.

The Idea of Travel With Strangers 

Travelling is highly recommended thing to do because it brings you many benefits. You can learn something new while giving back by supporting the local economy. It is also fun thing to do with friends or alone. You can go group travel or solo travel whenever you’d like to. However, it is sometime miss form your mind that there is also possibility to travel with strangers. It may sound disconcerting because stranger is always correlated with danger and uncertainty. However, we live in more modern society which makes everything more possible.

The possibility of travelling with stranger

The idea of travelling with stranger is not that new. You may have done it unconsciously. Solo travel is the closest to travel with stranger. When you travel solo, you make friends with other travelers along the way. They are totally new people for you and yet you don’t mind reaching the same destination with them. So isn’t it also counted as travel with stranger?

traveling with strangers

Furthermore, the idea of travel with stranger is not actually that disconcerting. It is not as terrifying as it looks. It is good if you can always open your mind with the idea of travelling with new people you just met. Solo travelling can be the start of it. When you travelling alone, try to be less closed-off and open more gate to build friendship with other travelers you may encounter. You can get to know each other along the way especially when you have the same destination. 

Try it out

The idea of travel with stranger is not as scary as it sounds. There are also many benefits you can get from doing so. For example, you can share travel tips with each other. You can also tell each other interesting stories. There is also a chance for you to complete each other. You may not that good in reading map but you are the expert at cooking. The other travelers you just met may have the skills to cover your weaknesses. Working together can make your trip more interesting. 


Travel with the people you just met can also open a chance to create a lifelong bond. You can make new friends that will last longer than you expect. Not to mention that you may find interesting people you can look up to. People coming from different background and cultures will also make you more open-minded. You can learn to see things in different perspectives while bonding. 

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Be open to the idea

Travelling with strangers you just meet during your trip can be a good idea. It can ensure your safety in some ways. Solo travel puts you at more risk because you look ore vulnerable alone. Travelling with other travelers even though they are stranger can reduce the risk of being a target of crimes because thieves usually don’t target a group of people but the one who is alone. Staying in a group especially in dangerous area will help ensure your safety. You can look out for each other to keep each other safe. 

Banda Diving Getting to Know the Volcanic Archipelago

Banda Islands are a part of Maluku province of Indonesia, and it’s known as one of the most sought-after destination for its incredible marine life. Banda diving and snorkeling is certainly one of the most wanted activities when it comes to this cluster of volcanic islands. This archipelago is quite isolated and difficult to reach, not quite unlike Raja Ampat of Papua, and thanks to its remote location, the majority of these areas remain pristine and the marine wildlife largely untouched. 

banda sea diving

These gorgeous volcanic islands used to be the only source of mace and nutmeg in the world. And it definitely plays a role in the spice trade centuries back. These days, the Banda Islands (known as Kepulauan Banda in Bahasa Indonesia) are among some of the most sought-after diving sites in the world. Banda Neira is the administrative capital of the island where you’re likely going to arrive first on this tiny archipelago. 

Banda sea diving and snorkeling is clearly among the top reasons why travelers visit the Spice Islands. Scuba diving resorts line the coast of these islands and liveaboards frequently made their stop here. Banda diving is known for its dense school of fishes. 

Banda diving 

Aside from the dense school of tropical fishes that delightfully swarm divers and snorkelers, Banda diving is known for its incredible biodiversity. The sheer range of marine life that you could experience in a single dive in Banda Islands thanks to its untouched underwater ecosystem. 

banda diving

Some say Banda island’s biodiversity can rival that of Raja Ampat, a part of the great Coral Triangle, and that it itself is and weighty claim. Banda Neira diving has been said to be one of the most incredible diving experiences by seasoned divers alike. One of the best ways to access the many dive sites of this archipelago is by sailing on a liveaboard. Resort diving is a good option, however, liveaboard gives you the limitless possibilities of reaching parts of oceans that would take a considerable amount of time if you travel from land using small boats.  

Some of the most well-known Banda diving sites: 

banda neira diving

  • Diving Keraka Island. The currents in Keraka Island is relatively mild and rarely gets strong; which makes this dive site perfect not just for seasoned divers but also for snorkelers as well. It’s heaven for underwater photographers as well thanks to the good level of visibility. 
  • Karang Hatta. “Karang” is “reef” in Bahasa Indonesia and this Banda diving spot is located in the South East of an island of the same name, “Pulau Hatta”. This is where you should dive if you’d like to see the big pelagic fishes such as sharks. Turtles are frequently spotted as well.
  • Banda Besar. This island, like its namesake, is the biggest island among the cluster of islands in Banda archipelago. It’s home to colorful coral sites. Divers whose primary interest is to witness stretches upon stretches of coral lives would find this Banda diving spot absolute delight. 

How to get to Banda Islands Indonesia? 

banda sea liveaboard

These remote islands are particularly difficult to get into. There’s no direct international flight to these islands. But thanks to that degree of isolation, these islands are well-protected. You’ll be able to catch connecting flights from Denpasar (Bali), Jakarta, or Surabaya to Maluku. Going on a liveaboard Banda sail is among one of the most convenient ways of reaching the archipelago. 

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Hassle-Free Road Trip For Enjoyable Holiday 

Working is necessary because you need to earn money to live comfortably. However, working without a break is stressful and make you less productive instead. A vacation sometimes is what you need to get refreshed and replenish your spirit. You will return with higher spirit to work and positive mood. A road trip might be what you need. You don’t have to travel to foreign country to enjoy your holiday. A road trip to the neighboring cities is great idea. 

road trip

How to experience enjoyable road trip

A road trip is fun and you can do it in any way you want. You can do it alone or bring companions such as friends or family. The most important thing is to enjoy your time during the road trip. However, there are possible hassles you may experience if you don’t prepare the trip properly. Here are several tips for more enjoyable road trip during your holiday:

Be in good shape

You will be driving over longer duration than your daily basis. Thus, it is important to make sure that you are in a good shape. Make sure that you are not exhausted to do it. Aside from your own body, it is also important to endure that your vehicle is in good condition too. Do not misunderstand small issue of your car because it can cause big problems when you are on the road later. Get your car checked or serviced before going on a road trip. It is also important to keep ensure your own safety. 

Sometimes, spontaneous trip is so satisfying because it makes the trip more interesting and unexpected. However, it can cause problems during the trip especially if you neglect important preparation. Always bring necessary items for a road trip such as first aid kit, bottled water, some snacks, and necessary documents such as vehicle’s registration document, license, etc. 

Pack light!

It is recommended to pack light for a road trip. Minimizing the load can help you travel efficiently. If you have to bring additional equipment or devices, make sure to secure them properly inside your car. If you have to put something on the roof-mounted carrier, make sure they don’t block your view to the road. 

Alternative routes

Choose alternative routes that can help you avoid the traffic of the city. It is also recommended to avoid driving during rush hour traffic. It is always best to start your journey in early morning. It is not only make you avoid rush hour traffic but also gives you a fresh morning atmosphere. If the traffic is unavoidable somehow, make sure to drive safely and always maintain some distance. Be attentive during driving and avoid close maneuvers. 

Take frequent breaks!

Get rid of any distractions during the trip. Avoid forcing yourself at your limit to drive, take frequent breaks if necessary because driving when you feel exhausted can put your own safety and other passengers at risk. Take a break, grab some snacks and enjoy the view even for few minutes. It really helps to freshen up your body and mind.

Picking New Bedroom Furniture Yogyakarta for Dummies

Picking a fresh look for your bedroom is one of the best ways to get you to rediscover a love for your space, such as why you pick this house or apartment in the first place. With that said, sprucing up an old bedroom to create a new look can be tough. Where to begin?

Furnishing a bedroom can be tricky. The place where you’re going to rest in needs to be as welcoming and as comfortable for you or for whoever you’re furnishing the bedroom for.  

Bedroom furniture Yogyakarta 

First of, we’ve touched upon the fact that we should not neglect who the bedroom is for. Are you furnishing a room for yourself, for your child, or a guest room? If you’re furnishing a room for a teen, for example, you might want to let her or him have a say in the furnishing, or at least, in the decorating process of the room. 

furniture kamar tidur jogja

This aspect may be simple but you’ll be surprised at how much it actually affect. This consideration would affect anything from the pieces of bedroom furniture Yogyakarta itself to your budget. For example, you might want to spend less on a guest bedroom, especially if you know it’ll be one that would get see less frequent use. 

Budgeting for new furnishings 

First off, let’s identify what you need to replace. Creating a fresh look for your bedroom may not require you to replace everything that makes it costly. Make sure that you carefully discern what needs to be replaced and what’s still in good condition. If a bed is already making some noises, or if you find the wood bending, it might be time to replace it. 

bedroom furniture yogyakarta

Whether you’re creating a new look for your bedroom or furnishing a blank room, it’s best to identify the most basic items that you must have in your room. Those usually consist of: 

  • The bed. The most important piece that you should invest the most on.
  • The closet, if you don’t have a walk-in. 
  • Nightstand 

Furniture buying: Where to invest and where to compromise 

The bed is truly where you’d want to spend your money on. Sleep quality, after all, affect your health and should not be compromised. Invest on a good quality bed with frames made of solid wood so that you bed will last long years. Beds are costly pieces of furnitures from the start. Having to replace a bed because it failed on you due to poor quality is only going to cost you more rather than let you save. When you buy bedroom furniture Yogyakarta never compromise on the bed itself. 

small bedroom jogja

As we’ve established the bed is where you need to invest in, now where can you compromise? If you can invest on high quality furniture with solid hardwood then by all means proceed. Unfortunately not everyone could afford all hardwood furniture and sometimes we just need to make a compromise. One of the aspects that you can do apply this in is on the bedroom decoration – it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to create an attractive look. Purchase bedroom accessories that are well within your budget. If you’re really tight on budget, then invest on things that are actually has value, such as potted plants. 

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Most Recommended Things To Do in Qatar

Qatar is more than a transit spot. In fact, it connects to many travel destinations you can reach easily. That’s why choosing Qatar as your travel destination will be worth it. Not to mention that Qatar itself is very accessible. Overseas travelers can use Hamad international Airport to get in Qatar or go to other places. If you happen to travel and make a stop in Qatar, why not making yourself comfortable for a trip. You can spend few days exploring around Qatar. 

Most Recommended Things To Do in Qatar

What to do when travelling around Qatar

Qatar is considered one of the safest countries in the world. Not to mention that it is where you can experience the true Arabian hospitality. There are also many fun activities you can do during your trip in Qatar. You can explore he local foods, visit beautiful beaches or sand dunes, and many more. Here are most recommended things to do when you are in Qatar.

Visit The Museum of Islamic Art

It is a museum built in standalone island situated just off the Corniche. Since it is built in an island, the museum seems like floating on the water from afar. There are many things you will find once you enter the museum including jewelry, textiles, Islamic patterns, calligraphy, and many more. Some of the items were even dating from 7th to 19th century. You can also head to the outdoor terrace located on the top floor of the museum. There you will get to see the most breathtaking views of Doha.  

Visit the Pearl

If you are into water sports, visiting the Pearl can be good idea. It spans almost four million square meters. It provides everything you need for memorable visit including residential and commercial outlets. You can also walk around the area and see yachts on the water. Some of them are built in super luxurious model. As for water adventure, you can try surfing, kayaking, or wakeboarding. 

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Visit Katara village

It is cultural village in Qatar that you can visit to learn more about the local culture. It is located near The Pearl. If you are into culture and art scene, Katara village is truly a gem. There are passages as well as waterways you can explore. You will get to see the works of artists, photographers, as well as filmmakers throughout the spaces. There is also a stunning mosque with purple and turquoise mosaic you can see. Not to mention you can also see an opera house as well as an outdoor amphitheater.

Spend time for dune bashing

You can try the adventure in the sand dunes, they are steep and high which is great to challenge your sanity. You can book a tour to drive you through the sand dunes. You can even try spending a night or two in luxury Arabian tents. If you fell adventurous, you can also pitch your own tent. Do not worry about the transport because your experienced drivers will always be ready to take you anywhere you want. 

Dangers in Diving Beginners Should Know

Scuba diving is getting more popular as a recreational sport and as a result, more people are getting interested to learn it. Dozens of dive enters and diving schools scattered on prominent diving destinations, like Bali, Philippines, and the Maldives. Courses and lessons on diving for beginners classes are also relatively easy to pass, too! It’s no wonder that more adventure seeker drawn to scuba diving schools—they are just so ready to discover a whole new world under the water! However, any scuba newbie child not ever forget that scuba diving is actually still an extreme sport with great risk on every dive. A little mistake on diving could lead to injuries or potentially life threatening accidents. Here are five dangers every beginners should know and learn how to tackle against. 

Dangers in Diving Beginners Should Know

Diving Beginners Are at Risks of Barotrauma

Have you ever heard about barotrauma? Divers who fail to equalise their eardrums usually suffer barotrauma, a physical damage to body tissues (in this case is eardrums), which caused by unequal pressure between the inside with the outside of the ear. Increased underwater pressure on the air pocket in the middle of the ear usually results in diver’s barotrauma. This cause severe pain and sometimes even injury to the middle ear. Preventing barotrauma is essential skills of diving for beginners to have. 

Get Drowned in the Sea

Drowning is real. Most common cause of drowning happens when a diver is panicking or unaware of non-diving health problems. Near drowning experience is most common happen among beginners. Underwater panic usually triggered by out-of-air situation or other emergencies. This could be prevented by giving proper training and strengthening buddy system.  

Destroying or Getting Attacked by Ocean Life

Dangers in Diving Beginners Should Know

The marine world is totally untamed, and this is something every diver should keep in mind. Beginner lessons should always emphasis on preventing damage to the marine life we all cherish very much as well as protecting one’s self from wild animal attack. Most marine creatures, including sharks and string rays, usually are not aggressive toward divers unless provoked. Divers should know the rules on the sea. Never attempt to touch anything (including corals!), never make sudden movement around animals, never swim aggressively near any creature, and many more. This won’t only protect the fragile sea life, but also protect the divers themselves from unwanted accidents. 

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Getting Nitrogen Narcosis

Beginners are at danger on nitrogen narcosis as they haven’t fully develop the ability ofr early detection of extra nitrogen in the body. Having too much nitrogen in the body triggers a narcotic effect; giggling, drunkenness, or giddiness. Nitrogen narcosis affect diver’s reasoning and coordination which can lead into fatal decision making underwater. This is why they have additional training beyond 60m diving for beginners. The deeper you go, the longer time you spend underwater, the bigger the risk to get nitrogen narcosis. 

The Ultimate Mistake on Diving for Beginners: Defective Equipments

This is a serious issue on diving for beginners. Most of new divers don’t have their own equipment yet; they rely on equipment rent from scuba diving operators. One of the risk is renting an unchecked broken equipments which can result in decompression sickness, bad regulator, to drowning. Equipment check is yet another important thing a diver need to master before jumping to the open water. 

Recommended Beaches To Visit In And Around Doha, Qatar

Qatar is a desert country with so many powerful charms that can attract tourists from all over the world. There are many adventures promises fro travelers who visit. Thus, Qatar is a  great place to visit for an adventure getaway. However, Qatar, especially Doha has many other things to explore aside from the desert. One of the best things to visit during your visit to Qatar is the beach. There are many beaches with great access in and around Doha, the capital city of Qatar. 

Beaches in and around Doha to visit

Beach is one of the most favorite travel destination in every place in the world. Almost every country has beaches to visit for the locals or international tourists. As for Doha, there are many lovely beaches you would like to visit. Here are most recommended ones of them:

Katara beach is one of the most recommended public beaches in Doha you can visit during your trip in Qatar. It is easy to reach since it is situated in the heart of Doha. The beach is still part of the Katara Village, the art and culture development. This beach is favorite for family getaway. There are plenty of water sports you can also try such as water skiing, parasailing, speed boat riding, and more. If you want to do relaxing activity instead, you can try taking a ride in a gondola. If you need refreshments, you can simply visit one of the cafes and restaurants nearby. 

Fuwairit Beach is situated around 53 miles away from Doha. In Qatar, it is considered as one of the most favorite and popular beaches. The best features of this beach include the pristine water, white and pink sand, the turquoise sea, and more. However, this beach is not well developed yet. Thus, you have to bring everything including water and shade. If you want to see turtles breeding season, April and July are the best time to visit. 

Umm Bab Beach is a unique beach located around Doha. The unique feature of this beach is the palm trees dotting along the coast. That’s why the locals call this beach as The Palm Tree Beach. This beach is also favorite place for families to camp. Kids’ play area is there so you can bring your kids. Another facility like basic toilets is also available so you can spend few nights with ease. 

Al Wakrah Beach is located 25 minutes south of Doha. This is public beach recommended for families. There are mangroves in the area of Al Wakrah which make the beach even looks more interesting. It is great to explore the area on foot. The wildlife is worth exploring for. This place is in already developed well so you can find shops and restaurants nearby easily. There are even barbecue facilities as well as playground which make a perfect family getaway. You can even hold a small party during your visit to this beach. However, this beach is not suitable for swimming since it has large tidal range.

What Do Foreigners Need to Own or Rent Bali Villas?

We all know the majority of tourists who are interested in investing in a villa in Bali are foreigners. But what you may not know is that there’s a lot of process for the paperwork before they can take ownership of a property compared to native Indonesian. In this article, I would like to share some documents that international tourists need in order to safely own or rent Bali villas.

Bali villas for rent with a comfort outdoor swimming pool

Lists of Bali Villas related permit required by foreigners

Social and Culture Visa

This is a standard visa that foreigner needs in order to visit friends or relatives in Indonesia. I’m sure most tourists already know this but I’ll explain just in case. Social and culture visa required sponsorship from Indonesian citizen in order to be approved.

Aside from the sponsorship, you also need a copy of the passport and 2 passport-sized photos. This visa is eligible for 60 days and can be extended 4 times with 30 days duration each time.

Single/Multiple Entry Business Visa

Just having a social and culture visa doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want in Indonesia. You are still prohibited from working, doing business or taking employment. This visa does allow you to do work and business activities in Bali, but not taking employment. Suitable if you decide to start a villa business instead.

There are 2 kinds of business visa, single and multiple entry. The difference is just the amount of time that you get, 6 or 12 months. The process and documents needed are way more complicated than social culture visas, since it needs permission from the company in Indonesia where you go.

The details of the procedure and requirements can be checked in our site, on the Single or Multiple Business Visa section.

PMA (Foreign Investment Company)

Now other than doing business, investment permit is also required regarding villas. Just like a business visa, it also requires lots of documents such as a permit from the company (the real estate in this case) and a building permit (IMB).

You are also required to have an Indonesian citizen as a shareholder, and even need a permit from the Minister of Justice. Again the details can be checked in Kibarer, under the PMA section.

Retirement Visa

For those who intend to spend the retirement days enjoying the beautiful island of Bali, retirement visa is recommended to take. This visa only applies to foreigners above 55 years old and have no intention to work. Also, the said person has to be able to support him/herself financially.

The requirements are not too complex but the procedure can take up to 2 months. So it best to prepare in advance to apply for a visa, so you can predict when you’re going to start living in Bali. A copy of passport, proof of pension, photographs and also proof of accommodation in Bali is pretty much the only documents required to apply.

Different Visas required for different situations

That was some brief information about many kinds of visas that required related to owning, renting or doing business in Bali villas. If you wanted to know more, please check out the Lawyer and Notary section on our Kibarer site. Cheers!

Stunning Places Worth Visiting For In Iceland

Iceland is considered one of the safest places to visit in the world. There are many beautiful aspect which make Iceland a great travel destination. Besides, there are not many places int he world where you can find thermal springs as well as glaciers on the same day. Tourism in Iceland is always in high demand. The country is also crowned as one of the happiest places on earth. The natural surroundings with their beautiful and stunning qualities are to be expected when you visit Iceland. 

Best places with stunning qualities in Iceland

Iceland can be considered as one of the busiest countries for tourism. One of the most attractive things is its natural surroundings. There are many spots with the charms of nature hard to resist in Iceland. Here are several of them.

The Thorsmork

Stunning Places Worth Visiting For In Iceland

The thorsmork region is a great place to explore especially for those who seek for adventure and stunning nature. There are many things to enjoy during your visit to this region such as stunning landscapes of majestic mountains, glacial steams, and sea of black sand. Another must thing to do in this region is hiking the designated trails during summer.

Thingvellir National Park

Thingvellir National Park is a perfect travel destination for geology and history lovers. This place is home to the riff valley. This place is historical because it is the site of the first parliament gathered in 930 AD, the Althing. This site is also part of Golden Circle of Iceland’s tourist route. 

Blue Lagoon

Stunning Places Worth Visiting For In Iceland

Blue Lagoon is one of major tourist attraction in Iceland visited not only by local tourists but also international travelers. This site is located in a lava field in southwest Iceland called Grindavik. The must thing to do when you visit this site is to soak your body in the warm water rich in mineral. The bonus is the spectacular view with peaceful atmosphere. 


Tjornin is a great place in Iceland for peace seeker. This is a small but lively lake situated next to the Reykjavik City Hall. You can see various birds flying around the lake happily. The scenery is also stunning framed with the view of colorful houses worth photographing for. It is also a strategic spot to enjoy the best view of Reykjavik.

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Stunning Places Worth Visiting For In Iceland

Hallgrimskirkja is an iconic landmark in Iceland. It is a Lutheran church located in Reykjavik. It is a stunning structure which stands at 74.5 meters tall. It is said that it took 41 years to complete the construction of the structure. It was finished in 1986. the design in intriguing because it is similar to the shapes of lava cooling into columns. 

The Akranes Lighthouses

The Akranes Lighthouses are such a delight to visit. One of the two lighthouses, specifically the bigger one is open for public so you can pay a visit. This place is considered peaceful site. However, it becomes one site to visit for tourists and the townsfolk in winter because it is where you can catch a glimpse of the northern lights stunningly dancing in the sky with their beautiful colors.