Travel Tendencies With Extroverts

If you are introvert planning to travel with extrovert, you might want to know about how to travel with them comfortably. Clashes in personality is common. Just because you have different personality and tendency, it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the travel together. In fact, people with similar personalities may develop conflicts more when travelling together. However, differences are not something bad. They don’t always cause conflict or clashes. If you have introvert tendencies going to travel with people with extroverts personalities, you can plan your travel in certain ways as to bring convenience to both of you. 

Travelling with extroverts

Going places with others who have different personalities is worth to try. You see, it may sound boring if you only choose travel buddies who have similar preferences or interest. It is even more boring if you choose a travel partner with similar characteristic or style. Travelling with people who have different tendencies due to different personalities can make your travel feel a bit more different but not in a bad way. Here’s what it feels like to travel with the extroverts.

Travel Tendencies With Extroverts

Get Prepared with Their High Spirit and Energy

One of the most obvious characteristics of extroverts are their high spirit and energy. They tend to be very excited even over mundane things. They have string emotions and often show their emotions unapologetically. The good thing about this is that their excitement can be contagious. You will be able to experience travel with emotion and feeling in another level. Every little thing you see during travel seem better. 

They’ll Move A Lot

Constant moving is also one of the characteristics of extroverts when travelling. Remember that they are ball of energy. They tend to moves a lot instead of silently waiting. They will always find a way to do activities even in the middle of chaos. They don’t fancy passive activities such as waiting for bus. At least, they will make conversation to fill the silence. 

Random Talks and Socialise Here and There

There are many benefits when you are an introverts travelling with extroverts. They find no difficulties to socialize or talk to strangers. In fact, there is no stranger in their dictionary. People who just met them in a span of few minutes can become their best friends. The benefit is, you don’t have to worry about stuck in awkward conversation. They will always help you make conversation lively. 

Space Please?

However, there is also disadvantage when travelling with extroverts such as you will be unable to have your silent moment to read or just enjoy the peace. They tend to keep talking no matter what the occasion. They like analyze things through words, unlike you who tend to make conversation in your head. 

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However, it won’t be a matter if you can be honest with them. Extroverts are not rude people. They can be respectful to others especially introverts. They might be oblivious sometimes but they will understand when you explain your situation. You can just tell them if you want a ‘me time’ to read books or visit some places alone. The best thing about travelling with extroverts is to see the world in different perspective full of surprises and colors. 

Where Your Next Vacation Should Be: Komodo Diving Liveaboard

Among all travel destinations, types and accommodations, it is always hard to decide which one to choose. Since nobody wants to ended up in a catastrophe vacation, a solid research is undoubtedly of a great importance. Anyway, reaching out to this page means that you have curiosities about Komodo or Diving or Liveaboard or the combination of those three things. Without further ado, the following are some brief illustrations to help you figuring out your next vacation. 

Why visiting Komodo Island?

As it is called, the island is particularly popular as the home for Komodo dragons, the largest lizard exist in the planet. Seeing the dinosaur-alike animal like them will absolutely be a lifetime experience for everyone. 

Komodo Island is surrounded by other charming islands, namely Labuan Bajo, Flores, Rinca and Padar Island. Thus, you can also discover another activities as well as challenging adventures there. Especially when you travel with Komodo Diving Liveaboard, you can reach and explore those islands without difficulty. 

Where Your Next Vacation Should Be: Komodo Diving Liveaboard

With all it has to offer, there is no doubt that Komodo Island is on the list of The Seven Wonders of the World. 

Why Diving there?

Komodo Island is since long time famous for its world-class scuba diving spot. As part of Komodo National Park, these diving spots belong to Coral Triangle, which considered as the most biodiverse and dynamic marine area on earth. 

The underwater world will serve you with colorful corals and beautiful marine life. Your Komodo diving experience will also accompanied by manta rays, dolphins, turtles, whalesharks and other sea animals throughout the best diving spots in Komodo Island, such as Manta Point, Batu Bolong, Manta Alley and Castle Rock. 

Why taking a Liveaboard?

A liveaboard will not only take you to the attractive spots around Komodo Island, but also accommodate your nights and serve your meals. Another good reason to cruise with Komodo Diving Liveboard is that you can reach more diving spot faster than other boat options. So, you can enjoy the beauty of the underwater world which attracts so many people, better. On top of that, cruising with a liveboard will give you a good chance to chill with other groups.

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Why Komodo Diving Liveaboard is a perfect choice?

The answer to this question is actually quite simple. You can have all the above explained benefits for your vacation!

Are you ready to have an awesome, stranded-in-nowhere kind of holiday with this wooden liveaboard?

Recommended Travel Souvenirs for Budget Travelers

Buying souvenir is part of the fun when it comes to travels. There are many type of travelers when it comes to souvenir hunting. Some of travelers like to spend much money on souvenirs because that’s their main goal when travelling; collecting travel memories through souvenirs. Some travelers stick to simple souvenirs to buy for various reasons as well. For budget travelers, money might be the main issue which limit them from buying souvenir freely. However, it is not supposed to cut the fun. 

Travel souvenirs you can buy without spending too much money

Of course travelling is not all about collecting travel memories by buying various souvenirs. There are others expenses of travel you need to put into top priority. However, buying souvenir is like a tradition when travelling. The point of buying souvenir is to collect memories of a place or experience during travelling. If you focus on that point, it means you don’t necessarily have to buy expensive souvenir. Here are some cheap and simple souvenirs you can buy when travelling.

Coins are simple and cheap that you can buy as souvenir whenever you travel to places. Besides, they don’t weigh much to carry on your pocket or bag. They may look simple but they are iconic because every country have different coins even if the look similar. You can make yourself a jar of travel coins. Whenever you are back from travelling, you can just put the coins in the jar. The more you travel, the more coins you collect. 

If you are fan of jewelry, you can buy it as souvenir when travelling. It doesn’t have to be expensive jewelry that you buy. Instead, you can choose to buy authentic jewelry made by the locals. Handmade jewelry is also great choice and more iconic. Besides, you don’t have to spend too much money on it. Beads, earring, bracelets are great souvenirs because they are cheap, light-weight, and easy to find. 

You can also buy local clothing as souvenirs. They are usually sold in cheap price. Besides, you can sue them back at home. Choose local clothing that is comfortable to wear. You can choose any clothing that fit your preference such as t-shirt, scarf, shawl, etc. You can also wear the clothing during your travel so you can blend in with the local. 

Arts can easily be found during travels. You don’t have to go to the high-end art gallery to buy the art as souvenir. You can find local/ street artists and buy their arts. They are more affordable. Besides, you can also customize the arts to your liking and blend it with the artist’s trademark. This is a great souvenir you can buy without spending too much money but you still get the fun of it. Besides, it is quite memorable that you will always remember where you bought it. 

Buying souvenir doesn’t always have to be excessive. The more important point is that you buy them to remind you of places you visited so it doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Behind the Fame of Komodo Liveaboard

Isolated and remote, Indonesia’s hidden gems Komodo National Park hides parades of natural wonders ready to blow your mind away. The lands that made famous for the dinosaur-looking Komodo Dragons, the only colony of wild Komodo dragons on earth. Protected by UNESCO, these dragons are practically living fossils—their origins were dated back more than 100 million years ago. The nature is so pure and pristine with translucent, greenish waters, glowing pink beaches, quiet shores with no umbrella beaches or food stall dotting coastline, and jagged volcanic islands soaring from the blue ocean. The Komodo National Park is enlisted as one of New Seven Wonder of the World not without reasons. Within the last decade when the Komodo travel blossomed, Komodo liveaboard rise as the most popular vessel to explore this wild and beautiful frontier.

Sure, you can always visit the national park with speed boats and return to Labuan Bajo every night. But that’s not the most efficient way. Most of your time would be wasted going back and forth between the national park and Labuan Bajo, while you can optimise it for more exploration. If you still have vague idea about sailing in liveaboard, these awesome things of liveaboard Labuan Bajo would convince you the otherwise. 

Behind the Fame of Komodo Liveaboard

The Luxury of Leisure in Komodo Liveaboard

Have you ever picture a day when you can forget all your worldly responsibility and have all your needs taken care of? In Komodo liveaboard, all you need to do is just focus on savouring the moment. Nothing else. You don’t have to drive around to reach destinations. The liveaboard will do it for you. No need to worry about what to eat, cause the crews will take care of your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks in between. Thinking about diving? No need to worry, cause you;ll have the tanks filled and equipment ready anytime. For busy adults, there’s nothing more precious than having all your needs catered. This is the simple luxury of leisure. 

Open Access to Unreachable Destination

One thing that we love from Komodo liveaboard is the mobility! Liveaboard can take travelers and divers alike to hard-to-reach destinations where other day-trip speedboats can’t. These frontier destinations often offer undisturbed water with teeming marine life and soft-sand, hidden beaches.

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The Comfort of Hotel with Adventure Waiting at the Doorstep

Have you ever stay in an oceanfront hotel that changes beach every three hours? Travelling in Komodo liveaboard hardly feel like travelling at all. At one moment, you are leisurely lying in the sun beds, while few minutes later you are down to hike gorgeous savannah hills to get a bird-view panoramic galore. Sometimes, the boat will stop in a remote dive site, waking you up from a short nap to meet rare pygmy seahorses underneath. Diving is as simple as rolling down from your floating hotel. And when you’re done with all the adventures, you could always go back directly to the hotel, heading directly to the shower or the comfort of the bed.

Tips to Organize Alumni Trip

It is common to have an alumni trip where alumni members of schools or universities go travelling to particular place and reminiscing the past in fun way. Alumni trip is also a good event where people can build connection and create networking because everyone has different life after graduation. People organize alumni trip with various purpose. There is alumni trip specified to volunteer, to gain new skill, or to have fun to the fullest. With different purpose comes different approach in organizing it. if you are pointed as the organizer, might as well start planning the trip so everything can go smoothly. 

Organizing alumni trip properly

Organizing a trip is not as stressful as one thought. It can be a great experience because you are able to learn many things in organizing event. Alumni trip is a big deal especially if the participant is in large numbers. You need to make sure everything is sufficient and efficient. Here are some tips to organize an alumni trip:

First thing first, you need to find out what kind of trip that you want to have. If volunteering is your purpose, you need more works to get done because you need to do some research of the places including how the volunteering will be done later. You may need every participant opinion to choose the theme of the trip. You can conduct a poll to decide the type of trip you want to plan. 

Find out more about the travel insurance. If you think it is necessary to insure the alumni trip with travel insurance, you need to contact the provider to get detailed information. You need to choose the right coverage that fit your as well as the group need. That’s why planning an alumni trip cannot be done in a day or two. You need to plan it at least one or two months ahead. 

Decide the destination that fits the purpose and theme of the trip. You can choose a place abroad or local, depending on what the participants want. The research is important so you know the risks of the trip. The safety and health should be in top priority. You don’t want to have an alumni trip to a place where you and the others have to fight malaria or deal with terrorism risk. 

Plan for emergency situation that is possible to happen. Organizing an alumni trip means you need to work extra and attentive in calculating the risk and evacuation plan. You need to plan the solution for emergency situation that may happen during the trip such as medical cost, transportation, etc. 

Make sure to book everything ahead including accommodation, restaurants, etc. Of course, you also need to book the venue where all alumni will gather around during the trip. You need to choose the place with sufficient space to accommodate all participants. Don’t forget to organize surprise events for the trip so it can lift up the spirit of every participant. Plan it with joy and attentiveness then the trip will go smoothly. 

Amed Diving, The Best Dive spot in East Bali

For adventure lovers, Amed is not a foreign area. Amed is an exotic corner for tranquility seekers. This area offers stunning beaches and underwater beauty. For divers, Amed is the perfect spot to enjoy a variety of marine biota, coral reefs, and other underwater species. Don’t worry because Amed diving offers an amazing and unforgettable experience for all levels of divers.

Amed Diving

How To Reach Amed Diving?

The location is indeed quite far away if your position is in Kuta, Seminyak and surrounding areas. The distance to Amed is 3.5 hours and it seems like you can’t use public transportation. Given the lack of public transportation in Bali, you must automatically rent a car to shorten the time. It doesn’t seem possible to spend 3.5 hours traveling back to the Kuta area in 1 day. For that, it’s better to rent an inn to be able to enjoy scuba diving Amed Bali. Exploring the spot Amed diving is not possible in a short time. At the very least, you live in the Amed area for 2 days and relax exploring the underwater.


To reach one of the Amed diving spots, one must use a small boat from Jemeluk beach. Pyramids offer diverse marine biota and coral reefs. When diving you can find marine life such as tortoises, sharks, Napoleon, and many others. Pyramids are a spot for Amed Bali diving that cannot be missed when you plan a diving trip.

Jemeluk Bay

Jemeluk bay offers a unique underwater sea where you can find a monument that resembles a temple with fish passing around it. The view of coral reefs is a special sight in Jemeluk Bay, while some of the underwater biotas that you can find are crabs, shrimp, frogfish, seahorses, sometimes there are white sharks. The deepening depth at Jemeluk Bay is 5-25 meters and perfect for beginner divers.


The depth of diving in Bunutan reaches 10-40 meters. For professional divers, you will find spectacular scenery at a depth of 40 meters. Bunutan as one of the spots Amed diving offers the most interesting scenery, especially seeing predatory species such as sharks from the black tip, or white tip. If you want to enjoy a more perfect view, you can dive at a depth of 50 meters.

Japanese Shipwrecks

One of spot Amed diving is the most popular among domestic and foreign divers. At a depth of 5-25 meters, you will be amazed by the Japanese wreck. Diving in Japanese wrecks offers a different sensation from other diving spots. Some marine biota that you can find in the area of the Japanesse shipwreck such as leaf fish, scorpion fish, seahorses, and pigmy.

Find Out the Threats a Nature Destination Face Today

Mostly, we are choosing to visit the nature destination because of its capability to make us feels healthy, being refreshed and because of its peacefulness. And there are so many nature destinations you can choose to visit during your travel.

But, as many of human being are always fail in preserving the better future for nature and environment, then we just can keep on seeing it damaging even though some people and communities or organizations have been helping to stop the damages.

Some threats the nature destination is facing today

In traveling world itself, there are so many threats that are coming from us, the human, that can make the nature travel destination even worst. And to find out more about those threats, I have prepared some of them that hopefully many will know and realize that we should take the important steps to minimize the threats and all their negative impacts.

#1. Plastic wastes

Many of us are using plastic everyday. I have no idea what if each of us will counting our own plastic usage in a month, could be more than what you have been imagined.

The ugly truth about the plastic wastes is, they are taking up to hundreds of year to be decomposed. It is insane to know that we are even keep on producing the plastic wastes while traveling to the nature destination.

The worst case is, some of us are even throwing away and leaving the plastic wastes at nature.

#2. The high season of traveling

The simple and short way to say this is, the more people are visiting the nature destination, the bigger chance for the environment. More plastic wastes will be produced, more water will be used, and surely more chance to ruin the nature as well.

I am not saying that the travelers who are visiting the nature destination in high season are doing mistake without doing nothing but just paying a visit in the wrong time. But we have to admit that the more people are visiting, the complicated the problems will be.

#3. More buildings to support the tourism

If you think that the accommodations, restaurants, bars, cafes, beach clubs and the more various type of building are the sign of how good and popular the travel destination is, I just want to tell you that everything is still just like the two sides of a coin.

Many travelers may are helped to find the accommodation at the beach, looking for the foods is easier since there are many restaurants, and so on. But, what about the abrasion? Local economy may are increasingly high but then we should pay more than what we have got just to make the quality of environment be the same as before.

The natural beach you have been visited before can’t be the same since there have been many things are changed in the name of the art and aesthetic.

The above 3 threats are just some of what we can do to make the nature destination and the environment as a whole to be damaged and I am sure that there must be more other things that we have been done to reduce the quality of our nature. That’s why we will need to apply the sustainable tourism more than before.

What to Expect From a Surf School in Portugal?

Surfing world is getting more fans every year. There are more young people are interesting about it, so the more surfboards and the surf instructors will be needed as well. But, you have known that surfing is a skill, so if there will be ones that need to know how good to control their own surfboard, one of the top place and country you need to go is a surf school in Portugal.

Don’t get me wrong about this, you don’t nee to spend a semester or even the whole year for graduating from the surf school. It is a course that is even only need days or a week to know the basic things about surfing including how to get along with the waves.

Expectations from a surf school in Portugal

And when you are interested about that, you’d better know what to expect from a surf school lesson in Portugal so you won’t think that you are betrayed by your own expectation.

#1. The course will be at the beaches and you are not the only one

Surf school is providing surf classes for the travelers whom the surf instructors will take you to the beaches that have been defined.

The place for your lesson is not only at one beach especially when you are reserving the surf school in Portugal for days or even weeks. You will be at some beautiful beaches with stunning waves that will be perfect for your surfing ability.

Each class will contains of some members, could be 6 or 8 person so this won’t be a private surf lesson.

#2. You can choose the surf school accommodation you’d like to stay in Portugal and the surfing spots to practice

The amazing thing about the surf school in Portugal is that, there are many of them. From the popular beaches to stay and practice up to the hideaway spots you have never heard before. You can experience all of those and make your own decision at where the best to stay and the top spots to practice your new surfing skill.

But keep in mind that some beaches have the different wave types and if the surf instructor is not allowing you to practice due to your own surfing ability, you’d better not to force yourself for your own safety.

For your information, if you are confusing about the best surf school Portugal and its perfect locations to practice, you can start your own discovery at the Costa Vicentina or Ericeira. It is easier to find the surf course over there while the beaches are also tempting.

#3. You don’t need to bring your own surf equipment and material if they aren’t necessary

I think, it is not only for the surf school in Portugal but could be for all the schools in the world. Mostly, you have been prepared with all the surfboard, surely you won’t need to bring the wax, the wetsuits are already there and more.

Just bring yourself!

#4. Yoga class and the horse riding

If you are making Portugal as the first destination for your surfing lesson, the there are some surf schools that even providing you some other activities such as the Yoga class, horse riding or a beach volleyball.

But surely that not all the surf courses are serving the same, so you’d better know the extra activities the surf school in Portugal you’d like to choose.

#5. The low and high season

If you are not comfortable to learn surf where there are too many crowds around the beach (high season), then it is recommended that you won’t get a surf school in Portugal in June to September. And to experience your surfing trip more comfortably and feels more private, then started from the October to May is the best time for your visit.

How to Experience More Safe of Your Surfing Trip

Surfing is a sport, everyone has knowing that. But, it is also fun even though there will only some of you have been experienced it before. And we still have one thing to agree with, that surfing itself is also dangerous. It takes not only your courage but can be your life as well when you are in love with it.

How to enjoy the safe surfing trip

Waves are only one of the shape of the water. But they got power where they can drown you to the bottom and can even move the rocks and sands. The bigger mostly means that the waves are more dangerous. And that will be the dilemma where the waves are actually seen beautiful but in the same time can take life as well. So that, if you are among them who are being the surfing enthusiast, you’d better think about being more safer when you want to riding the waves.

What you can do to get safer surfing trip?

It is always a pleasure where we can give some useful tips and advises for each other. In case you will need my tips and recommendation on how to get more safe surfing trip so you can really experience the trip as a whole in more valuable way, I am going to let you know some of my advises that hopefully can help you surfing. And here are they go.

If you are caught up in a rip current, never swim against it!

When you are surfing and somehow you are in a rip current and actually any kind of currents, it is always recommended that you will never let yourself swim against it. You will be exhausted and lost many energy when you are doing that.

Therefore, you’d better keep yourself calm and swim by following along the current while you are trying to swim aside of it in steps. Then when you are in a sea where there is no current at all, then you can swim to the beach slowly.

Never get wrong in picking the surfboard!

For short, base on the length, we have been knowing that there are the short, medium and the long surfboard. The shorter will mostly means the harder for you to surf. So that, you’d better start using the surfboard with the size you have been getting used to before. Besides it can help you to surf easily because if the control you have been mastered, it will also means that you are actually started the safer surfing practice because it won’t give you troublesome.

Never start surfing in the night or when it is dawn

You may will have the poor vision at night and when its dawn where that won’t really help for your surfing activity. Besides that, both of the times are also the best times for feeding and hunting time for the sharks. Many surfers have been eaten by the sharks and you should have take this seriously because it is truly sacrificing your life when you are underestimate this.

Another thing to avoid the shark attack is by surfing in a group. Mostly, shark will only attack the individual, so you will be safer as well when you are with the others.

Ensure that the beach you are going to surf have no rocky bottom

Even the professional surfers are still drowned by the waves and many times, surfers are even injured by the rocky bottom. Therefore, you should make sure that the beach is safe as well as checking the tide level so you can really minimise the risk of being injured.

5 Top Destinations In Berlin

Berlin is not as popular as other destinations such as Thailand, Bali, Japan, Korea or others. Berlin is the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany offering interesting historical tourist destinations to explore. Berlin has a population of 4.5 million where the population comes from 180 countries in the world. The city of Berlin is loaded with many amazing historical buildings and modern civilizations. In addition, Berlin is the center of economic, cultural, political and scientific activities.

Berlin is a tourist destination throughout the year, but the best weather is in July, August, September. Let’s explore the best destinations to visit.

Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall is a landmark as well as a very famous historical heritage. The Berlin Wall was built to limit West Berlin and East Berlin which was built August 13, 1961. East Germany stated that the wall was to protect its citizens from fascist elements which triggered a rebellion movement.

Fernsehturm Berlin

Fernsehturm Berlin is a television tower and famous in Berlin. Built between 1965 – 1969 which until now is considered a symbol of the city of Berlin that can be seen until the mind of the city of Berlin. Has a height of 365 meters which then increases to 368 after being fitted with an antenna. At an altitude of 204 meters above the ground, there is a platform for visitors, where visitors can see 42 kilometers of scenery in fine weather. Also, enjoy a restaurant that rotates within an hour and then in 1990 is renovated and the turnaround changes to 30 minutes.

Brandenburg Gate

This is a very historic location for the German state. The Brandenburg Gate presents the symbol of German victory that is used as a symbol of the city of Berlin. This gate is located in Pariser Platz which was built as a symbol of peace after the fall of the Berlin wall.

The Holocaust Memorial

The Holocaust Memorial was built by the German government for Eripa Jews who were massacred by Nazi soldiers in the past. The Holocaust Memorial was built on a land of 19,000 square meters which is currently visited by visitors from various parts of the world on pilgrimage, praying for or wanting to know the dark history behind the slaughter of Jews.

Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral is a church building also known as the Berliner Dom. This is the largest Protestant Christian church building in Berlin which was built in 1465. The process of working on the Berlin Cathedral for 440 years, which is 1905 became a magnificent, large, elegant building with typical classical Renaissance-style buildings.