Best Places to Visit in Bogor

Bogor is known for its interesting region to visit. Having a location on a higher ground than Jakarta makes this city look fresh. An example of an area often used as a vacation destination is the Puncak area, an area favored by various groups to refresh their spirits. This area of Bogor city has a very beautiful natural beauty and spoils the eyes. You can try various natural destinations to fill your vacation or free time. Here are some tourist destinations that you can visit in Bogor.

Sindang Barang

A cultural village that teaches musical instruments and other traditional arts. Reflection on the progressive country of the cherry, but they have not left their culture. This is very important to introduce culture as well as vacations to regenerate the next generation. So that the culture we have can continue. The fast changing times make our younger generation prefer the cultures of other nations. Although in this case they do not understand the importance of the culture that comes from our ancestors. Visiting this place will be very beneficial for you and your family.

Nusantara Flower Park

As its name suggests, this tourist place is a garden with a collection of different kinds of beautiful and charming flowers. You can enjoy this beautiful view with your family by visiting this place. Some facilities in the form of children’s playgrounds have been set up here. So you don’t have to worry about it later.

Istana Bogor

Bogor Palace is a tourist area that you should visit in Bogor city. This place is perfect for those of you who want to travel with an educational concept. You can also invite children who, of course, can add a glimpse of their nationalism. This place also has a very cool and beautiful environment. If you visit Bogor Palace, you will find historical collections that are certainly very interesting to know. Not only that, what is unique here is that you can also see deer walking around freely in the area.

Pura Parahyangan

A tourist destination as well as a place of worship for the Hindus of Bogor. Pura Parahyangan is known to be the largest temple on the island of Java. Therefore, you should not miss this area when you are in Bogor. Here you can see the majesty of the temple with a natural environment that is always beautiful.

Liveaboard Indonesia Tips for Family Trip

The thought of a family trip can give parents the shivers, especially when you have young children. However, you don’t need to be afraid and worried about taking your family on vacation. You can simplify your vacation with careful trip planning to make the most beautiful time with your big family. You have to choose child-friendly accommodation, attractive tourist attractions, comfortable and safe places too. An ideal destination is visiting nature. Wherever you may go on your holiday, you are guaranteed to experience new things to remember—for example, booking a liveaboard Indonesia to tour around and explore Indonesia’s beauty.

Where is the best place to visit with a Liveaboard Indonesia?

Liveaboard Indonesia

The best places to visit with a liveaboard Indonesia offer you some of the world’s ultimate experience. Take your family on a Raja Ampat Trip. The Island is without question one of the most beautiful islands on the earth. Raja Ampat has a breathtaking landscape. You can find jungle-covered islands, white-sand beaches, hidden lagoons, mushroom-shaped islets, and an amazing underwater view. But what should you do to make sure that all of the family members can enjoy the trip? Well, here are some ideas for your next trip:

Private Tour Liveaboard Indonesia

Liveaboard is the best way to see the fantastic beaches, secret coves, and magical landscape. Taking a trip to Raja Ampat is more exciting if booking a private tour for a family trip. Your journey becomes more comfortable because, on one board, there is only your family there. Taking a private tour is an excellent way to spend quality time with your family. You can choose to sit upon the deck, relax and sunbathe. Sing together and turn to your favorite music. Meanwhile, if the outside gets too hot then retreat to the downstairs cabin and take a nap. Book now your private tour!

Family activities

Travel teaches you the importance of making memories and enjoying fun experiences. In addition, enjoying the beauty of Raja Ampat nature, there are so many activities for you. Days spent swimming, hiking through the mountains, snorkeling, and kayaking.  These fun activities can bring all of the family to bond together.

Liveaboard Indonesia

Picnic at the beach

Take all of your family to set a camp on one of the beautiful beaches in Raja Ampat. Spending time outdoors is also the best idea for this trip. Picnics are a fun and a great way to spend quality time with family. Take your time by basking in nature, feel the open spaces, breathing fresh air, and enjoying a great view.

Family Dinner

The liveaboard dining area is the perfect place to enjoy the delicious cuisine while enjoying the sea-breeze with family. For instance you can request the staff for a special family dinner. Family dinner provides all members an opportunity to come together, strengthen ties, and build better relationships.

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Things to Do in Wayag Island

The Best Hidden Beaches in Banten

Speaking of Banten, you will probably only remember the Ujung Kulon National Park. In fact, the westernmost area of the island of Java also has a variety of beach charms that are no less interesting, you know! In addition to having a beautiful charm, the next row of beaches in Banten is also equipped with various adequate facilities. For those of you who are curious about the beaches of Banten, here are some of the extraordinary tourist attractions in Banten.

Pantai Carita

Do you want a family vacation? The beach of Carita on Jalan Raya Labuan could be the right destination. The wave conditions here tend to be calm, so they are safe for water sports and swimming. There are also banana boat rides that you can add to your list of activities. This beach is known for its fairly comprehensive facilities. You can find various hostels here, ranging from hotels, cottages to the homes of local residents. Therefore, you can choose the type of accommodation according to your budget.

Pantai Tanjung Lesung

Tanjung Lesung beach, located in the village of Tanjung Jaya, Pandeglang, has a coastline of 15 km. The area is big enough for the size of the beach, right? Interestingly, near this beach, there is an island called Liwungan. This island is famous for its underwater charm, so it is a good place for diving. To reach the island, you can rent a local boat and drive for 30 minutes. On Tanjung Lesung beach itself, you can do snorkeling. There are also other alternatives for those who do not want to swim. You can rent a canoe to explore the beauty of Tanjung Lesung beach. Remember, you should also try banana boat rides to add to the excitement of a visit here. Finally, don’t forget to watch the charm of the sunset as it flows behind Mount Krakatau.

Pantai Sawarna

The location of the beach directly facing the Indian Ocean makes the wave conditions here quite big. This beach is dominated by coral rocks. One of the most famous is Tanjung Layar, where there are two large rocks that look like the sail of a ship. This place is also the most popular photo spot for many visitors. So be sure to capture it too when you are on Sawarna beach!

Pantai Anyer

One of the most popular beaches in Banten is Anyer. The white sand is the main attraction of this beach. In addition to the view of the beach, you can also enjoy various attractions such as water sports, including surfing and snorkeling. Not only that, the charm of the sunset on this beach is one of the things not to be missed. Therefore, come late at night to see a beautiful mix of orange and dark purple lights.

Things to Do in Wayag Island

Wayag Island

One of the most famous destination icons in Raja Ampat is Wayag Island. Located in the northwest of Waigeo, the island features some recommended sites for diving, sightseeing, photography, and snorkeling with tons of various fishes and colorful corals. Here, you find crystal clear waters beaches with unique Karst islands that look like mushrooms sprouting out from the sea. You can see fairy tale panoramas along these beaches and make it one of the most photographed beaches on earth. Due to this reason, the island becomes the traveler’s favorite destination to eradicate stresses. Despite the long trip to arrive on this island, you can enjoy beautiful nature in Wayag. That means it is a worthy trip, as the island provides many options for fun activities to tourists. Here’s a little fun idea to help you explore this island!

Enjoy Wayag Island by liveaboard

Wayag Island

Joining liveaboard is the best choice to see as much of Wayag Island as possible in a short amount of time. Hello, Papua will help you to explore and enjoy Wayag. You can enjoy your day on a boat, and you can stop wherever you wish, whether to dive or do anything else at all. Living on high seas while enjoying the island’s beauty will be an unforgettable experience that lasts a lifetime.

Exploring Wayag Island underwater

Diving is the most popular water activity on Wayag Island. Without a doubt, the dive site here island offers unspeakable beauty underwater. One of the famous dive sites in Wayang is Eagle Rock. Here, you have the chance to see many beautiful creatures like Wobbegong Sharks, Sweetlips, Barracudas, Tuna, Sardines, Wobbegong Sharks, Reef Sharks, Bump Head Parrotfish, and the occasional Manta Ray. Suppose you are a beginner diver, no need to worry because this dive site is not challenging as there is little to no current. No one would regret trying this dive site, for sure.

Coney Karst Islands

This island is unique; it is in the shape of a sprouting mushroom from the sea, with the clear blue water and the blue sky above. Wouldn’t you call it a hidden paradise? The next activity idea for you is sightseeing. There are several small karst islands here, on which you can witness. Don’t forget to take some pictures of them. Some people say the island is the icon of Raja Ampat because it has the best landscape for photography. Well, that’s true, as Wayag has some perfect spots to capture amazing pictures. Even a phone will be sufficient to take those majestic sea sceneries, sunrise, and sunset view!

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The Ultimate Traveling Guide: Traveling to Indonesia

Tips before visiting the Island

Here are items that you need to prepare before you leave. First, you must bring your sunscreen. Furthermore, sunglasses are the ones you couldn’t forget. Of course, you can’t forget a swimsuit or bikini to enjoy the pristine beaches here. The camera is a must-have item for this trip, and the important thing is to bring enough money!

Travel Trivia: Things to know about the two most beautiful beaches in Indonesia!

Indonesia, a country in Southeast Asia made up of thousands of volcanic islands, is home to hundreds of ethnic groups speaking their own languages. It is known for its beaches (very popular with its magnificent beaches which include the most visited cities in Indonesia like Bali and Lombok), its volcanoes, its Komodo dragons and its jungles where elephants, orangutans and tigers. Jakarta, the dynamic and sprawling capital, is located on the island of Java, as is the city of Yogyakarta known for gamelan music and traditional puppets. Below are some beaches in Indonesia that can attract the attention of tourists to visit.

Tanjung Bira, South Sulawesi

tanjung bira indonesia travel

The beach whose beauty is undoubtedly Tanjung Bira where the neat and clean beach is very clear with a soft texture of sand. Located at the southern tip of Sulawesi Island, all visitors to this place will be fascinated and at ease with the presence of lined coconut palms and rugged rocky cliffs. The exciting activities that can make you forget the time at Tanjung Bira are sunbathing, snorkeling, and swimming.

Watching the sunrise and sunset is also a popular activity for many tourists. As a bonus, there are Goat Island and Liukang Island whose beauty can be appreciated by tourists. With its location in the regency of Bulukumba, precisely in the sub-district of Bonto Bahari, Tanjung Bira is a coastal region that offers complete accommodation and facilities.

Pantai Pandawa, Bali

Bali is often considered a paradise for nature tourism with Lombok, and there is no denying that Bali is the ideal place for a visit to the beach. Pandawa Beach, nicknamed the Secret Beach, is a secluded beach located on the Isle of God, south of Bali, in the village of Kutuh. Although hidden and covered with shrubs and high cliffs, this beach can still emit its charm. It’s just that tourists who want to come to the beach have to be prepared with rather difficult access. Specifically, Pandawa Beach is located in the tourist region of Badung – South Kuta and one of the many beaches in Bali. In the past, this beach is known to be one of the secret beaches in the region due to its location behind a mountainous area which has isolated its location from the unknown.

When traveling to Bali, visitors usually only know the beaches of Sanur or Kuta, but a very nice view can also be found on Pandawa Beach with its white sand and the clarity of the sea water. The exciting water activities not to be missed are water sports such as paragliding and canoeing. Swimming is also practiced by many tourists. There is also a cultural parade which can be seen during a visit to March; this event is presented by Hindus and Buddhists.

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Bali Family Resort Why Opt for Luxury Accommodation 

bali family resorts

The Paradise Island of Bali provide all types of accommodations that you can think of; from secluded private villas to all-inclusive accommodations, it’s all there. Most families on vacations opt for Bali family resorts that offer five-star experience, and it’s with a good reason. Why is luxury hotels is popular with families? 

What to look for in Bali family resort  

From kids stay for free to kids eat free, there are a number of deals that you can expect from luxury accommodations.Luxury resorts offer saving deals for families. When you’re going on a vacation in Bali with families, make sure that you opt for establishments that cater especially to family-friendly vacations. Kids-friendly resorts are also great for a number of engaging programs your kids can join, which we’ll talk about in more details. 

Stress-free vacation in Bali 

benoa resort bali

Beyond all of the convenience Bali family resort provides, luxury hotels let you feel pampered. From gorgeous rooms with a spectacular view to enjoy down to the seamless check-in and check-out experience, everything is designed for your utmost comfort and ease. And Bali is known for its impeccable hospitality service; experience the world-famous hospitality service by staying at a resort of your choice. 

Unlike any other accommodation where you have to figure everything out yourself, luxury accommodations are one step ahead to provide for you and your family. Requesting baby cots is often available without additional charges. These amenities can all be requested during booking. 

Privacy and peace 

nusa dua resorts

Luxury resorts in Bali are often equipped with private beaches, ensuring tranquil and the utmost experience in beaches. Unlike in non-luxury resorts, you don’t have to fight your way to the beaches and your time lounging in the sun is certainly won’t be bothered by a crowd. Some resorts in Bali offers you rooms with a direct access to the beach, creating one of the 

Kids activities 

While you plan on spending most of your time with your little ones, that doesn’t mean the presence of dedicated kids-club won’t benefit you. Things could come up and you’d have to leave your kids at the hotel for a few hours, or perhaps you simply need a time away for yourself amidst the hectic days of your family vacation. Whatever your reason is knowing that there’s a dedicated facility in Bali family resort ready to engage your kids when you can’t – is a huge burden off of your shoulders. 

Make sure to find this out in advance. Some hotels feature this as one of the highlights of their services, while others offer them only as weekends activities. So do your research beforehand, contact the resort if needed, and make sure they have excellent kids-club that you can count on.

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The Idea of Travel With Strangers 

Travelling is highly recommended thing to do because it brings you many benefits. You can learn something new while giving back by supporting the local economy. It is also fun thing to do with friends or alone. You can go group travel or solo travel whenever you’d like to. However, it is sometime miss form your mind that there is also possibility to travel with strangers. It may sound disconcerting because stranger is always correlated with danger and uncertainty. However, we live in more modern society which makes everything more possible.

The possibility of travelling with stranger

The idea of travelling with stranger is not that new. You may have done it unconsciously. Solo travel is the closest to travel with stranger. When you travel solo, you make friends with other travelers along the way. They are totally new people for you and yet you don’t mind reaching the same destination with them. So isn’t it also counted as travel with stranger?

traveling with strangers

Furthermore, the idea of travel with stranger is not actually that disconcerting. It is not as terrifying as it looks. It is good if you can always open your mind with the idea of travelling with new people you just met. Solo travelling can be the start of it. When you travelling alone, try to be less closed-off and open more gate to build friendship with other travelers you may encounter. You can get to know each other along the way especially when you have the same destination. 

Try it out

The idea of travel with stranger is not as scary as it sounds. There are also many benefits you can get from doing so. For example, you can share travel tips with each other. You can also tell each other interesting stories. There is also a chance for you to complete each other. You may not that good in reading map but you are the expert at cooking. The other travelers you just met may have the skills to cover your weaknesses. Working together can make your trip more interesting. 


Travel with the people you just met can also open a chance to create a lifelong bond. You can make new friends that will last longer than you expect. Not to mention that you may find interesting people you can look up to. People coming from different background and cultures will also make you more open-minded. You can learn to see things in different perspectives while bonding. 

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Be open to the idea

Travelling with strangers you just meet during your trip can be a good idea. It can ensure your safety in some ways. Solo travel puts you at more risk because you look ore vulnerable alone. Travelling with other travelers even though they are stranger can reduce the risk of being a target of crimes because thieves usually don’t target a group of people but the one who is alone. Staying in a group especially in dangerous area will help ensure your safety. You can look out for each other to keep each other safe. 

Banda Diving Getting to Know the Volcanic Archipelago

Banda Islands are a part of Maluku province of Indonesia, and it’s known as one of the most sought-after destination for its incredible marine life. Banda diving and snorkeling is certainly one of the most wanted activities when it comes to this cluster of volcanic islands. This archipelago is quite isolated and difficult to reach, not quite unlike Raja Ampat of Papua, and thanks to its remote location, the majority of these areas remain pristine and the marine wildlife largely untouched. 

banda sea diving

These gorgeous volcanic islands used to be the only source of mace and nutmeg in the world. And it definitely plays a role in the spice trade centuries back. These days, the Banda Islands (known as Kepulauan Banda in Bahasa Indonesia) are among some of the most sought-after diving sites in the world. Banda Neira is the administrative capital of the island where you’re likely going to arrive first on this tiny archipelago. 

Banda sea diving and snorkeling is clearly among the top reasons why travelers visit the Spice Islands. Scuba diving resorts line the coast of these islands and liveaboards frequently made their stop here. Banda diving is known for its dense school of fishes. 

Banda diving 

Aside from the dense school of tropical fishes that delightfully swarm divers and snorkelers, Banda diving is known for its incredible biodiversity. The sheer range of marine life that you could experience in a single dive in Banda Islands thanks to its untouched underwater ecosystem. 

banda diving

Some say Banda island’s biodiversity can rival that of Raja Ampat, a part of the great Coral Triangle, and that it itself is and weighty claim. Banda Neira diving has been said to be one of the most incredible diving experiences by seasoned divers alike. One of the best ways to access the many dive sites of this archipelago is by sailing on a liveaboard. Resort diving is a good option, however, liveaboard gives you the limitless possibilities of reaching parts of oceans that would take a considerable amount of time if you travel from land using small boats.  

Some of the most well-known Banda diving sites: 

banda neira diving

  • Diving Keraka Island. The currents in Keraka Island is relatively mild and rarely gets strong; which makes this dive site perfect not just for seasoned divers but also for snorkelers as well. It’s heaven for underwater photographers as well thanks to the good level of visibility. 
  • Karang Hatta. “Karang” is “reef” in Bahasa Indonesia and this Banda diving spot is located in the South East of an island of the same name, “Pulau Hatta”. This is where you should dive if you’d like to see the big pelagic fishes such as sharks. Turtles are frequently spotted as well.
  • Banda Besar. This island, like its namesake, is the biggest island among the cluster of islands in Banda archipelago. It’s home to colorful coral sites. Divers whose primary interest is to witness stretches upon stretches of coral lives would find this Banda diving spot absolute delight. 

How to get to Banda Islands Indonesia? 

banda sea liveaboard

These remote islands are particularly difficult to get into. There’s no direct international flight to these islands. But thanks to that degree of isolation, these islands are well-protected. You’ll be able to catch connecting flights from Denpasar (Bali), Jakarta, or Surabaya to Maluku. Going on a liveaboard Banda sail is among one of the most convenient ways of reaching the archipelago. 

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Hassle-Free Road Trip For Enjoyable Holiday 

Working is necessary because you need to earn money to live comfortably. However, working without a break is stressful and make you less productive instead. A vacation sometimes is what you need to get refreshed and replenish your spirit. You will return with higher spirit to work and positive mood. A road trip might be what you need. You don’t have to travel to foreign country to enjoy your holiday. A road trip to the neighboring cities is great idea. 

road trip

How to experience enjoyable road trip

A road trip is fun and you can do it in any way you want. You can do it alone or bring companions such as friends or family. The most important thing is to enjoy your time during the road trip. However, there are possible hassles you may experience if you don’t prepare the trip properly. Here are several tips for more enjoyable road trip during your holiday:

Be in good shape

You will be driving over longer duration than your daily basis. Thus, it is important to make sure that you are in a good shape. Make sure that you are not exhausted to do it. Aside from your own body, it is also important to endure that your vehicle is in good condition too. Do not misunderstand small issue of your car because it can cause big problems when you are on the road later. Get your car checked or serviced before going on a road trip. It is also important to keep ensure your own safety. 

Sometimes, spontaneous trip is so satisfying because it makes the trip more interesting and unexpected. However, it can cause problems during the trip especially if you neglect important preparation. Always bring necessary items for a road trip such as first aid kit, bottled water, some snacks, and necessary documents such as vehicle’s registration document, license, etc. 

Pack light!

It is recommended to pack light for a road trip. Minimizing the load can help you travel efficiently. If you have to bring additional equipment or devices, make sure to secure them properly inside your car. If you have to put something on the roof-mounted carrier, make sure they don’t block your view to the road. 

Alternative routes

Choose alternative routes that can help you avoid the traffic of the city. It is also recommended to avoid driving during rush hour traffic. It is always best to start your journey in early morning. It is not only make you avoid rush hour traffic but also gives you a fresh morning atmosphere. If the traffic is unavoidable somehow, make sure to drive safely and always maintain some distance. Be attentive during driving and avoid close maneuvers. 

Take frequent breaks!

Get rid of any distractions during the trip. Avoid forcing yourself at your limit to drive, take frequent breaks if necessary because driving when you feel exhausted can put your own safety and other passengers at risk. Take a break, grab some snacks and enjoy the view even for few minutes. It really helps to freshen up your body and mind.

Picking New Bedroom Furniture Yogyakarta for Dummies

Picking a fresh look for your bedroom is one of the best ways to get you to rediscover a love for your space, such as why you pick this house or apartment in the first place. With that said, sprucing up an old bedroom to create a new look can be tough. Where to begin?

Furnishing a bedroom can be tricky. The place where you’re going to rest in needs to be as welcoming and as comfortable for you or for whoever you’re furnishing the bedroom for.  

Bedroom furniture Yogyakarta 

First of, we’ve touched upon the fact that we should not neglect who the bedroom is for. Are you furnishing a room for yourself, for your child, or a guest room? If you’re furnishing a room for a teen, for example, you might want to let her or him have a say in the furnishing, or at least, in the decorating process of the room. 

furniture kamar tidur jogja

This aspect may be simple but you’ll be surprised at how much it actually affect. This consideration would affect anything from the pieces of bedroom furniture Yogyakarta itself to your budget. For example, you might want to spend less on a guest bedroom, especially if you know it’ll be one that would get see less frequent use. 

Budgeting for new furnishings 

First off, let’s identify what you need to replace. Creating a fresh look for your bedroom may not require you to replace everything that makes it costly. Make sure that you carefully discern what needs to be replaced and what’s still in good condition. If a bed is already making some noises, or if you find the wood bending, it might be time to replace it. 

bedroom furniture yogyakarta

Whether you’re creating a new look for your bedroom or furnishing a blank room, it’s best to identify the most basic items that you must have in your room. Those usually consist of: 

  • The bed. The most important piece that you should invest the most on.
  • The closet, if you don’t have a walk-in. 
  • Nightstand 

Furniture buying: Where to invest and where to compromise 

The bed is truly where you’d want to spend your money on. Sleep quality, after all, affect your health and should not be compromised. Invest on a good quality bed with frames made of solid wood so that you bed will last long years. Beds are costly pieces of furnitures from the start. Having to replace a bed because it failed on you due to poor quality is only going to cost you more rather than let you save. When you buy bedroom furniture Yogyakarta never compromise on the bed itself. 

small bedroom jogja

As we’ve established the bed is where you need to invest in, now where can you compromise? If you can invest on high quality furniture with solid hardwood then by all means proceed. Unfortunately not everyone could afford all hardwood furniture and sometimes we just need to make a compromise. One of the aspects that you can do apply this in is on the bedroom decoration – it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to create an attractive look. Purchase bedroom accessories that are well within your budget. If you’re really tight on budget, then invest on things that are actually has value, such as potted plants. 

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