The Idea of Travel With Strangers 

Travelling is highly recommended thing to do because it brings you many benefits. You can learn something new while giving back by supporting the local economy. It is also fun thing to do with friends or alone. You can go group travel or solo travel whenever you’d like to. However, it is sometime miss form your mind that there is also possibility to travel with strangers. It may sound disconcerting because stranger is always correlated with danger and uncertainty. However, we live in more modern society which makes everything more possible.

The possibility of travelling with stranger

The idea of travelling with stranger is not that new. You may have done it unconsciously. Solo travel is the closest to travel with stranger. When you travel solo, you make friends with other travelers along the way. They are totally new people for you and yet you don’t mind reaching the same destination with them. So isn’t it also counted as travel with stranger?

traveling with strangers

Furthermore, the idea of travel with stranger is not actually that disconcerting. It is not as terrifying as it looks. It is good if you can always open your mind with the idea of travelling with new people you just met. Solo travelling can be the start of it. When you travelling alone, try to be less closed-off and open more gate to build friendship with other travelers you may encounter. You can get to know each other along the way especially when you have the same destination. 

Try it out

The idea of travel with stranger is not as scary as it sounds. There are also many benefits you can get from doing so. For example, you can share travel tips with each other. You can also tell each other interesting stories. There is also a chance for you to complete each other. You may not that good in reading map but you are the expert at cooking. The other travelers you just met may have the skills to cover your weaknesses. Working together can make your trip more interesting. 


Travel with the people you just met can also open a chance to create a lifelong bond. You can make new friends that will last longer than you expect. Not to mention that you may find interesting people you can look up to. People coming from different background and cultures will also make you more open-minded. You can learn to see things in different perspectives while bonding. 

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Be open to the idea

Travelling with strangers you just meet during your trip can be a good idea. It can ensure your safety in some ways. Solo travel puts you at more risk because you look ore vulnerable alone. Travelling with other travelers even though they are stranger can reduce the risk of being a target of crimes because thieves usually don’t target a group of people but the one who is alone. Staying in a group especially in dangerous area will help ensure your safety. You can look out for each other to keep each other safe. 

Banda Diving Getting to Know the Volcanic Archipelago

Banda Islands are a part of Maluku province of Indonesia, and it’s known as one of the most sought-after destination for its incredible marine life. Banda diving and snorkeling is certainly one of the most wanted activities when it comes to this cluster of volcanic islands. This archipelago is quite isolated and difficult to reach, not quite unlike Raja Ampat of Papua, and thanks to its remote location, the majority of these areas remain pristine and the marine wildlife largely untouched. 

banda sea diving

These gorgeous volcanic islands used to be the only source of mace and nutmeg in the world. And it definitely plays a role in the spice trade centuries back. These days, the Banda Islands (known as Kepulauan Banda in Bahasa Indonesia) are among some of the most sought-after diving sites in the world. Banda Neira is the administrative capital of the island where you’re likely going to arrive first on this tiny archipelago. 

Banda sea diving and snorkeling is clearly among the top reasons why travelers visit the Spice Islands. Scuba diving resorts line the coast of these islands and liveaboards frequently made their stop here. Banda diving is known for its dense school of fishes. 

Banda diving 

Aside from the dense school of tropical fishes that delightfully swarm divers and snorkelers, Banda diving is known for its incredible biodiversity. The sheer range of marine life that you could experience in a single dive in Banda Islands thanks to its untouched underwater ecosystem. 

banda diving

Some say Banda island’s biodiversity can rival that of Raja Ampat, a part of the great Coral Triangle, and that it itself is and weighty claim. Banda Neira diving has been said to be one of the most incredible diving experiences by seasoned divers alike. One of the best ways to access the many dive sites of this archipelago is by sailing on a liveaboard. Resort diving is a good option, however, liveaboard gives you the limitless possibilities of reaching parts of oceans that would take a considerable amount of time if you travel from land using small boats.  

Some of the most well-known Banda diving sites: 

banda neira diving

  • Diving Keraka Island. The currents in Keraka Island is relatively mild and rarely gets strong; which makes this dive site perfect not just for seasoned divers but also for snorkelers as well. It’s heaven for underwater photographers as well thanks to the good level of visibility. 
  • Karang Hatta. “Karang” is “reef” in Bahasa Indonesia and this Banda diving spot is located in the South East of an island of the same name, “Pulau Hatta”. This is where you should dive if you’d like to see the big pelagic fishes such as sharks. Turtles are frequently spotted as well.
  • Banda Besar. This island, like its namesake, is the biggest island among the cluster of islands in Banda archipelago. It’s home to colorful coral sites. Divers whose primary interest is to witness stretches upon stretches of coral lives would find this Banda diving spot absolute delight. 

How to get to Banda Islands Indonesia? 

banda sea liveaboard

These remote islands are particularly difficult to get into. There’s no direct international flight to these islands. But thanks to that degree of isolation, these islands are well-protected. You’ll be able to catch connecting flights from Denpasar (Bali), Jakarta, or Surabaya to Maluku. Going on a liveaboard Banda sail is among one of the most convenient ways of reaching the archipelago. 

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Hassle-Free Road Trip For Enjoyable Holiday 

Working is necessary because you need to earn money to live comfortably. However, working without a break is stressful and make you less productive instead. A vacation sometimes is what you need to get refreshed and replenish your spirit. You will return with higher spirit to work and positive mood. A road trip might be what you need. You don’t have to travel to foreign country to enjoy your holiday. A road trip to the neighboring cities is great idea. 

road trip

How to experience enjoyable road trip

A road trip is fun and you can do it in any way you want. You can do it alone or bring companions such as friends or family. The most important thing is to enjoy your time during the road trip. However, there are possible hassles you may experience if you don’t prepare the trip properly. Here are several tips for more enjoyable road trip during your holiday:

Be in good shape

You will be driving over longer duration than your daily basis. Thus, it is important to make sure that you are in a good shape. Make sure that you are not exhausted to do it. Aside from your own body, it is also important to endure that your vehicle is in good condition too. Do not misunderstand small issue of your car because it can cause big problems when you are on the road later. Get your car checked or serviced before going on a road trip. It is also important to keep ensure your own safety. 

Sometimes, spontaneous trip is so satisfying because it makes the trip more interesting and unexpected. However, it can cause problems during the trip especially if you neglect important preparation. Always bring necessary items for a road trip such as first aid kit, bottled water, some snacks, and necessary documents such as vehicle’s registration document, license, etc. 

Pack light!

It is recommended to pack light for a road trip. Minimizing the load can help you travel efficiently. If you have to bring additional equipment or devices, make sure to secure them properly inside your car. If you have to put something on the roof-mounted carrier, make sure they don’t block your view to the road. 

Alternative routes

Choose alternative routes that can help you avoid the traffic of the city. It is also recommended to avoid driving during rush hour traffic. It is always best to start your journey in early morning. It is not only make you avoid rush hour traffic but also gives you a fresh morning atmosphere. If the traffic is unavoidable somehow, make sure to drive safely and always maintain some distance. Be attentive during driving and avoid close maneuvers. 

Take frequent breaks!

Get rid of any distractions during the trip. Avoid forcing yourself at your limit to drive, take frequent breaks if necessary because driving when you feel exhausted can put your own safety and other passengers at risk. Take a break, grab some snacks and enjoy the view even for few minutes. It really helps to freshen up your body and mind.

Picking New Bedroom Furniture Yogyakarta for Dummies

Picking a fresh look for your bedroom is one of the best ways to get you to rediscover a love for your space, such as why you pick this house or apartment in the first place. With that said, sprucing up an old bedroom to create a new look can be tough. Where to begin?

Furnishing a bedroom can be tricky. The place where you’re going to rest in needs to be as welcoming and as comfortable for you or for whoever you’re furnishing the bedroom for.  

Bedroom furniture Yogyakarta 

First of, we’ve touched upon the fact that we should not neglect who the bedroom is for. Are you furnishing a room for yourself, for your child, or a guest room? If you’re furnishing a room for a teen, for example, you might want to let her or him have a say in the furnishing, or at least, in the decorating process of the room. 

furniture kamar tidur jogja

This aspect may be simple but you’ll be surprised at how much it actually affect. This consideration would affect anything from the pieces of bedroom furniture Yogyakarta itself to your budget. For example, you might want to spend less on a guest bedroom, especially if you know it’ll be one that would get see less frequent use. 

Budgeting for new furnishings 

First off, let’s identify what you need to replace. Creating a fresh look for your bedroom may not require you to replace everything that makes it costly. Make sure that you carefully discern what needs to be replaced and what’s still in good condition. If a bed is already making some noises, or if you find the wood bending, it might be time to replace it. 

bedroom furniture yogyakarta

Whether you’re creating a new look for your bedroom or furnishing a blank room, it’s best to identify the most basic items that you must have in your room. Those usually consist of: 

  • The bed. The most important piece that you should invest the most on.
  • The closet, if you don’t have a walk-in. 
  • Nightstand 

Furniture buying: Where to invest and where to compromise 

The bed is truly where you’d want to spend your money on. Sleep quality, after all, affect your health and should not be compromised. Invest on a good quality bed with frames made of solid wood so that you bed will last long years. Beds are costly pieces of furnitures from the start. Having to replace a bed because it failed on you due to poor quality is only going to cost you more rather than let you save. When you buy bedroom furniture Yogyakarta never compromise on the bed itself. 

small bedroom jogja

As we’ve established the bed is where you need to invest in, now where can you compromise? If you can invest on high quality furniture with solid hardwood then by all means proceed. Unfortunately not everyone could afford all hardwood furniture and sometimes we just need to make a compromise. One of the aspects that you can do apply this in is on the bedroom decoration – it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to create an attractive look. Purchase bedroom accessories that are well within your budget. If you’re really tight on budget, then invest on things that are actually has value, such as potted plants. 

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Reasons Why Katara in Qatar Is Great Travel Destination 

Qatar is a great country where a trip is going to be epic. There are some many interesting spots you can visit and there’s so many things to do to enjoy your visit. Desert must be what comes in your mind first when you think of Qatar. However, the other places also deserve to be explored. One of the most recommended places to go when you visit Qatar is Katara. It is a cultural village offering many interesting things that can make your trip even more fun to enjoy. 

Interesting things about Katara worth travelling for

Katara is one of the must-visit spots when it comes to travelling in Qatar. It is very eye-catching that dismissing it as your travel destination is a complete lost for you. This cultural village is built on reclaimed land on the coastal edge of Doha. The complex has become a very iconic destination for visitors all over the world. It is one of the best creative scene of Qatar. It first opened in 2010. 

katara village qatar

Art and more art

Katara is a great travel destination for art lovers. It makes Doha as the center of global art destination. In Katara, you will get to find various galleries, concert halls, theaters, and more. There are various programs of exhibitions. Festivals, and performances being held in this spot. Katara is not only popular to the locals but also foreign visitors. This place is the major spot to raise cultural awareness as well as promote artistic exchange in all forms. 

Katara’s location

The location of Katara is already unique and iconic. It is positioned between Doha’s central West Bay area and the Pearl. It is also surrounded with other major spots such as top-class restaurants, yacht-lined marinas, and etc. The place is accessible but not easily easy to navigate the roads. However, it is worth it once you arrive in the complex. 

Creativity abound!

Katara is a great place where you can truly feel the creative buzz. It is like exploring a maze of alleys in another world. There are so many interesting things to see such as colorful water fountains, wide-granite-tiled country yards, beachfront promenade, and more. The galleries are there to indulge your artistic soul. There are various venues hosting local and international artistic creations. The best part is that you can in and out the galleries free of charge. One of the most recommended places to visit is the QM gallery where you can spot the Skate Girls of Kabul. It is a series of portraits by photographer Jessica Fulford-Dobson. 

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Beaches in Katara

There is also sandy beach you can visit that is family-friendly. It is often used as the location to host various performances, festivals, and film screenings, and more. lots of celebrations and art exhibitions are what you can expect from visiting Katara. It is also highly recommended to visit the stunning amphitheater overlooking the Persian Gulf’s calm waters. This structure is made from marbles and stands at 3,275 square meter ground. The building with ancient Greece-inspired design can fit up to 5,000 people. 

First Tattoo in Bali Tips During Vacation for Tattoo Virgins

Do you plan on getting a tattoo Bali while having no prior experiences in getting a tattoo before? Getting a tattoo during your holiday is generally not a good idea. That is of course, unless you plan your holiday around getting that very tattoo and ensure that you’re doing everything you need to do in order to have a smooth-sailing holiday, while getting that very tattoo at the same time. So for tattoo virgins who’d like to get their tattoo in the paradise island of Bali, what should you do? 

seminyak tattoo bali

Tattoo Bali research and research! 

When it comes to getting tattooed, there is no such a thing as too much research or too much preparation. Especially when you’re doing your inking in Bali, somewhere that’s likely far away from home. So make sure to prepare well. 

Here two most important things that you should research when it’s your first time tattooing anywhere whether it’s back home or at a tattoo destination: 

  • Tattoo placement along with the tattoo design. Aside from the custom tattoo design that you’d love to have inked on your skin, make sure that you’re also doing your due diligence of researching tattoo placement; how placement affect your design and the level of pain you’re going to experience. When this is your first time, it’s advisable that you tattoo in the least painful areas of your body. 
  • Research your artist and your Bali tattoo studio. Who’s the artist who’s able to bring to life the vision you have? In your mind? Where in Bali are you going to get tattooed? Is it in tattoo Canggu or perhaps Kuta, or maybe you prefer tattoo Seminyak area? Wherever you choose, make sure that you invest on a professional tattoo studio. Always visit the place first before you make any tattoo deposit. 
  • Like anywhere else, the artist is one of the most important keys, if not the most important key for you to get the tattoo you’d love, and have a good first experience. So make sure that you do your research well for the tattoo artist Bali simultaneously while you’re doing your tattoo design research. Having the best tattoo artist whose work you love and whose expertise you trust is going to make your first time tattoo process so much smoother. 

Should you really ink in Bali? 

When it really comes down to it, why must you ink in Bali? Do you really have any specific reason that makes you want to do it on the island, when tattoo shops and tattoo studios back home are perfectly fine (and much more comfortable and familiar) for you?

tattoo artist bali seminyak

Getting a tattoo in Bali just because it coincides with your holiday schedule is just bad practice. On top of you taking health risks during your travel, getting a tattoo in the middle of a vacation in itself is bad practice. You’re coming to Bali to enjoy the beaches and probably have a dive in the Liberty Ship Wreck in Tulamben—whatever it is, your holiday plans are going to have to be adjusted. 

Adjusting your holiday plans in Bali 

It’s inevitable that you’re going to have to adjust your holiday plans when you’re planning to get a tattoo Bali. Whether you’re getting tattoo Seminyak or tattoo Canggu – wherever the tattoo studio in Bali you’re planning to get your tattoo at, plan well! 

Most vacation goers who do have a plan in place to get a tattoo in Bali are usually getting their tattoo near the end of their holiday. That way, they don’t have to compromise on not being able to swim, sunbathe, dive, and all of the activities they’re planning to do in Bali. 

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Staying in Kichijoji, the Ideal Neighborhood to Live in Tokyo

The Kichijoji neighborhood is widely known by people to be one of the most ideal neighborhoods to live in Tokyo. It has the charm of rural Japan while affording you the convenience of the biggest metropolis in the world. Let’s get to know Kichijoji for a bit. 

Kichijoji: the most desirable neighborhood to live in Tokyo 

While suggestions of places to stay during a trip usually revolve around Asakusa, Shibuya, and Shinjuku, when it comes to the neighborhood to live, Kichijoji is arguably among the most popular places. In fact, Kichijoji has been voted as the number 1 most desirable place to live by people in Japan every single year since the 90s, which is an impressive feat.

Gorgeous nature and an amazing park in the middle of the area 

The Kichijouji area is a gorgeous place with the over 100 years-old Inokashira park near the station, playing a huge role in creating a comfortable space filled with lush greens, yet surrounded with all kinds of convenience, starting from the fully-equipped train station. The area has a certain calming charm.

Not many people can afford living so close to green spaces. This is why the residents of Kichijoji are extremely fortunate. The existence of Inokashira Park is something well-celebrated by the people, where the Inokashira park is a much-loved place for retreat from the hectic city life. 

The calm of rural Japan with the convenience of a metropolis 

This factor is clearly among the top reason why Kichijoji is much loved by both people looking to live in Japan as well as tourists alike. Inokashira Park is undoubtedly one of the largest and the most stunning parks in Tokyo. Living in such a beautiful place is a huge draw for those looking to stay in the Kichijoji area. The neighborhood also has virtually everything from shopping districts, upscale restaurants, popular cafes, bars, and so much more. Every month you can see new stores appearing. If you stay here during your travel, you won’t finish exploring the place in just a day.

Numerous schools and universities in the neighborhoods of Kichijoji 

There’s also the fact that there are numerous schools in the area, including prestigious universities such as the Waseda University and Todai Komaba Campus. All in all, it’s a stylish area ideal to get a mix of calm and convenience of the metropolis (or in Tokyo’s case, megalopolis) city. And as the case with real estate anywhere in the world, areas with schools and universities tend to attract more demands and oftentimes, raise the real estate value as well. 

Highly accessible from and to central business districts 

While considered quite far from the CBDs, the fact is that Kichijoji has approximately similar distance compared to Tokyo’s neighborhood/less-central areas like the Nerima and Itabashi wards. Through the Keio-Inokashira line, you can directly access the Shibuya Station in under 30 minutes. Trains from the Kichijoji station only takes more or less 20 minutes to the Shinjuku ward without any transfers. 

5 Social Media Optimization Tips That Really Work

There are many improvements you can make for your social media profiles especially if the accounts will be used for your online business where you have been built a site for that. But sometimes, you were missed the things or have no times for that.

In optimizing your social media profiles and contents for business, many others have actually been showing you the ways. You just don’t care about them or you just were thinking before that “I won’t use what the methods where everyones are using them, I am unique, so do the ways to optimize my social media.” In the other hands, what “everyone else is doing” is usually the valuable information for your business as well. You will know what works and what doesn’t so you don’t putting yourself in a useless business activities especially in optimizing your social media profiles and contents.

Social media optimization tips that work

You are even recommended to know what the other people are doing for their social media so you can steal the ways and applying them to yours. If not, you will be left far behind and will keep on struggling catching up the others. That’s why I am here to show you some of the valuable tips that are really work in optimizing your social media profiles and contents.

1. Publish various type of content formats

There are 3 main formats you are possible to publish on most of social media platforms today. They are the text-base post, image or publish the content in video format.

You are actually have been known and realised all of the 3 above formats, but have you been applied them all to your business accounts since before? If not, you’d better think that the more various your social media contents are, the better for its own improvement. Your audiences won’t get bored with your business information if you are doing this.

Image-base post itself can be vary. You can publish about the recent business promotional in e-flyer format or as simple as in infographic image.

2. Hashtags are not the digital crime, keep on using them!

I have no idea why there are still many of business social media profiles that are less in using the hashtags in their posts. I mean, doing that means you are actually missing a lot of organic audiences on social media and it is one of the normal thing to use the hashtags.

Keeping your posts neat and clean without any hashtags is not actually an option to take, except you want your social media profiles keep on hidden.

Using hashtags on your contents is always part of social media optimization since long time ago and it is also part of helping your audience to find you as well. It is also part of how we are in an online communicating today and even a hashtag can represent our feeling.

In social media, users can even follow an updates from certain hashtags they need to follow, so make sure that your business will take a part in it as well.

3. Include your posts with CTAs (share, comment, like, follow, etc)

You have been heard about this before and there shouldn’t be a social media post especially from your business profiles without a call to action (CTA). This is the way how you are encouraging the users to take the actions as you need them to do.

If you will need to get more followers and shares of your post, then tell them to follow you and share your post. Never underestimate this by thinking that you are not actually need to tell what you need because they must have been known your purpose. It is really wrong. You need tell the users exactly as you want.

If you need to make the users to call a certain phone number or buy something from you, then why not telling them exactly by typing the words “call now” or “buy now”? It is not a hard thing to do. And you have to do this because their feeds will keep on updating the new posts in just seconds.

4. Do the keyword research

Keyword research is not only for the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but it will also helpful for your SMO (Social Media Optimization). So, this will cover both useful sides. For example, have you been ever found a Facebook page before that appeared on the first page of Google result because it was included with the same or relevant keyword as you typed on Google? Don’t you think that your business page should also experience the same to get more audiences especially for its social media?

Mostly, the keywords you are researched will be useful when you are using them on the hashtags, social media profile’s descriptions and about page, etc.

Not only that. Keyword research is also helpful when your social media will need to participate in a trending topics whether or not in a topic that are relevant to your business (niche).

Keyword research will also helpful in finding the volume or the popularity of certain hashtags on social media, but you will need a tool for that such as HootSuite, SproutSocial, etc.

5. Analytics: Track your social media traffics, campaigns (ads), etc.

Optimizing your social media profiles mean that you will have to know what you have been done before and how they are effective in improving your social media campaigns. You will need the tools for that to start analyzing your improvements.

The two of the mentioned tools on above can also be used for your analytical activities. If needed, you will need a tool that can see how the other relevant industries are targeted the audiences in their ads campaigns and you can also do and apply the same things if you think that the campaign before is worked.

All of the social media optimization tips on above aren’t all of what you can do. Even, they are just some of so many aspects you should have been done before. It is even recommended if you are hiring the social media management services so you don’t have to deal with all of those things.

For the start, you can make use of the social media management Bali if you have an online business that needs to optimeze its social media through organic traffic and social media ads.

Does Web Design Impacts Content Marketing?

The simple definition of what the web design is, it is about how the website is designed and displayed on internet. In reality, designing a website can’t be as easy and short as the above definition, especially when it comes to make use of it for the content marketing. Then, how the contents are displayed will take the important role in delivering the relevant and helpful information.

If you have not been known about what the content marketing is, I’ll tell you that it is the creation of valuable contents that are explicitly don’t promote a brand, but they will encourage interests by providing relevant information associated with it. If you will need an example for that, I’ll give you that in a second.

How web design impacts the content marketing strategy?

Imagine you are offering the travelers an affordable accommodation on internet or you have been built a site for that. Then, you will post contents related to it such as how to get affordable hotel rooms, or where the best cheap accommodation in the area, etc. All of those posts will be linking to your main service page ever since the contents are relevant and supporting your own business.

That’s how one of the ways the content marketing works. And to get the contents being accessed and read in a great possible way, you will need a great website design as well.

So, it is a yes for the question on the above title.

Then, how web design impacts the contents for marketing purpose?

Even though the contents are being used as the primarily marketing tool in introducing and offering the products or services on website, the web design itself has some key areas that are important for customers to find what they need.

If you need the customers need to buy things from you online through your business site, then you have to make them easy to make a purchase right? One customer can be the loyal one which is mean the order will be in repeatedly. That’s how important the web design is for the customers and there are still some of the beneficial keys you have to provide.

Professional fonts to improve readability

When designing a website, there will be at least 2 or 3 fonts will be used. It is for typography purposes in terms to get the aesthetic and professional looks of text-base content and to improve the readability itself.

By mentioning about the professional fonts, those are not limited to the other related parts such as the coloring and size.

If you need to make sure that the product’s description of your business have to be delivered successfully, then you will have to displaying the description using the font that can be read clearly as well as using the right color and size for it.

Don’t get your customers runaway just by the use of ugly fonts that make their eyes hurt. It can be no one will buy from you if you are using the fonts that can’t be read at all.

Ease of access

I have found some online shops where the search bar will give the search suggestions relate to the word(s) we are typing in. The suggestions can be the product related pages or the product’s customer reviews and blogs.

In the other sites, web designers are even building a site that is easy to access the information through what the site is offering without make the customers having to search. In this part, navigation can be so important even only just a drop-down menu, pagination, or even a sticky menu that stays on top of the page as the visitors scrolling up and down of the site.

Web design concept and appearance to impress visitors

Your business’s web design can be the identity of the site. The color combination, font and typography, images and videos and all the design elements and assets will contribute to how the visitors will make the judgements of the web appearance.

All of the design assets will also give the impressions about the site. For example, a site that is offering to buy and sell the oil stocks can be better to be displayed in yellow as the oil’s color representation as well as to representing the trust of the business. And that’s the simple way how the color is representing what your site is doing and offering as that is one of the psychological properties of colors.

No wonder many environmentally sites are using the green or when the luxury hotels are in golden color, the restaurant menus will be displayed in red and yellow and so on.

The above three points are contributing on how the contents will be distributed for your customers and visitors. But they aren’t all of what you can do and apply. There are still many other important parts you should dealt with to get a better web design that support your content marketing purpose and it is better for you to get all the things done by hiring the Bali web design agency.

Last not not the least, no matter if the “content is king” term is still valid until today, you will really need to have the better web design so your content marketing purposes can be achieved at their best.