Komodo Trip: Awesome Trekking and Island Hopping!

What comes to your mind when you think about Komodo trip? For the majority of travelers, a rare chance to meet the last of this gigantic prehistoric beasts that have been wandered in these islands since before human civilisation is the major reasons why the Komodo has landed in so many bucket list. Others are mostly divers who are drawn to the surreal beauty of Komodo’s underwater landscape. However, Komodo is more than dragons and diving. There are tons of other awesome things to do during your trip there, and one of travelers’ favourite is trekking! Here’s our top three trekking favourites in Komodo!

Komodo Trekking Trip with the Dragons

Komodo Trekking Trip with the Dragons

To see the Komodo Dragons, you need to walk along trekking paths both in Komodo Island and Rinca. You will walk deep to the lair of the dragons, crossing the dense forests and sprawling meadows. In Rinca Island, they’ll give you three trekking options; the short one, medium, and long trekking. The shortest, taking only 30 minutes in total, is an easy walk passing artificial waterhole (sometimes you can see water buffalos here!) before going down to a small hills overlooking a view over the bay. It’s a nice trek for someone who don’t want to walk very long under the sun.

The medium trek takes about one hour. You will get deep into the forests, walking in between dragon’s nests and out into golden savannah fields punctuated with high lontar palms. The longest trek takes about two hours. It offers the best opportunity to see the dragons as you walk across waterholes and trekking exposed meadows in steep slopes, taking in breathtaking views in the hunt of the dragons. Whichever paths you choose, never ever walk in without the company of the national park’s official rangers. 

See The World from the Peak of Padar Island 

See The World from the Peak of Padar Island

Since you look up for Komodo National Park in the internet, you now must have seen the iconic atop landscape of Padar Island viewpoint. The most stunning and famous image—probably more than the Komodo Island itself. Trekking to Padar Island is definitely a must do in Komodo trip. Hiking in Padar Island requires you to trek steep, dusty hills to make it to the peak. However, now they have engineered wooden pathway and staircase to make the climbs much easier.

With reasonable level of fitness, you will be able to reach the viewpoint in just 20 – 25 minutes. Along the way you will get bunch of panoramic treats; views of golden terrain dropping to the ocean, strips of pristine beaches, beautiful contras of the chopper-coloured islands with bright turquoise water, and many other things that cannot be put into words. The hike to Padar Island worth every step. 

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Another Trekking Trip Komodo in Gili Lawa Darat 

Another Trekking Trip Komodo in Gili Lawa Darat

Though less famous than the Big Trio (Komodo, Rinca, and Padar), Gili Lawa Darat is no less beautiful. It’s one of the islands in Komodo’s archipelago with astonishing view. Paying a visit to the charming Gili Lawa Darat during your Komodo trip would never be disappointing. Exotic hills and savannah grassland dominates Gili Lawa’s landscape. Like other islands in Komodo, the lands glow in golden-copper colour during the dry season and turn into radiant green during the wet season. Trekking in Gili Lawa takes about one hour from the beach to the viewpoint. Infrastructure is non-existent in Gili Lawa so you have to trek the steep and sandy hills. The hiking trails start going barren from thousands of footsteps that goes through it over the past few years, resutling in slippery trails. Wear your shoes—anything than flip flops and sandals would be better for the trekking. 

New Packing Rules For Travelling During Pandemic

As well know that pandemic has brought major changes to our lives in many ways including to our travel habit. All changes has led to some measurements, new rules, regulations and policies to ensure the safety of everyone. It is important to do since travelling increases the risk of spreading and contacting the covid-19. You may have seen from media how new protocols have been made to help reduce the spread of the virus. And for the travel regulations, there are also some new packing rules you must be aware of. 

New Packing Rules For Travelling During Pandemic

Packing your bag properly to travel during pandemic

Even if your local authorities have allowed you for travelling either for business or leisure, you still have to follow the guidelines they provided diligently. Packing is one of the most important things when it comes to travel. In the past, it was mostly done according to individual style and destination. Today, safety is the main priority which involve coronavirus precautions. 

The risk of infection is true

The number of covid-19 is still climbing even though in some places it has slowly decreasing. The overall number of the case is still climbing which means the spread is still going on. Travel by plane is considered the safest alternative by many. However, it is not entirely true because there are still risks of infecting and spreading the virus during the trip. Some countries that have been affected by covid-19 are on the move now. However, they are still on guards by increasing security and cleaning policies especially in public spaces including airports. 

Opt for carry-on bags

Opt for carry-on bags

As for packing, health experts recommend travelers to use carry-on bag instead of suitcase or other big, heavy luggage. When you carry a luggage, you have to linger around the crowd to wait for it. Thus, it increase your risk at contacting the virus from the people around you. Also, a carry-on bag means you don’t have to put it somewhere you don’t know during your trip. You will be the only one who carry it plus the staff who do the checking. Even then, you can sanitize it using a disinfectant wipes after it is handled by people other than you.

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Wear protective gears

Remember that even if you only have carry-on bag for your flight, you may still have to let it get checked by the TSA officers. So, do not argue and let them check it. Also, they are wearing protective gear now such as masker, gloves, etc. Over-panicking about people who touch your bag can cause you major stress during your trip. 

Pack hygiene essentials at carry-on 

if you have to bring luggage, pack light and put personal items in your carry-on bag such as extra masker, hand-sanitizer, phone, important documents, medicines, etc. Travel during pandemic, it is better to pack your own refreshments. Not to mention that airlines have changed their food and drink policies as well. So packing your own is good solution in case they are not available. Even if they are available, it is better to have your own for safety purpose.

Kids are VIP at This Nusa Dua Family Resorts

With white pristine beaches, spellbinding limestone cliff, lush green landscape, and thick cultural heritage embedded in every Balinese life, Bali shines the brightest in terms of holiday destination. However, it’s not always easy to find the right accommodation when you are travelling with young children. Not every hotel is kids-friendly—not even private villas as they might not have kids-proof safety in the premise. But wait until you take a look at this Nusa Dua family resorts; the Holiday Inn Bali Benoa where children were treated as their VIP guest. 

Kids are VIP at This Nusa Dua Family Resort

Cute Nusa Dua Family Resorts Welcoming Pack for Kids

It’s usually the adults who receive resort’s welcoming pack—a bag of tea, coffee, and some snacks—and the kids get whatever the parents give. In this Nusa Dua family resort, however, kids get their own welcoming pack and drinks. They will get the resorts’ mascot stuffed Nudi (short of nudibranch, a cute ocean micro creature) and activity packs consisted of colouring books and colouring pencils. While you are managing the booking, the kiddos will enjoy their special welcoming drink; a kid-size milk at check-in!

A Welcoming Cake!

In your room you will have a welcoming chocolate cake, decorated with picture of your family, waiting on the table. Now tell me which kids won’t get excited with the appearance of free cakes?!

The Tanjung Kids Adventure Suite for Little Travelers 

Kids are VIP at This Nusa Dua Family Resort

This room is one of the most popular family suite in Holiday Inn Nusa Dua! The family suite features a separated kids room form the master bedroom. A super cute ocean-themed room with bunkbeds, TV, Playstation, and colourful kid-sized bean bags. Stickers of sharks, fishes, starfish, and other ocean creatures all over the wall liven up the room even more. Your little travellers will be over the moon to have their own fun room with kid-appropriate facilities for the holiday!

The Tanjung Family Adventure Suite for Big Kiddos

For young travellers who have been sleeping separated from Mummy and Daddy, you can opt for the Tanjung Family Adventure Suite. This room will be a hit for the young kids. It have what the Tanjung Kids Adventure Suite—but replace the bunkbed with twin beds. The cute ocean-themed decoration is still going strong in this room!

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Special Toiletries for Kids  

Special Toiletries for Kids

In this Nusa Dua family resorts, kids can have their own bathroom and—wait for it—their special toiletries! Not that resort standard toiletries which, while it smells good, could be hard on children’s sensitive skin.

The Only Resort in Nusa Dua where Kids Eats and Sleep for Free

Once again this Nusa Dua family resorts live up to its name. They know how to treat family with young kids; make the kids meal free. Yes, you are not dreaming. Children under 12 don’t have to pay for their stay and meals on their resort vacation. All meals ordered from the kids menu at all restaurant in the resort comes free as long as they are accompanied by 1 adult ordering a full-priced menu. Great saving indeed!

Getting Around Bali Dive Sites

How You Can Get Around Bali Dive Sites

The Southeast Asia is famous for its tropical islands, astonishing sea shores, and jaw dropping underwater landscape. Indonesia’s most famous island Bali, in particular, offers huge variety of underwater lives and its uniqueness. Bali has numerous dive sites spreads around the island, each blooming with vibrant sponges and hard corals, tropical fishes, pelagic, and macro critters. This island is one of world’s best underwater destination and if you are a true explorer, it is mandatory in your vacation list.

Bali dive spots is ready to refresh your mind and soul

An existence without having a ton of fun will be exhausting and upsetting. Bali has various perspectives in every zone. Traveling to Bali is correct when your life feels exhausting. In the event that you need to have a go at something new and fun, investigate under the ocean! Particularly jumping sweethearts, or you who need to have a go at plunging, Bali is great.

What makes Bali dive sites so special

How You Can Get Around Bali Dive Sites

Bali dive sites have uncommon, extraordinary and delightful species or coral. Given countless jump spots a good ways off, you need legitimate arranging. Some of the most popular dive sites in Bali are the Tulamben, Amed, Sanur, Nusa Penida, and Nusa Lembongan. However, the island also have some probably less popular sites like the Candidasa, Padang Bai, and Gili Manuk that are certainly not less amazing.

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Exploring All Bali Dive Sites

This is to assume that stay on common touristy regions such as Kuta or Seminyak, as most divers and other travellers do. Kuta to Sanur are usually only about 1 hour drive—or less if you are lucky with the road. Driving to Tulamben and Amed, which is located in the northeast coast of Bali, would take around 2 – 3 hours. We recommend you to stay at least one day in these region as it’s so different than other touristy spot in Bali! These villages are so humble, so quiet, and by staying a day in the village, you just buy yourself a whole lot of additional time to explore all the dive spots in these sites. Going to Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan (where the Manta Rays are!) takes around 45 minutes by speedboat. Again, a minimum overnight stay at one of this island is recommended. You will save a lot of energy and get more time to see what’s underneath the waves.

That is to say, the best way to explore dive sites in Bali is by spending at least a day in one site. Seeing all the dive sites—from Menjangan to Nusa Dua—takes about 5 – 6 days, assuming if you spend a day on each site. However, if you plan to spend a night on some sites (to get the best experience of it), you might need almost two weeks to finish all the dive sites on this island. So if you come to Bali with special intention of diving, you better give yourself enough time!

Most Recommended Things To Do in Qatar

Qatar is more than a transit spot. In fact, it connects to many travel destinations you can reach easily. That’s why choosing Qatar as your travel destination will be worth it. Not to mention that Qatar itself is very accessible. Overseas travelers can use Hamad international Airport to get in Qatar or go to other places. If you happen to travel and make a stop in Qatar, why not making yourself comfortable for a trip. You can spend few days exploring around Qatar. 

Most Recommended Things To Do in Qatar

What to do when travelling around Qatar

Qatar is considered one of the safest countries in the world. Not to mention that it is where you can experience the true Arabian hospitality. There are also many fun activities you can do during your trip in Qatar. You can explore he local foods, visit beautiful beaches or sand dunes, and many more. Here are most recommended things to do when you are in Qatar.

Visit The Museum of Islamic Art

It is a museum built in standalone island situated just off the Corniche. Since it is built in an island, the museum seems like floating on the water from afar. There are many things you will find once you enter the museum including jewelry, textiles, Islamic patterns, calligraphy, and many more. Some of the items were even dating from 7th to 19th century. You can also head to the outdoor terrace located on the top floor of the museum. There you will get to see the most breathtaking views of Doha.  

Visit the Pearl

If you are into water sports, visiting the Pearl can be good idea. It spans almost four million square meters. It provides everything you need for memorable visit including residential and commercial outlets. You can also walk around the area and see yachts on the water. Some of them are built in super luxurious model. As for water adventure, you can try surfing, kayaking, or wakeboarding. 

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Visit Katara village

It is cultural village in Qatar that you can visit to learn more about the local culture. It is located near The Pearl. If you are into culture and art scene, Katara village is truly a gem. There are passages as well as waterways you can explore. You will get to see the works of artists, photographers, as well as filmmakers throughout the spaces. There is also a stunning mosque with purple and turquoise mosaic you can see. Not to mention you can also see an opera house as well as an outdoor amphitheater.

Spend time for dune bashing

You can try the adventure in the sand dunes, they are steep and high which is great to challenge your sanity. You can book a tour to drive you through the sand dunes. You can even try spending a night or two in luxury Arabian tents. If you fell adventurous, you can also pitch your own tent. Do not worry about the transport because your experienced drivers will always be ready to take you anywhere you want. 

Dangers in Diving Beginners Should Know

Scuba diving is getting more popular as a recreational sport and as a result, more people are getting interested to learn it. Dozens of dive enters and diving schools scattered on prominent diving destinations, like Bali, Philippines, and the Maldives. Courses and lessons on diving for beginners classes are also relatively easy to pass, too! It’s no wonder that more adventure seeker drawn to scuba diving schools—they are just so ready to discover a whole new world under the water! However, any scuba newbie child not ever forget that scuba diving is actually still an extreme sport with great risk on every dive. A little mistake on diving could lead to injuries or potentially life threatening accidents. Here are five dangers every beginners should know and learn how to tackle against. 

Dangers in Diving Beginners Should Know

Diving Beginners Are at Risks of Barotrauma

Have you ever heard about barotrauma? Divers who fail to equalise their eardrums usually suffer barotrauma, a physical damage to body tissues (in this case is eardrums), which caused by unequal pressure between the inside with the outside of the ear. Increased underwater pressure on the air pocket in the middle of the ear usually results in diver’s barotrauma. This cause severe pain and sometimes even injury to the middle ear. Preventing barotrauma is essential skills of diving for beginners to have. 

Get Drowned in the Sea

Drowning is real. Most common cause of drowning happens when a diver is panicking or unaware of non-diving health problems. Near drowning experience is most common happen among beginners. Underwater panic usually triggered by out-of-air situation or other emergencies. This could be prevented by giving proper training and strengthening buddy system.  

Destroying or Getting Attacked by Ocean Life

Dangers in Diving Beginners Should Know

The marine world is totally untamed, and this is something every diver should keep in mind. Beginner lessons should always emphasis on preventing damage to the marine life we all cherish very much as well as protecting one’s self from wild animal attack. Most marine creatures, including sharks and string rays, usually are not aggressive toward divers unless provoked. Divers should know the rules on the sea. Never attempt to touch anything (including corals!), never make sudden movement around animals, never swim aggressively near any creature, and many more. This won’t only protect the fragile sea life, but also protect the divers themselves from unwanted accidents. 

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Getting Nitrogen Narcosis

Beginners are at danger on nitrogen narcosis as they haven’t fully develop the ability ofr early detection of extra nitrogen in the body. Having too much nitrogen in the body triggers a narcotic effect; giggling, drunkenness, or giddiness. Nitrogen narcosis affect diver’s reasoning and coordination which can lead into fatal decision making underwater. This is why they have additional training beyond 60m diving for beginners. The deeper you go, the longer time you spend underwater, the bigger the risk to get nitrogen narcosis. 

The Ultimate Mistake on Diving for Beginners: Defective Equipments

This is a serious issue on diving for beginners. Most of new divers don’t have their own equipment yet; they rely on equipment rent from scuba diving operators. One of the risk is renting an unchecked broken equipments which can result in decompression sickness, bad regulator, to drowning. Equipment check is yet another important thing a diver need to master before jumping to the open water. 

Stunning Places Worth Visiting For In Iceland

Iceland is considered one of the safest places to visit in the world. There are many beautiful aspect which make Iceland a great travel destination. Besides, there are not many places int he world where you can find thermal springs as well as glaciers on the same day. Tourism in Iceland is always in high demand. The country is also crowned as one of the happiest places on earth. The natural surroundings with their beautiful and stunning qualities are to be expected when you visit Iceland. 

Best places with stunning qualities in Iceland

Iceland can be considered as one of the busiest countries for tourism. One of the most attractive things is its natural surroundings. There are many spots with the charms of nature hard to resist in Iceland. Here are several of them.

The Thorsmork

Stunning Places Worth Visiting For In Iceland

The thorsmork region is a great place to explore especially for those who seek for adventure and stunning nature. There are many things to enjoy during your visit to this region such as stunning landscapes of majestic mountains, glacial steams, and sea of black sand. Another must thing to do in this region is hiking the designated trails during summer.

Thingvellir National Park

Thingvellir National Park is a perfect travel destination for geology and history lovers. This place is home to the riff valley. This place is historical because it is the site of the first parliament gathered in 930 AD, the Althing. This site is also part of Golden Circle of Iceland’s tourist route. 

Blue Lagoon

Stunning Places Worth Visiting For In Iceland

Blue Lagoon is one of major tourist attraction in Iceland visited not only by local tourists but also international travelers. This site is located in a lava field in southwest Iceland called Grindavik. The must thing to do when you visit this site is to soak your body in the warm water rich in mineral. The bonus is the spectacular view with peaceful atmosphere. 


Tjornin is a great place in Iceland for peace seeker. This is a small but lively lake situated next to the Reykjavik City Hall. You can see various birds flying around the lake happily. The scenery is also stunning framed with the view of colorful houses worth photographing for. It is also a strategic spot to enjoy the best view of Reykjavik.

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Stunning Places Worth Visiting For In Iceland

Hallgrimskirkja is an iconic landmark in Iceland. It is a Lutheran church located in Reykjavik. It is a stunning structure which stands at 74.5 meters tall. It is said that it took 41 years to complete the construction of the structure. It was finished in 1986. the design in intriguing because it is similar to the shapes of lava cooling into columns. 

The Akranes Lighthouses

The Akranes Lighthouses are such a delight to visit. One of the two lighthouses, specifically the bigger one is open for public so you can pay a visit. This place is considered peaceful site. However, it becomes one site to visit for tourists and the townsfolk in winter because it is where you can catch a glimpse of the northern lights stunningly dancing in the sky with their beautiful colors.

Labuan Bajo Cruise: More than Meets The Eye

Indonesia is famous for its many vacation destinations, most of those are happened to located near an ocean area. Raja Ampat, Bunaken, and Lombok are just a few examples of the magnificent under the sea adventure in our archipelago. But there is one area which has become famous recently located on Flores island, named Labuan Bajo. And speaking about exploring the crown jewels of our maritime, what’s better than using the service of Labuan Bajo cruise.

Venturing the depth of the ocean with Labuan Bajo cruise!

Labuan Bajo Cruise: More than Meets The Eye

There are many islands in Indonesia which offers cruise service to help tourists exploring the ocean surrounding it, mostly around landmarks or cool vacation spots. Labuan Bajo is no exception, being considered a rising star in our holiday stop since 2018. Labuan Bajo cruise offers pretty much the same luxury as other boat or yacht service, and you can get a little extra from a certified diving gear to help you diving with a professional touch to a VIP lounge above the deck with exceptional meals and a therapeutic massage, with extra cost as well of course.   

For some people, a cruise might be a little bit too much. There are of course plenty of tourists who prefer exploring the waters by themselves without the needs of cruise service. And I for one can’t blame them for it since everyone has different tastes. But traversing the ocean by yourself is certainly dangerous and can be life-threatening especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Taking a cruise can take you one… or two steps closer to your destination

Taking a cruise can take you one… or two steps closer to your destination

Some say the feeling of the boat rocking is one of the best feelings for those who used to sail. Observing the vessel splitting the waves and the hull get floats up and down is surprisingly satisfying, to say the least.

Labuan Bajo cruise can give you the same feeling but on a bigger scale. Their luxurious boat can give anyone a prosperous mood when boarding on its beautiful deck. Surely that aspect can add enjoyment for your trip.

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With Labuan Bajo cruise, everyone can uncover the island’s hidden jewel!

In case anyone hasn’t known yet, Labuan Bajo is a small fishing town on Flores Island. It used to be a small fishing town but due to an increasing number of visitors each month, the government decided to make the town into a tourist center and many supporting facilities ended up being made.

And one of the facilities is the Labuan Bajo cruise, with how many diving and snorkeling spots around the area, the cruise can easily help people find their way into it. This is truly a revolution to savor maritime adventure.

Find Out the Threats a Nature Destination Face Today

Mostly, we are choosing to visit the nature destination because of its capability to make us feels healthy, being refreshed and because of its peacefulness. And there are so many nature destinations you can choose to visit during your travel.

But, as many of human being are always fail in preserving the better future for nature and environment, then we just can keep on seeing it damaging even though some people and communities or organizations have been helping to stop the damages.

Some threats the nature destination is facing today

In traveling world itself, there are so many threats that are coming from us, the human, that can make the nature travel destination even worst. And to find out more about those threats, I have prepared some of them that hopefully many will know and realize that we should take the important steps to minimize the threats and all their negative impacts.

#1. Plastic wastes

Many of us are using plastic everyday. I have no idea what if each of us will counting our own plastic usage in a month, could be more than what you have been imagined.

The ugly truth about the plastic wastes is, they are taking up to hundreds of year to be decomposed. It is insane to know that we are even keep on producing the plastic wastes while traveling to the nature destination.

The worst case is, some of us are even throwing away and leaving the plastic wastes at nature.

#2. The high season of traveling

The simple and short way to say this is, the more people are visiting the nature destination, the bigger chance for the environment. More plastic wastes will be produced, more water will be used, and surely more chance to ruin the nature as well.

I am not saying that the travelers who are visiting the nature destination in high season are doing mistake without doing nothing but just paying a visit in the wrong time. But we have to admit that the more people are visiting, the complicated the problems will be.

#3. More buildings to support the tourism

If you think that the accommodations, restaurants, bars, cafes, beach clubs and the more various type of building are the sign of how good and popular the travel destination is, I just want to tell you that everything is still just like the two sides of a coin.

Many travelers may are helped to find the accommodation at the beach, looking for the foods is easier since there are many restaurants, and so on. But, what about the abrasion? Local economy may are increasingly high but then we should pay more than what we have got just to make the quality of environment be the same as before.

The natural beach you have been visited before can’t be the same since there have been many things are changed in the name of the art and aesthetic.

The above 3 threats are just some of what we can do to make the nature destination and the environment as a whole to be damaged and I am sure that there must be more other things that we have been done to reduce the quality of our nature. That’s why we will need to apply the sustainable tourism more than before.

What to Expect From a Surf School in Portugal?

Surfing world is getting more fans every year. There are more young people are interesting about it, so the more surfboards and the surf instructors will be needed as well. But, you have known that surfing is a skill, so if there will be ones that need to know how good to control their own surfboard, one of the top place and country you need to go is a surf school in Portugal.

Don’t get me wrong about this, you don’t nee to spend a semester or even the whole year for graduating from the surf school. It is a course that is even only need days or a week to know the basic things about surfing including how to get along with the waves.

Expectations from a surf school in Portugal

And when you are interested about that, you’d better know what to expect from a surf school lesson in Portugal so you won’t think that you are betrayed by your own expectation.

#1. The course will be at the beaches and you are not the only one

Surf school is providing surf classes for the travelers whom the surf instructors will take you to the beaches that have been defined.

The place for your lesson is not only at one beach especially when you are reserving the surf school in Portugal for days or even weeks. You will be at some beautiful beaches with stunning waves that will be perfect for your surfing ability.

Each class will contains of some members, could be 6 or 8 person so this won’t be a private surf lesson.

#2. You can choose the surf school accommodation you’d like to stay in Portugal and the surfing spots to practice

The amazing thing about the surf school in Portugal is that, there are many of them. From the popular beaches to stay and practice up to the hideaway spots you have never heard before. You can experience all of those and make your own decision at where the best to stay and the top spots to practice your new surfing skill.

But keep in mind that some beaches have the different wave types and if the surf instructor is not allowing you to practice due to your own surfing ability, you’d better not to force yourself for your own safety.

For your information, if you are confusing about the best surf school Portugal and its perfect locations to practice, you can start your own discovery at the Costa Vicentina or Ericeira. It is easier to find the surf course over there while the beaches are also tempting.

#3. You don’t need to bring your own surf equipment and material if they aren’t necessary

I think, it is not only for the surf school in Portugal but could be for all the schools in the world. Mostly, you have been prepared with all the surfboard, surely you won’t need to bring the wax, the wetsuits are already there and more.

Just bring yourself!

#4. Yoga class and the horse riding

If you are making Portugal as the first destination for your surfing lesson, the there are some surf schools that even providing you some other activities such as the Yoga class, horse riding or a beach volleyball.

But surely that not all the surf courses are serving the same, so you’d better know the extra activities the surf school in Portugal you’d like to choose.

#5. The low and high season

If you are not comfortable to learn surf where there are too many crowds around the beach (high season), then it is recommended that you won’t get a surf school in Portugal in June to September. And to experience your surfing trip more comfortably and feels more private, then started from the October to May is the best time for your visit.